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Secure Gas Redemption / A scam, can't get any response

1 14100 Walsingham Rd. Ste 36#12Largo, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (888)828-5266

"$500 in free gas" induced me to purchase new Kia Rio. However, later learned to collect would need to use $125/month in gas. Impossible driving a Kia on a small Island. SecureGasRedemption's website mentions "alternate gifts" for those unable to buy this month gas month. I have sent 3 E-mails and phoned them once to get more info on the "alternate gifts", but get no response. Kia makes a good car and I can't imagine why Kia-America would want to be involved with such a blantant, deceptive scam as this.

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  • An
      13th of Jun, 2008
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    What makes it a scam? You get $500 of free gas at $25/month once you spend $100/month. Who doesnt spend $100/month in gas? Even a Toyota Prius has estimated gas usage of more then $100/month. Stop whining...

  • La
      18th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Actually, this guy isn't whining as I'm in the same boat...NOT EVERYONE SPENDS $100 A MONTH IN GAS, so maybe you should think a little more about other people's situations other than your own! I take public transportation to work 5 days a week, and for me to spend $100 per month in gas, I'd have to fill up my tank COMPLETELY twice a month... I don't use 2 full tanks of gas per month, so YES, this is a scam! And yes, they should explain it more at the dealerships as we were informed at the time we purchased our vehicle at Hyundai, that you get a $500 gas card... end of story! You can use it going forward at your own convenience... not be forced to spend $100 per month to only get $25 back every 3-4 weeks! That means it would take 20 months before I see that $500 that I was promised upfront! Horrible deal!

  • Bi
      21st of Jun, 2008
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    To be clear, the dealership scammed you. The gas program is solid. It is a rebate program, that has the requirement of $100 gas purchase at the station you choose at the beginning. I purchased a Ford, and initially went in for a test drive where they were giving away $500 free gas redemption certificates for a test drive. The dealer was upfront and informed me that it was a rebate program just to take a test drive, and was paid out over 20 months. All I had to do was take a test drive (I ended up buying the car). I thought it was a good deal. but i would have felt the same way if the dealer told me i was getting $500 in free gas when I purchase, and then found out that wasn't the case.

    As for your island situation, can you just drive around the island for an entire day to reach the $100? Just a thought. Har har.

  • C
      30th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    My experience has been that it is a scam. I have sent my receipts in for months. Received at least 3 sets of vouchers with 2 different addresses. They have responded to my e-mails but haven't answered the core question, "Where are my rebates?" I have followed the process to the letter. (By the way I don't expect reimbursement for my certified mail that's just my way of verifying it was sent-my ace in the hole when I file).

    My e-mail in May was answered with the following:

    "You are not losing anything, and it is not instructed by our company to use certified mail, therefore you are not being reinbursed for this expense. Your cards are being processed and I apologize for any misunderstanding with this.

    Due to the huge increase in demand for gas gift cards and the burning need of the country's people to save money on gas.
    Our gas card suppliers have fallen behind in producing the actual gift cards.
    As we cannot send out that which we have not received, this has made us fall behind in getting you your gas cards. We apologize greatly for this inconvenience. We, like you, were being told that we would be receiving them on several occasions in the past 3 months and then we would end up with less than 10% at times of some of the gas brands we needed. When that happened, they did not fulfill on their promise of providing us all the cards we needed and that made us unable to fulfill our promise to you.
    All Gas Cards will be delivered by June 15th I would rather give you a date that we can be sure of at this point than to tell you something sooner and not be able to deliver. Shortly before June 15th we will be receiving an influx of Visa and Discover cards in order to have back-up should the gas cards run in short supply anytime in the future.
    You are not losing anything by the delay, however in order to help apologize for the inconvenience of having to wait we have purchased the right to offer you a free cruise to the Bahamas.
    You have to pay to get to the cruise ship and the Taxes and port charges of $59 per person. But a $600 value cruise for two to the Bahamas is just our way of saying sorry for the delay.
    Fair enough? "

    In case your wondering I didn't take them p on the trip and it's 15 days past the "influx of cards". I just want what's due to me. In the meantime, my case against this company as well as the gas companies named gets stronger.

  • Vi
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    I myself just signed up for the gas redemption as I was one of those people who test drove a car at a participating dealer. As far I can see, this program doesn't seem to be a scam. I am not sure how all dealerships work, but my dealership person, explained the program to me before I even test drove a car. He explained that I needed to spend $100 a month to get my gas coupon. I was not at all shocked by that number, as I live in the NYC metro area, and $100 is just one fill up for my wife's Suburban, which by the way I have to fill up twice a month. That doesn't include my other car which I fill up about three times a month at $80 a pop. I test drove a car (I wanted a Prius, but there were none in stock and I would be on a waiting list, so I didn't buy a vehicle). Before I left, the dealer even gave me $5.00 out of his pocket to pay the initiation fee, which I understand I will get back at the end of the program. Not taking any chances, when I got home I signed up immediately. As I see it, the program was created using an estimate of what the average American driver drives in the course of a year. This is no different than any lease, which estimate the number of miles you can drive in a year. Most are set at 12, 000 per year. As we know, no matter the threshold for any program that involves an average, there will always be exceptions. You will have some people drive over and some under. Knowing that, why is this program a scam? Just because you need to hit a certain average threshold, and your driving habits mean you drive less than the average, doesn't make the program a scam. I am always a bit of a cynic when I see programs like this one and honestly, I was waiting for the dealership to deliver the usual curve ball, but that just didn't happen. I am not surprised to hear that the company offering the program is behind with printing, mailing etc. With the recent rise in gas prices, I am sure a lot of dealerships across the country have signed up. This means more paper work, more coupons to be printed, more applications and collateral materials, bascially more of everything, even personnel. They may even mean bigger office spaces, which may be why there have been two different addresses. I not sure about anyone else, but I am excited that for the next 20 months, I won't have to pay for all of my gas!

  • To
      10th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    SCAM for sure!!! I bought tires at BIG O tires with the deal of mailing in $100 in receipts each month and then sending me a $25 gas card within 10-14 days. I started this process in november(almost 8 months ago) and have only received $50 after calling and threatening to file a complaint with attourney general etc. .. not they are blaming it on speedway..of course its not free gas redemption's fault..i refuse to give up. it has been a pain in the rear but i dont like losing. they made it sound like a snap. WRONG!!!

  • Ji
      21st of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Totally agree it is a scam. I will be happy to change my comment if I ever receive the gas cards. I have submitted for April, May, and June and have only received emails stating that they were received and was told that 2 would be sent out by June 15. Well it is July 21 and nothing yet. Some more info would have been nice on the delays.

    By the way Chrysler did not explain the complex process for getting the gas cards or that it would be more than one.

  • C
      25th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Hassles continue for me. After threatening them with attorney general I received 1 card for $50. I went to use it and was told I needed a pin. Soon after I receive another one. When I call for my pin, I was told the most recent card sent had a $0 balance because of a security breach and a new one would be sent ASAP. It's been a week and haven't seen anything yet. As far as the first card, I haven't tried it again yet, but will let you know the outcome. A woman in Fairfield had the same problem and ended up on TV. All the sudden she's now receiving cards. How about that. We need to consider contacting the better business bureau in FL so they know what's going on.

  • Sh
      11th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I also sent in gas receipts and vouchers and received nothing and it now 90 days past due! The lady named "Nick" laughs when you call her at the toll free 888 number. Very unprofessional company. I checked the BBB recently and 20 complaints are unresolved!! It is a scam and I stopped sending in the receipts after I checked with Largo Florida's BBB site. It is too bad we can't get a class action lawsuit aginst them. Anyone out there a lawyer and can do this? Too many good people are being rip-off by this. Hardworking decent American's.

  • No
      12th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I leased a new car in May. The Chrysler sales person in Michigan, also did not mention the monthly coupons for free gas. I sent in Junes and Julys with receipts and was told yesterday, they had mine also and they were just waiting for more cards. I asked could he tell me when they would get them and was told by Ed, no. I asked if it was going to be a month or two and he said "oh it won't be two months" It sounds like it maybe more after reading this. I went and filed a complaint to the BBB in Florida. They gave them an unsatisfactory rating. If you are having problems I suggest you file. Also, if I don't get something soon, I will contact the Attorney General in Florida.
    Now, I spoke with the actually gas company I chose today and they, get this, are NOT affiliated with this program! They aren't even using the correct logo from what I was told. He has no idea how they are giving this gas away, unless it is from the $5 we paid to register. Who knows, but the gas company is now checking into it, as are he said several other companies are also involved with this very same kind of thing. And while he couldn't say for sure, he said it is a scam and I would probably never see all of, if any, of my $500. I will not let this go and I hope others do the same. I'm mad and I am not going to take it any more!!! As for the dealerships and companies handing out these coupons shame on them. As I told the Chrysler manager, you may have gotten me in there, but I wont be coming back.

  • Ke
      16th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Scam or not, it is a very poor redemption program. I too was promised $500 in free gas by the dealer, a reputable company from whom I have bought several cars over the years. It is easier to tell the customer he is going to receive $500 free gas than to explain all the trouble he is going to have collecting it.

    I expected a card worth $500 I could use at any gas station. I recevied a complicated process that has taken too much time and effort to use. You keep trying because you don't want to feel you have been cheated out of your 'free gas'.

    I have sent in four vouchers for $25 each since I was promised $500 in free gas five months ago. I have received one $25 gift card. They have not sent the next set of vouchers so I am stuck with my gas receipts and no way to get any more gift cards unless I put more time and effort into this program.

    We all have better things to do with our time.

    I hope dealerships that are tempted to use this program to increase sales read these complaints first because they are not going to be pleasing their customers.

  • Ro
      20th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I also agree that this is a scam.  A five dollar registration fee x several thousand people, gives them a nice bundle of cash from this scam.  There are two different addresses on the mail in instructions.  I could not get a call back from them as which address is correct.  If I were to send in my redemption coupons to the wrong address they will just tell me that they didn't receive them on time.  I am filing a complaint with the Florida Attorney General and also the Florida Better Business Bureau.  The sad thing is that the dealership from which I bought the car is now suspect because I don't know if they were in on the scam. What a world we live in!!!

  • No
      21st of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I wrote eight days ago and after contacting the gas company I had chosen. The gas company contacted Free Gas Redemption for me. I got a call from Crystal Clark wanting to look into things.
    I later saw our local news doing a story on gas gimmicks and participated in that. The reporter doing the story also contacted her. I then again spoke with Ms. Clark and she told me she would Fed Ex all of the Free Gas money I had been promised in the first place! Today, I just received ALL of the money promised me in Visa gift cards. Please note for those who said nothing was on those cards, she said it is do to people going over the $25 limit. If you are going to buy something more, you have to pay the over amount first. So, if $30, pay $5, then use the card. I checked my card balances and all are good! TYou can call and check your balances.
    Ms. Clark also felt I had been led on by the Car Company, however, note she also said that they are recalling All Unused cards that have not been distributed and they are reprinting new ones that take away words such as Free, Gift, Win, which also can mislead people, when the companies hand them out. Anyway, keep trying. My result has been good.
    I certainly will ask a lot more questions when seeing these type of offers. What a hassle.
    I still did not receive further reason as to why my cards were late & I hadn't gotten them in the first place?

    you can see report and video at

  • Ji
      22nd of Aug, 2008
    +2 Votes

    We were scammed at the Dealership level. They even had referrals that said it was a great program. Free gas for a test drive. We went into this program in good faith. Our customers are still fighting with Free Gas Redemption/Freebee gas out of Largo Florida. I contacted the FBI but got no response. We all should ban together and form a class action Law suit to put these people where they belong, in jail. It is sad to see how many good american are being scammed left and right on this program. Maybe we should contact all news agencies. We need to put them out of business.
    Jim Wade
    Marketing Director
    Lewis Automotive

  • C
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    About the card sent with $0. I'm head of my dept., own a company and understand basic math. I hadn't used either card sent when I checked on them. I rechecked again and it's still at $0. The first card actually worked! Second card is still at ZERO. I haven't received anything since, except an e-mail confirming they received my July receipts (it's August 25).
    As soon as I'm done, I will contact the news agencies too. Sounds like it worked for her. I really just want them out of business too. I really don't have time, but just don't want others getting taken too.

  • Sh
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is an update from the post I left a while ago. Still NO GAS CARDS! It's been over 90 days. We filed a complaint with the BBB and now we are going to attorney general. This company is deceptive and does not honor their own rules. Also we found out that the dealership is liable if they are retailing the promotion to you. You can file a small claims law-suit against the dealer & Crystal Clarke since she is marketing this in your state. It is a scam when hundreds of people are getting no gas cards and only a small few are getting it. Collecting $5.00 from thousands of people is a huge amount of money and only a few get something = a ponsey scheme. I also called my gas company who laughed on the phone and said they never heard of this company. This does not happen if the company is honorable!

  • C
      26th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just filed with the BBB in Largo FL. and sent a comment to the editor of our local paper. When filing with the BBB you'll have to decide which co/address to file under. I never received an answer on which address to send it to, but did send by certified mail (unfortunately it costs you that much more).

    Don't wait. File with the BBB now! (Just google BBB; Largo, FL). It's easy and I feel better already, so now I'll wait and see if it was worth it to file a complaint. It looks like they resolve problems with those who do.

    They currently have an unsatisfactory rating. Imagine that.

    Interesting comment about the gas company being liable. I'll use one avenue at a time.

  • Mi
      28th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Just forwarded FreeBee Gas latest lie "we're awaiting gas cards from gas companies" to Florida Attorney General. Attached thereto was E-mail from Conoco Phillips to me stating "we are not associated with this company". Florida Attorney General E-mail response to me was that they have a "meeting" scheduled with Freebee Gas to address the numerous complaints against this company. Ultimately, I plan to pursue my claim for $500 free gas against the local Kia Dealer, via small claims court if necessary. Scams like this thrive only because too many folks choose to whine and do nothing, rather than fight back.

  • Gr
      31st of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    SCAM BIG TIME!!! Everyone's negative statements are true. It's a nightmarish process each and every month, not to mention an inconvenience. Have not received any rebates or Visa Debit cards to date eventhough I started the program in March...they owe me $150.00. Why waste my time and why continue to be frustrated. They won...I guess.

  • C
      11th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    They have not responded to my complaint filed with the BBB. Anyone surprised? Yesterday I filed with the attorney general. I don't think they've won because the BBB is annoying them and the attorney general will eventually put them out of business which will be enough for me.

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