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Satellite Direct UK Ltd / Unable to contact & overcharge

1 2 Hill Top WalkWalsall, England, West Midlands, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 01922 457790

The direct debit request for April was 10 times the normal monthly amount. There is no reply to the telephone number supplied by the above company, no reply to e-mails and the additional number on the internet is "no longer in use". I have incurred bank charges and charges for using premium phone lines that go to answer machines. I suspect the company is in liquidation and has been requesting direct debits when not in business. Trading Standards inform me that the registered number supplied is not valid.

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  • Tf
      5th of Jun, 2009
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    Same here. Contacted them first and they said there had been a fault, and that the decimal point had been put in the wrong place! £65 instead of £6.50. Told I had to wait 28 working days for refund, 28 WORKING days!! Wtf? So, the 28th working day arrived, no refund. Phoned them up again, making my disgust and anger obvious. They put me on hold, and came back to say their Supervisor will write out a cheque and send out right away. Week later, I am still waiting. I am now told that the cheques have to go upstairs, be signed by the manager, and then returned downstairs to be sent off. Yeah yeah. Currently waiting for it to be sent. Asked why I cannot have a refund via BACS, and was told their is a system fault. What, another fault? First fault can take ten times more money owed, yet second fault cannot allow a refund via BACS. How convenient. I think this has been done to many people, and they are trying to claim interest on the substantial amount they would have 'gained'. Nice interest sum, refund customers eventually if at all, and there we have it. A nice little profit from money they should never have taken.

    Next step is Trading Standards...small claims court if needs be. Avoid this company at all costs. Terrible waiting times for support, terrible refund policy from a terrible company.

  • Da
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    Tottally agree with your comments. Same thing happened to me, this so called company tried to scam me for £49.99 with an account which had been cancelled April 2009. Unfortunately my bank then stung me with a £35 bank charge for Insufficient funds in my account.
    After many futile attempts of contact (phone and E.mail) I contacted my bank to cancel any further direct debits (again) to this company and to appeal against the charges levied to me, but to no success.
    What I found most disturbing is the fact that my bank informed me that companies like this can demand any amount of money via direct debit without permission from the account holder.
    It seems to me this is legalised robbery.

  • Na
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    PLEASE BE WARNED!!! I had £65.00 taken from my acount on the 02/03/2009, 59.00 more then my usual 6.00 a month Direct Debit. I tried to contact Sat Cover Direct UK on numerous occasions, with no joy. I contacted my bank who tried to withdraw the funds back from them with no joy, so they kindly refunded me the 65.00 and cancelled the Direct Debit. I then sent Sat Cover a letter cancelling my account and that was that, OR WAS IT!!! Today after looking at my bank statement for this month I have discovered Sat Direct have withdrawn moneys out my account AGAIN. I immedietly contacted my bank furiously asking them why my Direct Debit hadn't been cancelled, and to my shock it had been cancelled, however Sat Direct have withdrawn these funds under a new Ref/Account No?. The Bank can't do nothing...I need to cancel the account AGAIN with SAT COVER. HOW CAN I DO THAT WHEN I CAN'T GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM AND WHATS THE POINT OF CANCELLING THE DIRECT DEBIT THROUGH THE BANK WHEN SAT DIRECT CAN JUST CHANGE YOUR REF/ACCOUNT NO AND WITHDRAW FUNDS AGAIN?I have cancelled the Direct Debit AGAIN with my Bank but the chances are they will change my Ref/Account again...and withdraw more moneys. I AM COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED AND UPSET with my bank, who are no help at all AND why these companys are aloud to do this to people like us. I have contacted watchdog and I am in the process of sending Sat Direct ANOTHER letter. If I don't get any joy my only option is to close my Bank Account. I ASK YOU ALL TO GO ON TO WATCHDOG WEB SITE AND SEND THEM A BREF NOTE ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS WITH SATELLITE DIRECT UK LTD...THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!

  • Fr
      29th of Jun, 2009
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  • Hf
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    I also am a victim. Mid May I had £129.99 taken from my account and when I contacted them I was told it would be refuned in 30 days. Guess what - no refund. I have tried phoning them constantly over the pas 2 weeks but they are continually engaged. I am now going to contact my Bank and see if they have any suggestions. Forever hopeful.

  • A8
      1st of Jul, 2009
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  • Pa
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    Same problem they took £65.00 in stead of £6.50 they said they would reimburse the monies but still have not, my 80 year old grandparents tried ringing but they said not known at that number so they will try and stop direct debit tomorrow, daylight robbery of old people!!!

  • Sc
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    Same here too - they took £100 on 1st April instead of £10 - still waiting for a refund! Meanwhile my Sky box broke on 20th June but I can't get hold of them to fix it. Have tried phoning loads of times, e-mailing and faxing - you just can't get through. Now have to pay £65 to Sky to fix it This is illegal - they have taken money when they knew they were in financial trouble!

  • Dc
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    Same here. They took an additional £129.99 from by bank in May. I phoned and they said it was a computer fault and I would get a refund in 20 days (I had to wait 20 minutes on the phone). Guess what - no refund and now the phone number doesn't work. I have cancelled my direct debit and now I will contact Trading Standards and BBC Watchdog programme.

  • Da
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    OK this is getting too much, 1st anyone who is saying that they are going to watchdog and trading standards how are you going to do this when the company is no longer trading.

    2nd how many people actually know what goes on in the company, its always if something goes wrong...oh its a con, oh i'm going to watchdog anf trading standards, blah blah blah blah can't anyone sort themselves out.

    Watchdogs program 1st of all is to make a company look bad and thats with any company. This the vid for the 1st watchdog
    The woman says that she was called and they knew how much she was paying and they had her phone number and that her warranty had expired, well wheres the proof, she we just have her word. Also NO company can actually know how much your paying unless that company you were paying lets someone if satellite direct knew how much she was paying then sky repair plan who shew was paying have given out her details...suprise watchdog didn't mention this.

    In the same video its shows the training session about ''white lies'' and also doesn't make a difference if the customer think they are from sky or not.
    Well if the company call, say clearly who they are and the customer thinks its sky calling when its not then its the customers fault for not listening right...everyone does it, they get a call offering something and they don't listen to who is calling, at the end of the day, its the customers fault, listen to who is calling.
    With regards to the ''white lie'' every company face to face and over the phone do it...they couldn't care less about what your saying, if you have had a bad day or your short on money, now thats not saying they won't do the job that they have to what i mean is that the person you are talking to is doing a job and is nt paid to talk to you in a non caring way, weather the person is getting along with you or not, they are paid to do it, so there is no lie to selling anything its called building a rapport.

    I understand people want money back if they have had wrong amount taken but heres a hint, go to bank, your covered under the direct debit guarantee and they legally have to give it back to you and then will claim it off the company that took it, not sure what happens if the company has closed down though. No point going to trading standard or watchdog as if satellite direct said you would get your money back, what are trading standards going to do, say well if they are going to give it back what do you want them to do and watchdog can't go on tv and say satellite direct have taken wrong money from account but they are refunding it...yeah that would be a good story just like their one on waiting on the phone for customer service.

    They complained about having to wait on the line for companies like BT (who if your calling from a BT landline is FREE) and Vodafone (if calling from a vodafone phone is FREE) and then they complained about SKY when on the satellite direct watchdog said over 8 million people have Sky (hello biggest TV company in England). Some how I don't think Sky could employ that many staff to answer the phone, deal with it. Your not going to cancel Sky because you have to wait in line because you can't miss Lost or Bonesor whatever. At the end of the day people should stop relying on others to sort out their problems and just sort it themselves.

  • Tf
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    What are you harping on about daveblood? You are talking utter nonsense. Of course people have tried helping themselves, but when phone lines are engaged, empty promises are made and countless other methods prove fruitless, then what do you do??

    People have contacted their banks, most of the above I have read is plain to see everyone has tried to solve this problem themselves. Some, like myself have waited almost half a year of constant perseverence to get our money back and are now at complete loose end. These companies are there to offer advice etc. when all other reasonable avenues by the consumer have been exhausted.

    Either you had a bad day and fancied taking on the world, or, you have some sort of relation to said company. That was a lot of drivel and in effect, defending a company that has committed an act of mass theft and taken the public for a ride.

  • Da
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    Not defending company at all. People may have tried what they think is the best to get their money back and if your waiting half a year then something def has not been done right...It has been proven that banks don't like giving money back under the dd gurantee and if you have tried calling ''SAID COMPANY'' and not getting through, then go to the bank, tell them this claim under the LEGAL dd gurantee and stop complaining...Watchdog and trading standards and nothing now, they are just something people threaten companies with to get what they want. At the end of the day weather it is ''mass theft'' or a mistake your still covered legally by the bank.
    PS - This is not dribble this is a person that knows how to do things alot quicker than half a year

  • Bl
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    The way things are looking for these companies there are a few linked to sat direct is their are going down.

    Staff are losing their jobs and wages are not being paid,

    Rumour has it no-one will get their money back. yes you have been ripped off! (millions has been made with this scam)

    letters are ignore and throw in a heap some are not even read

    My advice to all those scamed is to close down any account that they have taken or tried to take money from lest that way he cant do it again, because he will

  • Bl
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    daveblood he is still trading or winding down the old and changing the name and trying to start again

  • Ag
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    all i have to say is that i work for a company on the sky affiliation programme...basicually we are one of the trusted companies to sell the warrenties on behalf os Sky (as sky are only a broadcaster). the other company is called donestic and general. they are an insurence company as i am aware most of you know


    satellite direct were taken to couort by sky and also by trading standards (mainly for the missinterpretation )... they were told to stop trading under Satellite direct, Sat Cover and also Subscriver Services... however we all know taht they havent stopped doing it.

    anyone with any of the 8 different satellite direct companies should say well clear!! prime example... their brighton office closed down last wednesday... David Reynolds the director simply went in there and sack all the staff!! now those that were covered by that office have no way of getting incontact with them as there is no staff there to answer phones!!ect!! (lets hope the law is finally catching up with him because i for one and sick and tired of cleaning up the mess he leaves behind when he sells warrenties!!)

    anyway, if i were any of you i would stick to

    very very very good company

    email me for more inromation...

  • Ag
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    with regards to getting money back, ... all card detail that the customer would have had to provide to get the service agreement up is all insured by the bank. therefor if the policy has been missold all monies will ne refunded via a bank charge back (stated in the Distant Selling Regulations)

    BANK CHARGE BACK: bank refunds money immediatly and then chaces it off company...

    DID YOU KNOW????
    that barclays bank have stopped letting their customers set up direct debits to Satellite Direct... now thats saying something!!

    David Reynolds was and still is giving full refunds to anyone whos policy was missold and to all those who have had 10 times the amopunt takjen out their account... just write to his head office in Ford, Arundel...

    peace out all xx

  • Sa
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    Satellite Direct UK Ltd - Overcharge from my bank account
    Satellite Direct UK Ltd
    England, Suffolk
    United Kingdom

    For the second time I have been overcharged for my cover. I have had £50 taken from my bank account instead of £6.50. I have tried to ring the company but to no avail. The message on the phone just says that it is temporarily out of service. Please, please do not subscribe to this company. I don't know who they are but they are certainly not what they claim to be.

  • St
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    I went to their head office in Ford recently: loads of post in the front reception area; former staff members trying to collect wages; Satellite Direct's business seems to being dealt with by Sat Link at the Ford HQ; plenty of nanagement with fancy cars, ipods and blackberry things!!! Looks like there are no incoming phone lines.

  • St
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Satellie Direct
    Sat Link
    Play Tv
    Play Radio

    = scam

    the latest direct debits from people's accounts are listed as being from PLAY!!

  • St
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Oh, two more:

    South Coast Satellite Services
    and Not Just Aerials

    Not Just Aerials sell "Digital" aerials in advance of the digital switchover as all current existing aerials will not be able to pick up Freeview, so they say!

    And watch out for SATELLITE DIGITAL, in Chichester -they've bought Satellite Direct (minus the debts) - apparently.

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