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Schumacher Cargo Logistics / International removalist scam

1 Gympie, Queensland, Australia Review updated:
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Phone: 0434255526

Schumacker cargo logisitcs were used by neptune international to ship our trailer with a partly restored 1955 oldsmobile and household goods from l.A. Usa to brisbane australia. When my husband purchased and paid for the shipping he requested and was given insurance for the total goods for the sum of $40,000.

* this insurance was taken out by him at the time of payment to the removalist involved, in july 2007!!!

However later, we discovered on the insurance papers sent to us that only the oldsmobile was actually insured and the actual date of the insurance was moved from july 2007... To 1st october 2007, stating that sailing date was 29th september 2007.

* why, would the client deliver the goods to the schumacker warehouse at paramount l.A. On the 6th august 2007 and leave it there without insurance???

*why... Would a client take insurance coverage for a valuable item, after the proposed sailing date which we were informed would be the 8th august 2007???

The name of the insurance company given was pac global insurance. On late receivership of goods and after being charged an addition charge of $7,500 before we could take possession, we finally got them in damaged condition. The oldsmobile was my husbands pride and joy and he had spent hours of time and thousands of dollars restoring this car. Not wishing to sell it he decided to have it shipped to australia.

I had taken some photos of the restoration work prior the shipping. I also took photos of what we received when our trailer was opened and we got our first sight of the oldsmobile. It had been carefully packed, and tied down with a dust cover to protect before sailing. On receivership the cover had been removed and a jack thrown on the trunk lid. There was further scratches all over the restored paint work.

Applying to pac global insurance for the $3,080 aud to cover damage repair costs we were sent an email from pac global ins through the manager of schumacher cargo logistics notifying us they were pleased to inform us that our compensation offer was to be $680.42 usd.

It would appear that schumacher own the insurance company they use. How do these crooks get away with using and abusing their clients??? Do these people make their own laws??? And how does the consumer get any help to obtain a decent compensation claim???

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  • Ge
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    George Vittman said,
    November 20, 2008 at 2:53 am

    Same comment. Friend in France saw his dream come truth with purchasing a beautiful Ford Mustang. It was decided to use Schumacher Cargo for Transport.
    What happened:
    1. Car was picked up 2-3 weeks late because the hauling truck broke down.
    2. Car was stuck at the Schumacher warehouse for close to a month. No one contacted the buyer. Finally received message from schumacher, requesting the papers for the car or extra charges would apply. The darn papers were sitting in the glove departement.
    3. Promised delivery date was not held. After pushing got to hear that the shipping company which Schumacher normally uses was fully booked and that they decided to use a different company, which would take longer for the trip, but in this case the car would not be sitting in their warehouse.
    4. New delivery date was not held. From French agent got to hear that the car was instead of France, sitting in Holland. No new date available. They were looking for transport to France. At this point Schumacher was not responding anymore. 2 weeks later, still no date or information about the car.
    5. Finally the car arrived, but the whole interior of the car was ruined and rotting. The nice white leather seats were black.
    6. Next step will be to contact the insurance.

    One advice: NEVER use Schumacher Cargo

  • Jm
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    On 23 September 2009 I also purchased a motorcycle from USA and used Schumacher Cargo Logistics to ship the motorcycle to Fremantle, Australia. In that time I have been asked for more money for different reasons and had all the excuses as to why my motorcycle is still not here. This event should take 6-8 weeks and it is now 24 March 2010 and I still have not got my motorcycle. This is not coming from someone who bitter or vengeful just someone who wants what is rightfully mine and what I have paid for. With all the complaints I have made to get my bike, the police in Australia and USA the Dept of Justice and Better Business Bureau they have all fallen on deaf ears. No one wants to help and the website for the Better Business Bureau where the section is for lodging complaints the only complaints that the site allows is good ones with good things to say about the company. The bad ones will not be put on the site. It is a waste of time.
    So from a very dissatisfied customer. DO NOT USE SCHUMACHER CARGO LOGISTICS.

  • Ch
      12th of May, 2010
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    I purchased a car in the U.S. in July 2008. The professional restoration was completed a year later, and the car was sent to Schimacher in Irvington, NJ for shipping overseas. Two days after the car arrived in August 2009, the car was stolen. Schumacher said that their liability was limitted to $ 500 ?!, and have not paid me a penny.

    It's now May 2010, and I have spent a considerable amount of money on attorney's fees in order to file a claim against Schumacher under the NJ Consumer Fraud Protection Act. Needless to stay, stay VERY far away from these guys. They're bad news, big time. "Pac Global", the Schumacher insurance company is a sham operation, with ALL of the insurance premiums paid to Pac Global going to line the pockets of Schumacher executives.

  • Ma
      18th of Sep, 2010
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    No, they should not be allowed to make their own laws and it's time clients formed a united effort to begin a law suit against such fraudulent behavior. This email is to rally people who have suffered this company's sub par service to join the suit.

  • Sc
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    To all concerned, Yes Schumacher as any company has and will make mistakes, we are only human and even as good as we try to be we get it wrong from time to time. I can however confirm and commit that we do have very good market reputation and high service standards that our clients are very pleased with these days. We handle about 3000 Shipments a year in and out of Australia, this may writing complimentary letter as below and more can be found on our web site at:

    If anyone feels they have been wronged or want to discuss a particular incidents with me directly, my email is and I will gladly to my best to accommodate.

    WADDELL/Extreme Teamworks move to Australia - November 2010
    Dear Greg, As you know, an international move rates among the most difficult and stressful things a person can undertake. When planning for our move to Sydney, Australia I contacted several shipping companies and I was surprised and discouraged by what I saw as huge inconsistencies within the industry. I was told that there are many unscrupulous companies operating and I was introduced to a few of them. I was very impressed when I contacted you at Schumacher and have been impressed throughout the tough journey. After our first conversation I developed a sense of trust which has carried through the sales process and into the loading of our valuables on November 17th.

    Although the process is not complete, I feel confident that you will see us through to an on-time delivery with little or no headaches. Please feel free to use me as a reference and I would appreciate it if you would forward this on to the owner of Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Inc. As a customer service trainer I feel it is very important for customers to point out successes and compliments; many times organizations only hear about complaints. Thank you again for your superior customer service. It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you! Best regards, Stacy Waddell - President/Extreme Teamworks

  • Ca
      13th of Jan, 2015
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    I have just received my vehicle which was delivered to Schumacher in a brand new condition. They have added about 25 miles on board, scratched the interior, left dirt marks everwhere and to this day they feel they are not responsible. Do not use this company!!!

  • Sc
      13th of Jan, 2015
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    Dear Calin, Can you please send me a detailed list of issues with your vehicle you have received in Romania. Our operations and warehouse managers will look into your damage claims immediately, then revert back to you with there findings to compare notes with you. All complaints are taken seriously and acted upon promptly. Sincerely, Management Schumacher Cargo Logistics.

  • Ca
      13th of Jan, 2015
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    Your salesperson Joey Shmidt does not seem to take it seriously.
    The list will include: scratches on the outer surface and inner surfaces of the vehicle. Extra miles added on board ( not one or two or three or five...), food stains on driver's seat, finger prints on sun visor and inside roof lining of the vehicle. As per your salesperson, Joey, the vehicle should have been covered. That would be a Schumacher's standard procedure (?) Needless to say, that would be far from the truth! I have foolishly purchased your maritime insurance which is now worthless since the deductible is $1000. Once again, I have left a brand new vehicle in your care. Not only that your employees have taken it for a joy ride, you have also damaged it, cosmetically ( for now).
    Along the way and during the shipping process (OVER A MONTH LATHER THAN THE PROMISED SAILING DATE!) I have had nothing but problems with you.
    Truly a bad experience!!!
    I shall take this further.

  • Sc
      13th of Jan, 2015
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    Dear Calin, We feel the accusations you are making against our company are unfounded and incorrect. You delivered your vehicle to us on August 4, but only sent us the Original Title on on September 29. Almost 2 months delay due to no fault of ours. Your vehicle departed the USA on or about October 26, after export customs clearance, container loading and container space availability due to port slowdown at all USA West Coast ports. There was no delay on our side. . Your vehicle was not a new factory vehicle as you claim. It was delivered to our warehouse with 1, 375 Miles on the speedometer. New cars are delivered usually with 50 Miles or less registered on the speedometer. When you completed our On-Line Booking Process on July 7, you had different Insurance policy deductible options to choose from. It was your decision to go with $1000 Deductible. Please email proof of damage to so we can look into this further. We have copies of received vehicle pictures to compare to. You can view these pictures on our web tracking systems by entering your Warehouse Receipt number. Sincerely, Management Schumacher Cargo Logistics.

  • Ca
      14th of Jan, 2015
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    The vehicle was delivered to you on August 4th with 1375 miles to it and absolutely no damage to it as noted in all of your notes. The photos you mention will also attest to that. It is completely untrue that you did not receive the title on the same day!!! Mr. Martin Kelley, the warehouse manager, had not only received the vehicle but also the title. Only after my call, did one of your clerks mentioned that they do not have the title on file!!! You have misplaced it only to find it at a later date!
    Cannot believe that you are actually making this claim and name my complaint an "accusation"! It would be interesting to see how do you prove receiving the title on September 29th! That is far from the truth!!! I have left the car with you on August 4th and left US on August 5th. I had been out of the country since then, to return in March 2015.
    You had all the pertaining paperwork delivered with the vehicle! A xerox copy of my title was handed to me on August 4th, the day the vehicle was delivered to you.
    You kept stalling shipping the vehicle as you also kept changing the sailing dates. You also assured me that the vehicle would be well taken care of. It probably sat with the front windows rolled down the entire period it was stored at your warehouse. This explains the excessive dust inside the vehicle at the time of unloading the vehicle.
    I had shipped household goods with you in a different container and had been helped by Edwin DeSantiago and your salesperson Martin. I had no problems at all. Everything went smooth and as expected. Shipping the vehicle was nothing but a headache.

  • Ca
      14th of Jan, 2015
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    I should also mention that I have kept all the email conversations with you and there is proof that you have received all of the documentation needed to ship the vehicle, including the title.
    You have also made an error on the Bill of Lading and had the agent's name as the consignee and tried to charge me for it.

  • Ca
      14th of Jan, 2015
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    Cannot believe your claim that you did not receive the title with the vehicle!!! That is most untrue!!! My claim is not an accusation, it is a complaint. Vehicle and all of it's documentation were left in your care with your warehouse manager, Martin Kelley, on August 4th and a copy of the title was handed to me. Only after my call you mentioned the fact that you did not show the original title of the vehicle in your files. At the time I directed you to contact the warehouse manager, Martin Kelley at which time you recognized that you had possession of it. It would be interesting to see your proof of receiving the title on the 29th of September. I have delivered the vehicle to you on the 4th of August and left US on the 5th of August to return in March 2015. Your statement that you only took possetion of the title on September 29 is not only far from the truth, it is an outright lie!
    You have assured me then that the vehicle would be properly taken care of and that the vehicle would be covered inside, a standard procedure as you called it. Finger prints on inside lining of the roof and on the driver's side sun visor, stains on the driver's seat, scratches on the inside parts of the vehicle and ouside (one of your managers states that "a good wipe should take care of that"). The vehicle was received by you in an impeccable condition as it had only 1375 miles. Your own pictures will attest to that.
    I had even tried to contact your CEO/ owner of the company, to no avail.
    Once again, I have kept all of the email conversations with you. Even the ones that your salesperson Joey Smit did not bother to answer to.

  • Sc
      14th of Jan, 2015
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    Dear Calin, Please email proof of damage to so we can look into this further. Sincerely, Management Schumacher Cargo Logistics.

  • Ro
      11th of Apr, 2017
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    I brought my car for shipping to UK. After 2 weeks, they still did not ship my car to UK. I found a new company to take care of my shipment who since have received and shipped another car out. They are picking this one up. I was forced to pay for storage of the car and cancellation fee.. just because they can't complete a container and ship my container out. Now when a driver shows up to pickup my car, they can't find it and don't know where it is. The driver has to leave. Now 3 days later they find the car, and tell me I have to pay storage on the 3 days they were looking for it. This is after probably 20 phone calls and voicemails.. Just a horrible company.. Everyone is just unwilling to help and just doesn't care about the business.

  • La
      16th of Jan, 2018
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    @Robert Dunford Mr. Dunford, can you tell me if your complaints were resolved? I am considering Schumacher for a move.

  • Do
      6th of Jan, 2019
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    I hired Schumacher for a move from Seattle to Dublin. Initial problems started at the packing stage. They had to be phoned and emailed multiple times to show up to pack up. On the last day of the four day packup they were very late arriving and did not have enough manpower to finish the job putting our house closing in jeopardy. In addition they caused serious damage to our wooden floors again putting the closing at risk.

    Fast forward to the arrival in Dublin. The container was delayed two weeks because Schumacher did not submit the proper documentation to the Irish authorities. These resulted in over $3, 700 in additional port fees which I was forced to pay. Schumacher agreed to repay them two weeks ago but now refuses to return phone calls as everyone is on holidays.

    If this was not bad enough, when the items arrived Schumacher only paid the local agents for eight hours to unpack despite spending 35 hours plus packin’ in Seattle. After seven international moves, I know unpacking and debris removal take longer than packing. Schumacher were paid over $26, 000 for this move yet failed to provide a good pack or any unpacking services.

    As for damages, we have over $52, 000 in damages to our $210, 000 in cargo. Many items missing, others missing parts and the rest just carelessly lacked resulting in heavy damage.

    The salesman is nowhere to be found despite being alerted of the problem two weeks ago. Likewise there has been no manager or owner available to return calls. There is one secretary who promises the world but never delivers.

    It’s a pity but Schumacher are by far the worst I have experienced and by far the most expensive.

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