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I went to shop for groceries an other foods at shoprite and when i realized that all the food experation dates were 1 to 2 days from experation when i got home i never seen that in my life i trusted there facility like i do at other shopping centers an the normal date to expire is 1 to 2 weeks or maybe more i dont no how they can be putting food that close . To experation to. Be sold that is discusting people shouldnt have to buy food like that that not heallthy an its not right to people that spend couple hundreds in groceries the meat i bought is one day from experation and i didnt want to rush to cook that for my family i had other stuff to cook why do i have to rush to cook or eat all the foods that are about to reach there expired dateit should not be sold they should be closed down.if nothing is done then i will be taken matters into my own hands an make sure they close there facility and make the changes that need to be done i no my whole neighborhood will back me up i will detroy there business if nothing is done . I bought all my products on 12/29/2014 an food is expiring on 12/30/2014 and 12/31/2014


Dec 31, 2014

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