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I recieved the letter below today. I have been purchacing domain names for many years now and point them at places like Today they deleted my account including 1200 dollar sale of domain that was sold through using there service. Lost over 1500 total... Dont trust these Germans!
Hello Jason,

A detailed examination of your traffic showed that it was not coming from natural type in and search engine query generated sources but from promotional and known bad sources.

Because of this we have no choice but to close your account, block your domains from the marketplace and withhold your unpaid parking revenue.

As outlined in our parking terms and conditions our parking program can only accept natural traffic. Redirected traffic or traffic from any paid sources such as link exchanges or promotional services and software is not accepted.

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  • Db
      Jul 31, 2009

    Yes, I just received a similar letter today after parking a couple of domains with for about two months. The revenue on these domains was extremely small -- only a few dollars. But they sent me this letter:

    Dear Sedo Customer,

    This email is in regards to your domain names parked with Sedo’s parking program. We recently received a notification from our advertising provider that a significant portion of the traffic associated with your domain names has been deemed as “spam traffic” and is therefore ineligible for Sedo’s parking program.

    Therefore, your domain names have been blocked from our parking program, your parking revenue has been withheld, and your Sedo account has been closed pending further review.

    If you have any questions regarding this decision please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

    Best regards,

    Your Sedo Team


    This seems like rather draconian practice to me. If the traffic that they site is not "natural" or "spam" then why not just filter it, and simply not allow it to add revenue? Blocking domains and disabling an account is extreme and appears as a loose canon is in charge of policy decisions.


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  • Un
      Oct 06, 2009

    My advice to anyone out there is to stay away from sedo parking.

    I have tried on a number of ocassions to park my domains there to get a bit of revenue. A tiny bit of money trickled in here and there, but I felt something was wrong. To test them out, I got a friend in another part of the world to go to ONE of my domains and and click ONCE on the top link on that page. (Note here that I have never attempted click fraud.) I waited and waited and but no click was registered and no revenue came through.

    GOTCHA !

    When I changed the nameservers to get away, a number of key domains took days to be redirected. More free traffic for them. My registrar is part of the network of "friends" in the domain industry, so it kinda makes you wonder if they delayed redirecting the domain. All the other ones worked in a flash. One of these domains had monthly traffic of 200+, and that is genuine type in traffic. Yet I have never recieved a single cent of revenue for that domain! Also, despite attempting to change the keywords (and contacting sedo) they were apparently fixed to some useless keyword. Like I have read elswehere on the net, one month the clicks/payout is higher, then drops to nothing the next month. While some of my domains were pretty lame (keyword wise) there were some pretty good ones. The traffic and expected clicks just didn't match what I had experienced earlier.

    I have experienced and heard enough about sedo to NEVER point my domains there again. I would rather miss out on those measly few cents than to give them soooooo much free traffic and revenue.

    Go to sedo at your own peril. YOU"LL BE SORRY !

    Agh. If there were only one company that was honest they would have me as a lifelong customer.

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  • Mu
      Apr 09, 2011

    I have many domains parked at sedo.One week ago I wanted to enter a sedo auction, and went to my account.The first four names I intended to submit for auction conmsideration...were not in my account.The servers were all pointed to sedo...but my names were missing.I, of course, immediately contacted sedo...but received no response.Phoned them the next day...sales rep's answering machine...he was out of town...left a message.He now has my message...with my phone response.Waited two days...contacted [protected] email..attached sales reps response.Next day contacted [protected]@sedo (in Germany) response.Two days ago I contacted sedo's holding company.( in Germany) of this minute...still no reply from sedo. I simply want to know who has my domain names...logically in other peoples accounts, generating income...for them...not me (and they're my names).My income has dropped off dramatically over the years.but I never thought about my names being in someone elses account.
    Consequently, I not only don't generate any income from my missing domain names...but they can't be purchased either...because they're not visible in my account.I have over 1, 000 names parked at sedo, so I could be missing hundreds of names.But they won't even contact me.I have to think this must be so common at sedo, that if they responded to everyone whose names are missing from their accounts.they'd be contacting customers 247.
    About 5 years ago, I had someone elses domain name in my account.I only noticed it because of my increase in parking revenue.Realizing immediately that the name was not mine...I contacted sedo immediately, and they removed the name from my account...and I hope that they transferred the revenue to the owner.I cannot determine how many of my names are missing, until I cross reference each of my 1, 000 plus names...against the names visible at sedo.But one would think that an honest company would be helping me discover how severe is the diappearance of my names.I'm not sayiong that sedo is dishonest...but their lack of any concern is certainly suspicious.

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  • Mu
      Apr 09, 2011

    music critic comment: In reading previous comments, I see where one complaintant received 'only a few dollars'
    for parking 'a couple' of domains with sedo.I have over 1, 000 names parked at sedfo, and have not received over $40.00 a month...fourty dollars...a month...for all 1, 000- plus at least two years. FOURTY DOLLARS !!! PER MONTH !!!
    I've been too busy working...wasn't paying attention. I must be taking stupid pills to not have 'caught on until tonight.'
    There must be many more names missing than I first thought.I'll be transferring away from sedo, as soon as an investigation is completed!!!

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  • Al
      Jun 21, 2011

    My own horrible experience with Sedo: ... buyer beware!!!

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  • Di
      Aug 13, 2011

    Sedo is scamming people, i only lost 30 bucks, when they siezed my account, claimed the same thing as all you above, I am not responsible for previous owners advertising methods btw, yet the ### still never sent my 30 bucks back. the domains in ? got traffic from both search engines and links on other sites, nothing spam, no email spam nothing bad. I have even gone as far as Emailed them and cussed them out, then they actually pressed charges for an obcenity law, forced me to pay out an additional 500 bucks, so now i am even more pissed off, im planning on going to thier Office and @##@[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#$#@[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#!! (cant tell you sorry)

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  • Ma
      Oct 13, 2011

    I got the same story today. I have some domains parked at SEDO and I always monitor the domains uniques, I noticed that one of my domains got some uniques (10 to 15) everyday though clicks are few. Since I'm new I enjoy monitoring my domains progress in sedo but unfortunately they blocked it without notice... aaaa crap.

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  • Si
      Jun 25, 2014

    Do not ever join

    they are the worst

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