Saveonmyalarm.comAlarm Monitoring Service

SaveOnMyAlarm is providing the security and peace of mind we need at a fraction of the cost… One week into my roommate and I moving into our new place, our house was broken into! Nice way to start out in a new home. Thank god, we were on a weekend trip. However, it happened once, so what if it happened again and we were there? It was hard to sleep at night with that thought lingering. We are both college students with part-time jobs, so we couldn’t spend much on alarm monitoring and ADT, Brinks, etc. were just out of our price range. Me being the queen of Google searching that I am, I found and they were running a special to monitor your alarm for only $5.95 per month. Bingo! We have been using them for almost a year now and they are great! There’s my rant for the day, but definitely check them out-

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