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Senior Helpers / Lying, miscommunication

1 407 NW 17th ave #16Portland, OR, United States
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I was hired with the understanding that I would be working specifically with the developmentally disabled and making between $11-$15 an hour, and not have to drive an hour out of my way to get to my client. Lo and behold, my first client was an hour out of the way, a very sweet lady who had NOTHING nice to say about her previous caregivers (who forced her to spend her own money on them and borrow her car!) and my pay for working with a senior was a little over minimum wage. I had mentioned several times to the management at Senior Helpers that my schedule availability would change when school started, and the scheduler actually acted surprised every single time I mentioned it. (same woman, every time) I was told that I would be taken off that case because the lady needed somebody who would be there for her for the hours she needed (admittedly, right in the middle of the day, 5 days a week, with Wed and Sun off so I could not possibly look for another job OR go to school on that). I caught a virus and was told by my physician to avoid people (especially sweet little old ladies) for at least 3 days, and I was told after I got sick that I would be taken off the case. The scheduler never said when, so I assumed it was as of NOW. I was just terminated for not showing up, while I was waiting for her to tell me where my next case was. I reminded the scheduler that she said I was off the case, and she said, " well, I just spoke to the owner, and we don't tolerate this sort of thing." Watch your back if you are applying for this company. They will welcome you with open arms, then change the rules on you as fast as they can. What can you do in this economy when you're desperate for a job and have a family to feed? I worry about the lady I was taking care of. I hope she's okay.

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