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Silvermine Kennel / Silvermine is a PUPPY MILL!

1 1873 Wright RdGreensburg, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 270-932-6185

Our family bought a puppy from the Rafaela/ Seawind litter in May 2007. As an animal lover I was very mislead that Mike Denny actualy cared about his animals, and they were not just a dollar sign. When we picked up our puppy she was extemly underweight. Our vet immediatly noticed the puppy had dry flaky skin. We were given perscription dog food to help put on pounds and and help nutrition. We also started the recommended vitimins from the breeder. We communicated with Mike about the puppys condition. He assured us it would get better. To make a long story short- this dog suffers from very bad health problems. This puppy ended up having intestinal sugery that cost $3700. She was only 4 months old. I contacted Mike to tell him we might have to put the dog down, and all Mike did was yell at me and say it was not his problem! He didnt even blink an eye that this poor dog was suffering so much. Then at 7 months old after several vet visits- our puppy was diagnosed with Ichthyosis. THIS IS GENETICALLY BASED HERITABLE CONDITION. The animal dermatoligist did biopsy's on the puppy to confirm this. She explained to us that it is easily misdiagnosed as "dry skin" in an initial vet visit. Our puppy was born with this condition. IT IS IRRESPONSIBLE TO KEEP BREEDING DOGS, PASSING ALONG THESE GENETIC CONDITIONS. This kennel should be called Goldmine Kennel not silvermine. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SILVERMINE BREEDS DOGS WITH KNOWN MEDICAL CONDITIONS. Our family has suffered heart break from watching this poor puppy suffer so much! Don't let it happen to your family!


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  • Si
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Please read the thread under the complaint posted by Armin this complaint is addressed there.

  • Da
      9th of Aug, 2008
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    I am sickened with Mike Dennys pathetic "excuse/response" to my family's post. PLEASE- BEFORE YOU BUY A PUUPY FROM THIS BREEDER-DO YOUR RESERCH. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT THIS IS TRUE- PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME, AND I WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH VET DOCUMINTATION (from a vet dermatologist specialist), MY CONTRACT WITH SILVERMINE, COPY OF 2 CHECKS (one for the $500 deposit & one for $2500 for the final payment fo the pup) MEDICAL BILLS, AND EVEN EMAILS THAT WERE SENT BACK AND FORTH TO SILVERMINE KENNEL SIGNED BY MIKE DENNY. We could only wish that this terrible saga was not true. Unfortunatly, this breeder only cares about dollar signs, and does not care about all the familys and animals he is hurting. Mike knows exactly who we are, not only did he speak with us numerous times on the telephone- but we even met him in person when we picked up the pup. I AM NOT A BREEDER! I am just a dog owner who has had thier heart broken by this unethical man. FYI- Several of other victims have responded to me and my post. sharing thier horrible experience with me.I HAVE ALSO RECENTLY BEEN MADE AWARE BY one of them THAT MY PUPS FATHER SEAWIND IS NO LONGER EVEN ALIVE. ALTHOUGH MIKE DENNY KEEPS HIS PHOTO ON HIS SITE. JUST ANOTHER SCAM BY "GOLDMINE" KENNEL TO KEEP THE ANIMALS HEALTH CONDITIONS UNDER WRAPS. SILVERMINE KENNEL IS A PUPPY MILL!

  • Si
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    Unfortunately Seawind did pass away. We have kept him on our site not to try to deceive any one but because we loved him and miss him. Keeping him on the site allows us to see his picture when we are working on the site. Also we direct clients to his picture when they are looking at the puppies of his offspring. How anyone can construe this to be a scam is beyond me.

  • Da
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    Mike what is your excuse for my puppy having a GENETICALLY BASED HERITABLE CONDITION????? I would love to know why you think it is ok for making these beautiful animals suffer like this.

  • Si
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Dayna not all genetically based conditions can be screened for. We can screen for hips, elbows, eyes and heart but not for skin conditions. Also sometimes a breeding pair will produce a problem in one pup in one litter only and not have the problem arise again.
    We can breed dogs that have a problem together with other dogs and have no problems, in other words the problem can be just the mix of those two dogs. If you have studied your dogs condition and it appears you have, then I don't see how you can condemn me for this problem I had no way of knowing that this pup would turn up with a skin problem. Seawind had no skin issues and neither does Rafaela. Also none of their other pups that I know of have any kind of skin problems. You accuse me of only caring about dollars but what this really amounts to is you caring about dollars and wanting me to pay your vet bills. You knew when you bought this pup that we do not do that and now you decide that this is all my fault and that I should pay them for you. I certainly wish that this pup did not have this problem it is sad but it is not my fault.

  • Si
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    In response to Dillon and others who have said nasty things about our kennel and our dogs. We had our AKC inspection yesterday. AKC inspects these areas and ranks these areas either Acceptable, Needs improvement or Unacceptable.
    Kennel conditions
    A. Construction of kennel Acceptable
    B. Are dogs protected from elements Acceptable
    C. Adequate space for each dog Acceptable
    D. Are floors wire mesh No
    E. Fresh air and absence of odor Acceptable
    F. Ample light Acceptable

    A. Is overall appearance clean Acceptable
    B. is there an absence of fecal material Acceptable
    C. Are water containers clean with
    enough fresh water. Acceptable
    D. Is food provided daily Acceptable
    E. Is bedding free of parasites Acceptable
    F. Feces disposal Septic

    Conditions of dogs
    A. Are there visible parasites Acceptable
    B. Any signs of untreated or visible wounds Acceptable
    C. Any coats inordinately matted/dirty/ neglected Acceptable
    D. Are any dogs grossly underweight Acceptable
    E. Do dogs have access to daily exercise out of
    cage or pen Yes

    We passed every category with the best rating possible with no area needing improvement.

    The inspectors conclusion:
    "I arrived on 7-08-2010 to do An General Inspection. I checked dog records first, I checked 12 records and all were ok. Next I checked on dogs, Dogs are kept in an outer building with indoor/outdoor runs...Customer is in compliance with AKC on this day of inspection."

    So to Dillon and others who have said nasty things about our kennel and the condition of our dogs IT'S JUST NOT TRUE.

  • Si
      9th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I did some counting and not counting duplicate postings their are 26 total posters, 12 that have not done any business with us, 1 that concerns our son, 1 that is pure fabrication, 3 with dysplasia, 2 with worms, 1 with a cold, and 1 with a skin problem. There are 7 that are favorable to us. Considering the number of people that have purchased Silvermine pups this is not really a bad record. Of course we are sorry and concerned about the 7 dogs that have had problems but these are things that we cannot change. Most dog owners are aware that illness and vet bills come with owning dogs. We make all of our clients read and sign that they understand that we have limited responsibility for these vet bills. In all of these negative complaints we have lived up to our contract. We offered to exchange all of the dogs with hip issues. The rest were completely out of our control. Please visit our site and see our "Clients Share" page where many of our clients tell of their good experiences with us

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