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Secondmeta / employee pay

1 Austin, TX, United States Review updated:
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After working for this company for over a year and dealing with paychecks that bounce I have been denied my correct pay. My paycheck has always bounced so I use a local check cashing business. But now My entire check is off. When I asked my supervisor Hector Laya about this I was told that if I had any problems with my check and attempted to talk to HR or payroll about it that I would be fired. Please help! Shady company!

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  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    I was just about to submit my resume to this company...

    It's pretty screwed up that you're going through this.

    Searching online, I noticed that there are many complaints about the services of the company.

    Misleading information and charges on credit cards that were unexpected form customers.

    And apparently they're screwing their employees too.. damn

    And meanwhile, the CEO is flying around the world and 'retired' permamently ...

    Seriously, this is screwed up.

    I'm going to put up some keywords here, so people that use a search engine know to avoid this company, and hopefully the people in charge of this company get what they deserve, a la Bernie Madoff.


    The Bargain Network scam used to be called Century Direct Marketing, d.b.a. Consumer Information Services. Bargain Network's CEO (Un)Christian Hunter ran that operation until the FTC shut it down in 2000. He took thousands for some serious cash. You can read the court decision related to the case by going to the website:

    Secondmeta is the company he owns now. They offer Foreclosure agency and national repo network.

    Same scam, same guys running it, different name.

    austin, Texas

  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    Foreclosure Agency - Home Centrix Scam artists stealing money Austin Texas
    /URL removed/

    Foreclosure Agency, aka Home Centrix LLC.
    3018 N. Lamar
    Austin, Tx 78705

    These scam artists need to be stopped. They are preying on people and some may not be as vigilant and are being scammed each month and week for money.

  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Bargain Network Aka Aka National Repo Aka Easy Saver Aka American Bargain Network Aka Aka National Repo Aka Easysaver & Am Leisure the evolution of the rip off company Bargain Network Austin Texas

    /URL removed/


    everything we use including the scripts is deceptive. I am currentlly employed there until i find another job. I iturn down sales everyday because of the situation.

    Second Meta is the new home of their new home of rip off companies and most of the executives have moved from Santa Barbara to Austin and are LIVING the HIGH life off of banging credit cards...and we use the same scripts and payment verbage that Bargain Network does.

    They only advertise in the panny saver and Thrifty Nickel. The bottom demographics of education and income...

    This company also preys on certian types of peopel to work there but i dont think they realized this bad economy would bring in so many smart people that need work that figure this SCAM out quickly and choose their morals instead of selling their soul for a commission. Dont feel bad they rip us off to; sales disappear with no excuse given!!they say the computer messed up...funny how it always messes up in their favor!?

    Austin wont stand for it...there are to amny goood people there and you dont have to look hard to see the deception you just have to look...How can a company afford to pay a commission equal to or more than the amount of the sale?

    Think about that one!!!...I make a $1 dollar sale and in turn earn a $6 commission...


  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    ^So after getting into some legal issues with his other companies, the owner decided to move to Austin and mislead people once again.

    And making money off of people who unknowingly know what they're agreeing to.

    There's a special place in hell for this guy.

    Bargain network which has such a terrible reputation has moved to Austin Texas and is now runnig Bargain Network in conjunction with second meta. a Holding company of shell companies including and National Repo Network as well as others.

    The founders of Bargain Network have started these new companies and they are still making unauthorized charges to peoples accounts, making it diffficult to cancel and using deceptive scripts to sell their services to consumers.


    Atx insider
    AUSTIN, Texas

  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    Link to another complaint board:


    better watch out for the other names they go by as well...foreclosure agency, national repo network, Regent group, bargain network, American leisure, Second meta of Austin Tx. Second Meta, Llc 3018 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78705-2031Contact Phone: (512) 651-3935 This company covers itself on the internet as being a MEDICAL company. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MEDICINE OR MEDICAL PRODUCTS AT ALL!
    This guy, possibly the owner of these front companies, got pegged by the Feds for over 100K for scams in California and had to scoot to Texas. Christian Hunter, http:( // ) of AUSTIN, TX. The Austin operation is run by a group of drunken pot smokin thugs from California. Mike Mahoney(35), his brother SHAUN PATRICK MAHONEY, (Age 29). These two clown not only scam unsuspecting callers, but also scam from their OWN EMPLOYEES! ***One can only hope the Federal Trade Commission, The Texas Attorney General and the Postal Inspectors will kick in their doors and put the whole roving band of theives in Prison!

  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes


    No ### Forclosure Agency/ Second Meta / National Repo Network is a complete scam !! They prey on unsuspecting callers who genuinely want to buy a car or home and all they do is clear their bank accounts. And I should know I work there... Unfortunately I have just recently found out the truth about this so called business and unfortunately they do screw their own employees over. Its really sad that how the company sucks us employees in by saying "The money is here, you can make up to $1000 a week !!" Thats ### that only if you work over 12 hours a day. Beware people of the scams by this company no matter how good they look !!!

  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    Ok... I hope whoever googles about this company gets directed here so they know to avoid it.

  • Sa
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I worked for SecondMeta for two weeks at the 'training rate' of 10 dollars an hour. When I applied for the job I was told that they would pay 10 dollars an hour base PLUS comissions. This coincided with the various ads they placed on and craigslist seeking employees for the call center.

    It turns out to be a completely different story. After 9 days of working there at the purported rate of 10 dollars an hour, I was told in a meeting that included my coworkers that the base pay was only in Lieu of commissions. It wasn't 10 dollars an hour base + comissions, it turns out it was 10 dollars an hour OR comissions. I immediately produced one of the job postings and asked for an explanation. After about 15 minutes the supervisor came back into the crowded room and explained that it was a 'typo' in the posting. I immediately showed him another job posting from He left for a few minutes, and then came back in the room, visibly troubled, and said that it was also a typo, and that he was not responsible.

    Ok.. so i can understand that.. no problem I think to myself. But it gets better. During this time it seems 2ndMeta decided that the top producers were making too much money in comissions. They openly said that they were restructuring the pay to penalize the top producers. In no way did this benefit people new to the company, or for that matter anyone who worked there. Of course I discussed this change with my coworkers, never thinking that it was not allowed to engage in conversation about compensation.

    Two days later I was called into an office and told I was terminated. The reason being is that I discussed the compensation plan (common to all employees) with my coworkers. Additionally I was being terminated because I had taken 3 cell phone calls that lasted no more than 10 minutes total over a two week time period. ( I said I would have been happy to sign out during those times). Just as one does when he/she needs to take a restroom break at this company.

    After I was terminated I waited for my compensation for two months. It is nigh impossible to call them and get ahold of anyone there, and they will not return a call. Finally today I managed to get in touch with the director of Human Resources and ask about my paycheck. She told me I could come pick it up (after being told by the accounting department that they had no record of me). My math may be wrong, but as far as i can determine 10 dollars an hour times 2 weeks of full time work works out to about 800 dollars. The check was for 200 dollars. That works out to about $2.50 an hour. Since there is no record of hours worked on the pay stub, I can only assume it was hastily printed out while I was on the way there.

    Of course I left several messages asking for an explanation, but as usual have not received a call back or any effort on the part of the company to contact me.

    The CEO of this company is a person by the name of Christian Hunter . The name of the company is SecondMeta, or 2ndMeta. the address is 3018 N Lamar Austin TX 78705 .
    The company is engaged in the business of getting subscriptions to lists of foreclosed properties, lists of public auto auctions, and the sale of coupon books. They take credit card information over the phone and sell these subscriptions on a recurring charge basis. (they charge the credit card once a month unless the customer cancels). (good luck with that).

    The two main areas they focus on are,

    the company website is

    The name of the CEO is Christian Hunter.

  • Lo
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    ..Whats funny is that the same people who seem to complain about this company, punch in and out every day like nothing wrong is happening?? If your so worried about the well being of other people then why doestnt some one do something about it?

    Im sure that some one has to know some one in the right place??? OR maybe they actually have the legal aspects of this scam down pretty good?

    I do work their and i hate it, ITs the same bull ### and lies.. IVE gotten tired of it but again im not an army and i cant take down this company down by myself?

    So if your interested in doing just this than apply their and get into the inner workings of this bull ### job.. and just talk to the right ppl and who knows maybe things might just turn out for the great good of man kind.


  • Dm
      3rd of Oct, 2009
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    I came to this company when my former employer cut my hours and I was unable to pay my bills. They advertised $10/hr and full time work. It's not much but it'll at least cover the bills, so whatever, right?

    I soon learned that it was all too good to be true. The $10/hr disappeared and became minimum wage with commission. Okay. I still need the bills paid. Then it was brought up that their websites are awful and all of the information they sell comes from free websites (homepath, trulia,,, autotrader, etc). The management are all pleasant, but keep the regular employees in the dark.

    Then paychecks started to bounce. They would give me new ones that were okay, but I started trying to cash them and then deposit the cash. That didn't work out well. Many check cashing places don't honor SecondMeta's checks because they've bounced so many.

    I get it that bills need to be paid, but this company can't even ensure that. They hire a lot of great people and those people get stuck. Don't get stuck here.

  • Jf
      25th of Oct, 2009
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    Just started working there last week with the expectation of 10/hr + commission. After reading over the script and watching people I quickly found out it was a scam. Not only that they haven't received bonus checks in weeks and those are promised the next day. They don't care about their employees only their money. I'm only working there long enough to give that doushe christian hunter the hit he deserves when I see him.

  • Jo
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    I have to agree with all of the people who have posted, I am very intellectual and can keep track of numbers for years at a time without accessing them in my brain. I not only have had hours cut but the company has also shaved sales off of my account so my pay would be smaller. Hopefully before to long someone will step in and stick the long arm of the law strait up the rear end.

  • An
      27th of Jan, 2010
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    HEADS UP: The company has changed its name to My Town Media and the product name is now Auction Agency.

  • Th
      21st of Mar, 2010
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    What trips me out is that nobody l;ooks at the logic of it all. Ok so you say you have had sales SHAVED of your check...Well thast ### How about when you didnt read your confirmation right and you talked so fast the custoemr couldnt understand you and they called and cancelled before they were even billed is what happened to your sales. Dont give me that ### I worked in Member Services and I cancelled about 50 of those a day. Next time you work at a place like that you should talk slower so people can understand you. You were worried about YOUR money is what it was-- instead of giving the customer what they needed to not cancel. You people are jokes- do nothing but complain. You would be wishing you had that job if your ### was standing out there on 183 with a sign" Will work for food" and thats where a couple people ended up when they quit. C'mon its a recession be happy you have an [censored]ing job at all. Ungreatful ###!!!

  • An
      28th of Mar, 2010
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    They do shave sales off of checks (I heard it talked about). This company is so scammy that you can't really track your hours or sales. They don't give you records of that and they won't produce them if you ask for it.

    Of course people are worried about their paychecks! I don't know how many people would be wishing they had a job where they couldn't count on the paycheck being legit. That's not something to be "greatful" for.

  • Bo
      7th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    "THA TRUTH", you are an idiot. This place is a complete scam with nothing but losers in superior "roles". Be "greatful" that you are stupid enough to believe anything about that company.

    You do know that myself and "annavin" are making fun of your "greatful" for incorrect spelling, loser.

    I hear checks are still bouncing too, wonderful!

  • Fy
      17th of Apr, 2010
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    I just heard that SecondMeta/My Town Media locked their doors yesterday (April 16th). It's sad that all of those employees aren't going to get the money that's owed to them.

  • Dd
      17th of Apr, 2010
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    yea i went in to go get my check and the lights were already off, im still unable to cash my check due to the many fee's they owe these companies its ###. Im basically seeing it as they gave us a piece of paper that we cant do ### with sucks! and THE TRUTH your freaking ###ed to come at us like about you go work there and see if you like being scammed and lied too...oh wait thats rite their out of business because their prob. looking for another city to go scam on... some previous employees and myself are looking to file a law suit against this company and one of my friends that did work here, is putting all this information in the news or newspaper...if anyone wants to have a say or want to help with this law suit email me the more we people we have the more easier it will be to get this company to go down

  • An
      28th of Oct, 2011
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    Check out all the local Austin news coverage about this ### scam artist, Christian Hunter, on KXAN NBC News:

    And here's a picture of Christian Hunter, the evil idiot behind all of these terrible stories.

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