Sears Kenmorehole thru fridge ¬ a problem&

S Sanford, FL

We purchased a high end Kenmore fridge along w/ 2 other appliances Oct. 2004 paying full price for n.i.b. appliances along with the max full coverage warranty for three years. Within 11 months the refrigerators ice maker had failed and there was a half dollar size rust spot forming under the paint below the ice maker/ water dispenser. While Sears replaced the (recalled) icemaker, they said that the rust was " to be expected since we live in a humid climate in Florida. Rust is considered a cosmetic issue, and is not covered in the full coverage parts/replacement warranty you purchased." And when I asked to be tranferred to a supervisor, I was told the rep I was speaking to "was it, all there (was)" and was told "I guess you'll just have to bad mouth Sears for the rest of your life". Awesome customer service! Fast forward three+ years and 3 icemakers, the rust has spread to a huge area on the outside of the freezer door, as well as thru the back wall of the freezer and beyond. The last straw came when the failed icemaker flooded our kitchen on our one day old bamboo floor, causing me to slip on the pool created when the icemaker began to fill and didn't stop hours after we tried to turn it on to no avail. The defective icemaker will be replaced again under the warranty that mysteriously no longer includes replacement, I'm told, despite us paying for it, but I don't want another just icemaker. This fridge is so ugly and rust has completely penetrated the door and who knows where else so badly that it now ices up to compensate the energy loss, and with so many failures, I just want it to go away. 2 of 4 of the plastic drawers have cracked, this thing is a lemon, rust is thru and thru, and Sears says all rust is not covered, not even under the original 1 year mfg. warranty!! So if you buy a Sears appliance, you had better be prepared for lots of hours waiting for service people that don't show (another part of the story too long for this site) hours on the phone trying to get said service people out despite hundreds spent on warranties, and finally having an appliance with parts that you're lucky enough to have covered when recalled replaced multiple times. I would suggest you buy a back up appliance from another seller so you can have reliable cooling, heating, washing, drying, etc. as there are far too many serious complaints left totally unaddressed by Sears, and too many customers suffering loss of use as well as serious bodily harm with no one to call who cares one iota. May we all get together and file a class action law suit ASAP. If you buy from Sears, you are truely on your own, and if you buy from Sears after reading this, you truely have no one to blame but yourself.

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