Samsung Washer And Dryer (DV218AEW & WF218ANW) / left out to dry

I recently purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from Kitchen Tradition. I noticed that it had the BBB symbol on it, so I trusted the vendor. After purchasing the product, I spoke with their customer service representative "Miriam" several times to alleviate a few doubts that I had with this new company. I inquired about return policy and rebate offers. She stated that I should inspect the items upon delivery, and if they are damaged, "refuse the order." I asked her if I was supposed to make the delivery men open the box to inspect the items. She replied that I am to inspect the washer and dryer when the delivery men come to install the washer and dryer. That would be my opportunity to inspect for any damages. I gladly responded with "Ooooooh ok, I gotcha." When the delivery worker arrived August 24, 2009, he stated that his job was to simply "drop the item off by curbside." That is exactly what he did. I was expecting delivery into my residence and installation. I called Miriam immediately and inquired about my current situation. She denied having ever told me about installation upon delivery. She stated that they don't even offer that service. I declared that I remembered very distinctly speaking with her about the issue and that she undoubtedly mentioned that they would install my purchased products and allow me to inspect the items. I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex, and I had to wait one hour before a friend came to help me carry the items upstairs. It was a HUGE inconvenience. I expected installation and didn't receive such service. This is my first time purchasing a washer and dryer, and it was a horrible experience. Now, I have to figure out a way to get these installed. Hopefully, an appliance store will install them for a decent price. I gave Kitchen Tradition the benefit of the doubt and have been left unhappy.

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