Salvation Army / ann arbor michigan thrift store manager unethical behavior!

Ke Dec 26, 2015
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Today (12/26/2015), I went to purchase a chair at the Ann Arbor Thrift Store on State Street. After hauling the chair from the furniture department up to the front of the store where the cashiers were, I proceeded to pay for the chair. The thrift store Manager came and told me that the chair cannot be sold even though it had a price tag on it and was available to be purchased at that time. The Manager did not give me a reason for not selling it and proceeded to take it to the back of the store. I have donated plenty of items at that store and found that the employees at the rear of the store taking the drive-in donation frequently place the items that they wanted to keep for themselves either aside or even taking them directly to their cars. This is what the Manager was doing in my mind. He wanted that chair for himself and promptly took it from me while I was in the process of buying it. I will not be donating any items or money to the Salvation Army ever again based of this incidence. Bad business Salvation Army...the way you treat your customers who essentially are donating to your organization. You should be ashamed to call yourself a church organization!!!

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