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Schulenburg Attorneys is very greedy and impatient company. I owed them a bit but instead of asking for reasonable fee they’ve asked for triple price of my debt just because I was late for 2 weeks with my payment. I will not give them a cent more, even if I could I wouldn’t.

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      31st of Oct, 2016

    I was phoned this afternoon by Michelle Eloff from Schulenburg attorneys, informing me that there is a court order to attach assets and sell it. I informed her that I am currently under debt review, to which she commented that medical accounts is not covered by the debt review. I said that I will challenge it in court to which she replies that I do not have R 15000 to go to court, to which I replied that this is what Dr AJ Muire quoted me for cutting my gums to sort out my problems with my teeth (which her client is actually responsible for), to which she replied that she will phone the doctor to inform him that I do not pay my accounts. I decided to get hold of her at Intercare and I found out that she worked at Schulenburg Attorneys. When I eventually spoke to her on the phone and I requested if I could pay the outstanding amount at the end of November she ranted about me wanting to obtain the bank details, to which I replied that she is putting words in my mouth. I will call her again tomorrow and have her put it on record that she threatened me with calling Dr Muire. I gave her other doctor's names and telephone numbers to call, this was placed on record.

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  • Sh
      16th of Jan, 2018

    I received a message as well from Schulenburg attorneys to say that a summons was to be sent for an account that I was not aware of was handed over for payment as my medical aid rejected payment for. Called in and spoke to Mrs Eloff as well, who was so abrupt and disgustingly rude. Kept putting words in my mouth and talking over me instead of hearing me out. Such abrupt intolerant behaviour especially from a woman who was supposed to do debt recovery is unacceptable. Mrs Eloff demanded payment immediately stating that I had last June to make payment, not willing to listen to my end of the story or accept a payment plan. In her words, which was recorded btw, "we don't care where you get the money from, its not my responsibility but yours". I will be requesting a record of that call. I think the public should be made aware of the way Schulenburg employees treat people.

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