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SENTRY PRO XFC / their lack of integrity and business ethics

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A  15th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I had a similar story and this is what I wrote to Sergeants the creators of "Sentry XFC Squeeze on":Let me start by stating how angry and frustrated I am with your company for distributing this poisonous product and to add to that, there were no warning labels to prepare us for any side effects. We applied the medication and went to work. Hours later we returned home to a whimpering, crying, tortured dog. He had defecated in his area, something that he was trained very well not to do, and never does. I can only imagine that he was in so much pain and anguish that he eventually lost control of his bowel and bladder. He had not touched his food or water. He had chewed and clawed the door to pieces. Mind you, he is a normally a calm, 9 lb., Shih Tzu lap dog and has never destroyed a thing in his life, ever! Nowhere on your box, label, or leaflet was there mention of any possible side effects, especially side effects as grave as excruciating pain at the area where the product was applied! My dog was essentially tortured for 9 straight hours without us there. For the following 24 hours, my dog laid twitching and crying on the bed as my husband rubbed his neck while chanting “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” over and over. We didn’t sleep at all that night and day. We took turns rubbing his neck, which seemed to soothe the pain just a bit and we ended up bathing him with dishwashing soap 5 times. We felt so helpless. I truly thought our dog, our baby, was going to die. My husband and I felt guilty for inadvertently abusing our dog, but it is your company that should feel guilty. You knowingly distributed this toxic product without a warning label. It is your responsibility to disclose the whole truth about your product to the consumers. My dog survived, but he is NOT the same. He has maintained his compulsion to chew and claw the door, something that he has never done before using Sentry. He also has an uncontrollable body twitch now and I just pray that he has not suffered any permanent neurological damage. It has been a week and countless baths and he still shakes his head and paws at his neck where the medication was applied. Other long-term effects have yet to be seen. After reading up on this product, I found out that it is a neurotoxin and I can look forward to cancer, neurologic problems, weigh loss, organ damage ect.
A  14th of May, 2009 by 
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I'm sorry to hear about your dog, and I hope he is better now. I know it's a horrible feeling to not be able to help your pet from suffering. I had this happen this past month with my cat, Sugar. It's the same Sentry medicine, but for cats. I applied the flea and tick medicine on the back of his shoulder blades, then left for 3 hours. I came home and heard thumping upstairs and a whimpering. I ran upstairs and Sugar was lying with his arms and legs spread out and hitting his head on the floor and blood was everywhere. I picked him up to see what was the matter and then I thought it might have been the medicine, but wasn't sure. I called the 800 number on the box and they said to rinse him and get him to an animal hospital (this was 11:00pm at night).

He was shaking so bad (seizure) and didn't recognize me. I rushed to the hospital and they said he probably wasn't going to make it unless I left him there and that was going to be over 1800.00 or they would put him to sleep since he was suffering so much. I unfortunately didn't have 1800.00 and wouldn't even think to put him to sleep. I just cried and took him back home so he could lay down with me. They did give him a shot to calm him down, but he shook vigorously all night and I took him to my vet in the morning. My vet said he was dehydrated, heart was racing so faces and had zero control of any of his nervous system. The blood was from him biting down on his tongue and not being able to control that.

My vet is a miracle working and gave him all kinds of treatment for under 250.00 total. Within 48 hours, Sugar was back to being somewhat ok, but if I would of been to the vet an hour later, he wouldn't of made it.

I felt like it was my fault for putting it on him and I am asking that noone use Sentry Pro Flea and Tick medicine - it's very toxic and many have lost their loved furry ones. Your vet will give you a good flea and tick treatment that is not toxic like Sentry.

I was one of the lucky ones that was able to save my pet after two different doctors. My heart goes out to those who have lost a pet due to this medicine.
A  20th of May, 2009 by 
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I applied Sentry Pro XFC on my Shitzu and within 15 minutes he was acting as if he was being poked by a hot iron. He kept us up all night needing to be stroked where the medication was applied. He is only 5 months old and it actually burned his skin. The box had no indications of any of the side effects and it said it could be used on dogs older than 12 weeks. Hundreds of dollars in Vet bills and three days later he seems to be doing a little better but still does not eat.
Is there anyway we can all rally round to get this product off the market?
A  20th of May, 2009 by 
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Thanks for all the comments and support. Hopefully others will read these horrific stories and be deterred from using Sargeant products. I emailed the Sargeants and the only reply I received was an email stating that there I was a warning entailing the side effects--lies, and that they would be happy to send me another one of their products (so I can torture my dog again?). So I have now decided to report them to the EPA-National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), 1-800-858-7378 open 7days 6:30-4:30 PST
Please also encourage your veterinarian to use NPIC’s Veterinary Pesticide Adverse Effects Reporting portal at http://npic.orst.edu/vet to report any incidents. This portal is not for use by the public.
A  1st of Jun, 2009 by 
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I am sitting here trying to comfort my puggle, I have already brought him to the grommers for a bath but he still is in agony. By reading these other comments, I think a class action lawsuit is in order. pabail@comcast.net.
A  11th of Jun, 2009 by 
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My dog is at my vet's office right now... and that's after my having spent $185 at the emergency vet in the wee hours of this morning. She is an 8 pound Chihuahua and about 2 hours after I put the Sentry Pro XFC on her she started scratching and running in circles. Thank God I had the forethought to give her a bath and get that stuff off of her. As bad as she is right now after having me wash it off... I can only imagine how bad she'd be if it was still on her. She kept me up all night long gagging and vomiting and rubbing herself up and down my back trying to scratch. This morning she had red hot spots on her back. I'm waiting for a call from my vet right now to let me know how she's doing. The Emergency Vet gave her a steroid shot and a benedryl shot... but it had no effect. This stuff should be banned !!!
A  13th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I used this stuff on my Shih Tzu this morning and my daughter just called and said she's not doing well at all. I got on my computer to see if I could find anything and I was shocked at how many complaints there were against this products. I read how some people even lost thier dogs and I now afraid. I told my daughter to give her a bath at once. she's vomiting all day and is now very weak. This is really bad! Can't someone do something about this?
N  19th of Jul, 2009 by 
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worst product i ever used, I put it on my dog and he started twitching and kept me up all night long
A  19th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Thank god i found some of these reviews!!! I just applied some on my 2 yr old shih tzu and she was panting hard, her heart rate quickened, she would trun her head suddenly as if somethings in her ear, she would scratch, dry heaving, hacking, and she wouldn't sit down for more than 3 seconds. God, i hate that they sell these products and list no side effects whatsoever. Never going to use again.
A  26th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Sergeant knows that they are causing suffering. They are making a profit from hurting innocent pets and creating financial hardships (emergency vet bills) for Good People during a bad time in our economy.
Stop asking us to look at the label and start reading all the countless cases of sufferings caused by your company.

See the below 4 News Reports!!!





Read these EPA meeting minutes:
Please everyone read this PDF file. Sergeant knows the pain they are causing!


More Web Sites to show the record of suffering:


Sergeant Stop the Suffering or be Stopped,
A  26th of Jul, 2009 by 
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These people need to go to jail for mass animal abuse! This has happened to my pets as well!
A  26th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I have 2 Shih Tzu's and I have had a similar effect with my dogs. Within 4 hours, both dogs started pacing, walking strangely, barking, and seemed like they were totally different dogs. I called the hotline on the box, and the woman said to wash my dogs 2-3 times each and apply Vitamin E oil, and the symptoms should subside within 24 hours. I have washed them and have sent my fiancee out for the vitamin e. They are still pacing, but the barking has stopped. I am horrified that so many people have had issues with this product and it's still on the market. I've also noticed quite a few issues with Shih Tzu's and smaller dogs... wonder if there is something different about the dosage for smaller dogs, or if it's just too much for them. Very sad situation all of us have placed our dogs in... we were all using this medicine with the best intentions and this is the result.
A  18th of Aug, 2009 by 
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PEOPLE CALL THE EAPAAT ONCE the more people calling the epa and report them the Sentry Pro XFC CRAP to the EPA-National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), 1-800-858-7378 open 7days 6:30-4:30 PST...

I have 2 Shih Tzu's and the exact same thing happened. I am so glad it happened durring the evening and not in the daytime while alone... they dogs are under treatement for poisoning... THIS HAS GOT TO COME TO AN END... call the eap they will work with us to get it off the market but we need to call them and give them 10 inutes of our time and all the product info and we can do this for our pups and all those out there who are suffering in this economy due to high costs and tried to save money and now are stuck with ill dogs... CALL THE EPA
N  18th of Sep, 2009 by 
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We have a Border Collie/Collie mix who's about 18 months old. We usually use Advantage or FrontLine, but PetSmart didn't have either, so we bought the Sentry Pro XFC, thinking, "If PetSmart sells it, it must be safe." Who wouldn't think that? Last night, my wife applied it to our dog about 7:30. I was at work and didn't get home until 11:45. When I came in the bedroom to let the dog out for a bit, she was shaking pretty bad and was having trouble supporting her weight with her back legs. I woke my wife up, and we ended up bathing the dog twice (with dish soap) before going back to bed. This morning, our dog seemed normal again, so I'm guessing we caught it soon enough. There's no doubt in my mind that the product was affecting our dog's nervous system. We consider ourselves very fortunate that our dog didn't react any worse than she did. Sentry does not have anything on the box about those kinds of side effects. All it says is, "If sings of sensitivity occur..." Naturally, anyone who reads that would think a little itching or maybe some redness and irritation--but not neurological damage or seizures! But Sentry isn't the only responsible party here. If PetSmart is selling the stuff, they should be held liable, too.
A  9th of Nov, 2009 by 
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This is horrible... I am so upset that I didn't read up on this product before purchasing it yesterday. I applied the product to my pug mix last night, and woke up in the middle of the night to her foaming at the mouth and throwing up. I rushed her to the animal ER and it looks like she is going to be OK, but it definitely cost a pretty penny. I can't believe Petsmart would sell this after knowing about the compaints, or that Sargeants would continue making this stuff! It makes me sick! I am just praying that my dog goes back to being her usual self.
A  25th of Nov, 2009 by 
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This stuff is awful. Yesterday we used Sentry Pro products for flea control (we dont have fleas, because we usually use front line). We treated two tiny mixed breds, a cat and our beloved Yellow lab "Jake". Our small pups started vomiting at about 1 hour after treatment. I was shampooing the carpets and I thought the carpet cleaner was too stong so I put them in another room. Today they have skin burns on their backs and neck where the product was applied. Last night our lab...thrashed about, panting and groaning and scratching at her neck. I still was not sure what was going on but suspected the Sentry Pro was bad. She was in a panic until I washed the product off, she seems some eased. She was in a lot of pain but after 12 hours finally fell asleep. Today she will not allow me to touch her neck without whimpering. We actually underdosed our pets on purpose because we really dont like using chemicals. Would they all be dead if we had given them full doses. Our Miss Kitty who is 12 years old is missing today...I fear the worst. Sentry Pro should be ashamed for putting this terrible terrible product on the market. Pet Smart should be ashamed for selling it. I will tell everyone I know NOT TO BUY SENTRY PRO...I am so sick at heart that I used this awful crap!
N  2nd of Jan, 2010 by 
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WOW... I am amazed how similair my story is to the rest of the comments. I also bought this product and used it on my Shitz Tzu. Within the hour I saw that something was not right. My baby was drooling severly, shaking his head, uncontrolable body twitches, I use the word twitches, it was more like thrashing, and whimpering in pain. I bathed him immediatly, this did not help. I gave him a little milk, he did not want it. I gave him benedryl, this also had no effect. We then proceeded to stay up all night with him because it seemed to make him feel better if we rubbed the spot where the so called "medicine" was put on. He was still having body twithches. The next morning he was the same. I called the emergency # that was on the product and they could care less about what my dog was going through. I then went to the store that we purchased the product from, I filed a complaint and stated that I would do what I can to have this product removed from the shelves and that I am very disapointed that they would sell a product that tourtures animals. Yes I said tourture... I saw my dog in pain, he could not sleep, eat, and could not stay still. Then I had to take him to the vet where he recieved two shots to try and control the twitching. Now this in a holiday weekend and I called my vet out on a saterday afternoon. I believe that this company should be held liable for their product. I feel so guilty that I have put my dog through this... I thought I was helping him and now he may not make it. PLEASE do not buy this product, it is tourture to animals and very costly in the long run when you look at the vet bills. There has to be a way that this product can be removed!!! I believe that Pet'smart and Sargents should be held liable. If anyone knows of someone I can contact please email me. jyendrey@yahoo.com. In return if I hear of something more that we can do as pet owners that love our pets I will let you know.
1-2-2010 Jessica Yendrey
A  18th of Mar, 2010 by 
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I really wish I had read all of these comments BEFORE I applied this horrible product to our little baby! Same story as all of the above. I did not sleep at all last night nor have I slpet today.I applied the product as stated in the instructions STEP BY STEP... luckily we caught it withing 2 hours but our little ### Tzu is suffering still today. Going on 20 hours now and the poor guy has been twitching all day. He got 4 baths last night in Dawn dishwashing detergent..the Vit E treatment and saw the vet 1st thing this morning. Luckily he has his appetite but he is so exhausted. Rubbing his neck settles him down but it doesnt get rid of that horrible feeling I have inside for using this POISON.. I firmly believe that there is not one emplyee of this company that would apply this to their dog. It needs to be removed from the shelves immediately!!! Hoping for a restful night for both my dog and my husband and I... Thanks Sentry Pro for the abuse you put my defensless dog thru...
A  25th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Sentry should be pulled off the market immediately!! This a horrible product with terrible side affects. I gave the flea medicine to my dog and with in a half an hour my dog was totally distraught and foaming at the mouth. I rushed to give him a bath to wash off this poison and called the vet. She stated that they see this issue often and this POISON should never be used. After about a day and a half my dog is doing ok. The vet stated that the poison aka Sentry flea medicine could have been fatal. Pet smart needs to remove this off their shelf immediately.
A  20th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Just came back from PETSMART in PACE, FL. I brought in the box and receipt from yesterday, along with a print out of this thread and many others like it. The "manager" did not give me a refund for my purchase of SENTRY PRO XFC because it was not in a resalable condition. Why on earth would you want to resale this stuff? PETSMART corporate executives are you listening? There is a problem here, use leadership and take care of it! The "manager" at PETSMART PACE, FL said that there is only a handful of dogs that would get a reaction to the medicine and that she has heard of no other complaint about it. I guess we are all the first ones to complain about this poisonous product. I know she knew what I was talking about as she failed to acknowledge the stack of papers in my hand were the front page reads, "PETSMART WANTS TO KILL OUR DOGS". Needless to say I am writing to SERGEANT, PETSMART CORPORATE and the LOCAL NEWS PAPER here in Milton, FL. With the amount of affected animals and people why is this still going on?

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