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I had called Comcast several times to set up service at a residence we are relocating to, but because there are still residents there they told me to call back as they couldn't set up service until the current residents closed their account.

I was contacted by a company representing themselves wholly as Comcast employees, and knew that I was seeking Comcast services in Texas (where we are relocating). They called "regarding my inquiry about Comcast services" and stated that they could place my order. After explaining that there were still people at the address and I was told I needed to wait, I was informed that it's not a problem, I can place the order and can just call back for installation once the residents vacate.

I placed the order after giving out all of my personal information (no charges or credit card info was given though) and thought this was great, finally Comcast is taken care of. 20 minutes later, I got an email from a company called "Saveology" which I had never heard of with all of my order details.

Never once did the representative say she was from this company, and both I and my Wife asked directly "Is this Comcast?" and she answered "Yes". At the end of the call, she tried persistently to get me to buy a cable modem or router and ADT Security services, as well as a Technical Support contract.

I called Comcast immediately after receiving the email, and they said whatever confirmation number Saveology gave me was "useless" (and they gave me a better package at a cheaper rate than what Saveology had quoted).

Clearly, this was a scam and misrepresentation. It's a scam because in fact they sold me nothing related to Comcast (4 Comcast employees in the span of 3 weeks told me it was IMPOSSIBLE to set up my service at all until the residents left the house we were relocating to and I would have to call back) and the goal for Saveology was to get me to buy related products and services thinking it was from Comcast. It was misrepresentation because I was told clearly I was dealing with a Comcast representative. This cannot be allowed.

I did contact Saveology and explained the situation, and the sales rep said that since I paid for nothing there was no harm done, at which point she hung up on me.

If the original CSR from Saveology had simply said who she was and what they were offering, I would have understood but politely refused to give them personal information. I was lied to and scammed.

This company is a scam, stay as far away from them as you can. It is a bait and switch gig to get you to buy related products and services under the guise of being Comcast.

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  • Al
      10th of Apr, 2012

    I had EXACTLY the same experience, except that I did buy services. I accepted the router and refused ADT services as well as "mytechhelp" services, and was STILL set up for "mytechhelp". I then received several confirmation emails about the router, and it was the crappiest router available (TP Link Wireless Router 150MPbs) for $60 PLUS tax and PLUS $14.99 shipping although you can buy 300MPbs routers for half that price at a local store (no shipping charges.) I called saveologoy and to my surprise I had a very nice and helpful representative on the line who promised to cancel everything. Let's see if she really did...

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  • Ma
      18th of Jul, 2012

    Absolutely! I had a very similar experience

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  • Ss
      2nd of Aug, 2012

    I have the exact story only I was trying to set up service with Time Warner in California. the sales person represented himself as Time Warner and was setting up a new service ( mind you after speaking with "the real TW" I too was informed its impossible to set up new service because my unit is still occupied by the old renters) so I couldnt have been speaking with a TW representative. My bank account was charged the "one time service fee" of $9.99 and with a router charge of $84.94 get this~ by saveology ! I received an email from them and the rebate I was supposed to enjoy making my purchase free?? was EXPIRED LOL !! Just keeps getting better.TW has NOTHING in their system regarding my name or confirmation number I was given for my start of services. I was routed to an installation department in NY not in CA where I live and was on phone for 50 minutes on hold finally I hung up and called the REAL Time Warner people who informed me no.. I dont have a new account with them sono... we cant make an installation date !. They know nothing about this fake transaction. To complicate matters...I receive a call from a local private installation company who says he installs service for TW and that I called him to set up the appointment !!! I cancelled my debit card and am making a claim with my bank. I also wrote a formal complaint with the better business bureau against this fraudulent company. Yes I did finally get in touch with saveology after another 50 mins on the phone on hold only to be told they are putting in an email to stop payment and shipment but of course they cant give me a confirmation number on THAT...Im sure thats a lie.I have no reason to think they are reputable as nothing adds up here. I think a class action is in order along with a news station doing a crackdown bust on these snakes...Real the real slim shady( time warner ) please stand up please stand up !! GRRRR

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  • Da
      7th of Aug, 2012

    I just had the same experience with a TP-Link Wireless Router "from Comcast". I received it in the mail today and yes, it's a piece of junk. It was sent and billed to me by a company DBA Buy DGS which I have tracked down as being linked to Foxcomm out of Taiwan. Foxcomm is a mega-company but obviously has their hand in some shady stuff as well. I cannot get Comcast to refund the money so i am going to dispute through American Express. I am sure Amex will take care of me but i just wasted a couple hours of my time trying to figure this out.

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  • Ha
      25th of Mar, 2013

    I would have to say that the "complaint" comments left were created by ###s that have NEVER heard of affiliate marketing before, or do any research. Comcast markets PRIMARILY through 3rd party affiliates, except in specific metro areas. If you have ever had a rep knock on your door, they were more than likely CONTRACTED through a 3rd party affiliate. They are SUPPOSED to, by contract IDENTIFY themselves as Comcast reps. The additional contacts, emails, and such will come from the affiliate

    Often times Comcast will have different deals: you may find offers that will be different door to door, online, or when you contact Comcast directly. Comcast also has a BAD habit of poaching deals from their affiliates. So it is no surprise that when someone calls in the rep (that gets paid on commission) will tell the customer to forget the previous offer and get them a better deal. THAT is where the REAL scam is...not from the affiliate.

    Affiliates can also offer other deals from other long as there isn't a conflict of interest. This is why ADT was pushed by the reps.

    So quit whining and badmouthing an affiliate marketer. Saveology has been around for a while, and has a great relationship with Comcast. I am in no way affiliated with them...they don't pay enough.

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