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Security Networks / dishonest representation and lack or response

1 Woodland, CA, United States

Below is a letter I sent to Security Networks executives and have received no response.

Dear Sirs,

My mother in law, Constance Santa Maria has had ADT as a service for quite a few years.

My mother-in-law was visited at her home in Woodland California by one of your sales reps Ryan Robinson, just over several months ago. During the course of the conversation, somehow it was conveyed, hinted, intonated or directly stated that Security Networks had taken over or bought ADT. My mother in law is 84 and easily confused.

During the course of the conversation between Constance and Ryan, both my wife, who is Constances’ daughter, and her niece came into the room and entered into the conversation and asked why she was signing up for a new service with Security Networks.

Constance stated that Security Networks had taken over or bought ADT and she had no choice. Not sure of the exact verbiage, but I have 3 people who say something along the same lines. Ryan did not contradict or state anything, although he was present in the conversation. He let Constance continue signing up for the service.

Sometime in the following week, ADT called to check with Constance, at which point she got it clarified that they had not been bought or taken over by Security Networks. ADT offered to continue their service and at a monthly fee of $28. Constance is on a very limited income and jumped at the idea. She then tried to cancel the contract with Security Networks or at least get it revised. She talked to Ryan, to no avail. And was told she would be send to collections if she did not pay. She got the same info when she called corp.

Her reaction was that she was 84 and was not worried about her credit, she was just pissed and frustrated.

She asked me to call and see if I could get it resolved.

I called Ryan last week and was basically told that he could do nothing and that I needed to talk to corporate.

I called corporate and talked one of your reps and got nowhere, I asked to talk to a supervisor and ended up with Trevor Gibbs. After going round and round, he said I needed to call Ryan as only Ryan could change it. Being that I was talking to 2 people who both said I had to talk to the other one, I felt a bit frustrated myself. I asked Trevor for Ryan’s supervisor’s name, which is Josh Bollet (spelling might be incorrect) and the asked for his number and Trevor said he could not give it to me. I left a message with Trevor to have Josh contact me that day. That was a week ago and I have heard nothing.

I would like to get this resolved and rapidly. I am more than happy to email and call the California Attorney General, California Consumer Affairs, contact the local TV stations and newspapers about the 84 yr old woman who is on a limited income and feels she has been lied to and swindled. And I more than happy to spend time on the internet making sure this gets broad promotion on all those wonderful places that corporations hate to have things like this promoted.

I really do not like to be ignored and this could all easily be resolved. Yes Ryan might have to lose some of his commission, which I believe he already got paid.
But what is a small commission lost compared to the ridiculously large amount of bad news a negative story that is broadly disseminated can have.

Please have someone contact me and let’s get this sorted out fast for both our sakes and for Constance’s peace of mind.

I really don’t want to have to go to a large effort to do all this, but am more than happy when motivated to do so.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this.

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