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Avoid they are scammers. They have my package and I paid over 220 USD for the sending, but they do not want to send the package. They now say they have a 150 USD spending limit for credit cards. However they did not mention that when I made my payment of an amount larger than 150 USD. They do not want to refund my money either and are keeping my package hostage.

There cannot be any worse package forwarding company. Do not use this company!

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  • Ex
      1st of May, 2012

    Agreed. they also require fees like insurance and shipping charges are based on size of their boxes they require you to use and always seem to go in boxes that are way larger than required...stay AWAY!

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  • Sa
      1st of May, 2012

    I could not agree more!! They were horrible when I used them. Over Christmas time they got really backed up and took weeks for them to answer emails and send my packages. Plus they didn't even apologise! I switched over to myus. They're great. And, they answer emails quickly and send my packages on time! Can't ask for more than that!!

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  • So
      17th of May, 2012

    Absolutely HORRIBLE service. I sent a package to their address, went to deposit money into my account and came up with the message "Only accepts wire transfers". Which is fine. They warned that there would be a $15 extra cost to sending money via wire. Ok. Annoying (tad understatement here) but acceptable. My postage fee (JUST for the package alone was $54). WARNING THIS GETS CONFUSING.

    I deposited $200 from my bank account by wire transfer to Shipito
    I had to pay a $35 wire transfer fee from my bank: $35
    Wire transfer fee from shipito's bank: $15

    At the end of the transfer I had $115 in my account
    They automatically took $55 from the package
    What did I have left?
    = $60

    WHERE DID THE OTHER $35 GO? It must have magically flown into their pockets.
    I feel totally and utterly ripped off. I emailed them politely enquiring about it. They didn't do ANYTHING about it. I know it's only $35 but at the same time...The package postage was $55 (Which is a rip off to begin with considering the dimensions and size but I let it slide). I am so annoyed and frustrated. I don't know what to do.

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  • Ha
      25th of Apr, 2017

    I've been using viabox for sometime and its best cargo service i've found. It has no hidden charges, no processing fees, no signup fees, most reliable company with lowest rates and best customer service.

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  • Ic
      20th of Aug, 2017

    saya biasa menggunaan Viabox. kenapa tidak mencoba Viabox? saya rasa Viabox leboh baik daripada Shipito. selain harganya yang murah pelayannnya juga sangat baik. selain itu bebas biaya daftar, bebas biaya pemrosesan dan tidak ada biaya lain yang tersembunyi.

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