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Sharinn & Lipshie / harrassment

1 Uniondale, NY, United States Review updated:

We were contacted in a most abrupt manner by a Mr Arrington at this law firm stating that he was a debt collector for JC Penney.

Money was owed to JC Penney but this gentleman treated my husband and I as if we were hardened criminals and made almost impossible demands for repayment of the debt in a most arrogant and demeaning way.

When the final settlement was made, he tried to make it impossible for us to make it in a timely manner, treating us as if we had no
brains and even though we are in the same state tried to make us send the payment in such a way that it would cost us an arm and a leg. He even called after the payment should have been in his office to make sure that the payment was made.

Each payment that we had made previously by regular US mail had arrived in his office and the check cashed within 3 days and he told us we had to allow for at least a week and send the check by Fed Ex in order for it to arrive in time. Needless to say, we sent it express mail on a Saturday morning and it was in Uniondale on Monday morning.

Throughout the process, Mr Arrington as extremely rude and demeaning and treated us with total disrespect.

We are paying off other debts through other agencies and not one of them has felt the need to give us a "get tough attitude".

I feel it unfortunate that such a company as JC Penney feels it necessary to stoop to such low means to collect a debt.

Bruce D and Mary Ann Barnes
16 Columbia St
Oneonta, NY 13820

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  • Ca
      19th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was treated the same way but through another company GE Money Bank. I however had to make monthly payments and thank God I will be done with this company as of November 15.

  • Es
      19th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    the worst organization in my time of stress i had the unfortunate pleasure to deal with. pushy obnoxious illiterate and imcompetent

  • Es
      19th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    as i said before the worst

  • Es
      19th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    same thing with me ge money bank holds all abercrombe american eagle etc the pits

  • Sa
      20th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i agree i had a mr white call me in the most horrible manner i felt like i had killed somebody when all i did was not pay my ballys memership bill in which i have to say is highway robbery. He spoke to me as if i was a child and with absolute no repsect what so ever. They went as far as freezing my account in which at the time i had direct deposit of my paychecks so i did get paid for 2 weeks it was horriblw and when i informed Mr white that i had child to support his words were "not my problem you should have thought of this before" how digusting it that to say that to a single parent. i understand that you are reasponsible for paying you bills and debt but sometimes things happen and you cant change. Sharinn and Lipshie what a Joke you are and mr white what goes around comes around

  • Da
      3rd of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Well, I had the "pleasure" of having my bank account frozen...with NO notice...not being served, nor notified in writing nor by phone...It was for a jcpenny bill...After my divorce, I contacted Jcpenny to pay off my debt, but they said they no longer had the account and that I would be hearing from a collection agency...Penny's would not take any payment...Well, never heard from ANY collection agency until my bank account was frozen...for OVER double of what I owed... my BANK then gave me the name and number of the Sharinn and Lipshie group..Troy Smith...the collector, told me it's not THEIR responsibilty to contact me in any way, nor about freezing my bank account...It's my problem, and I should have thought of that when I didn't pay my bills! He was so rude that I requested the conversation be recorded, and then got a coworker to sit in my office and hear the conversation over speaker phone...Mr. Smith became much more polite... They doubled what I owed and would not give me an itemized invoice...And I went to my bank to release that inflated amount because I had written three checks in good faith (one being my rent) believing I had several thousand dollars in my account...
    Contact the Attorney general of your state...the debt collectors are REQUIRED to PROPERLY serve you at your CURRENT home address!!! But this company PRETENDS they have...they are currently being investigated by Andrew Cuomo for their unlawful practices... His office is sending me a complaint form and gave some great advice!

  • Ta
      15th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I just dealt with some one who thinks he is above me. Which only sparked a heated yelling match and a few #$!@#$ here and there. I was trying to tell him I could pay it in a few months or so. Kinda hard to get money together when I am on SSD. Which I am tempted to tell him to F off he can't touch the SSD money or anything else I have .. I would rather do the right thing but this guy is pushing to many wrong buttons. I hung up on him once and he called me right back. Then I had to call him to get some info and OMG he had to redo something and [censor]ed the whole time. /Sigh

  • Bi
      5th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I had the pleasure of dealing with this company for a unpaid Kay Jewelers account. First and foremost, this is my debt, I realize I have not paid. I got myself into this and I take full responsiblity for the debt I incurred. I was laid off for quite some time so this account went to this law firm for collection. I used to work in collections a long time ago and I must say this law firm is among the most demeaning, and diffucult to deal with. Mr. Cole is who I had the pleasure of dealing with and his demeanor, attitude, and language makes me think they hired him off the street corner in good old Long Island where they are located. He has no clue what he is doing, not even remembering arrangements we made a week ago, he was rude, and spoke like he had a mouthful of food stuck in his trap. This company is at the bottom of the barrell for collection companies. They call us debtors all kinds of names, but little do they know if we didnt pay our bills for whatever reason they wouldnt have a job and would in the same situation as us all who have unfortunate circumstances happen. My advice is if you have the means to pay off your account with these incompitent, arrogant, and idiotic "collectors" then do it as soon as you can.

  • Ge
      1st of Oct, 2015
    -1 Votes

    by far the worst company I have ever worked for. But in the end, I fixed their ###. LOL

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