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Ca Dec 23, 2018 Falls Church, VA Review updated:

One of the worst moments, the one lived today Sunday 23 december at 5.50 in the afternoon. I was paying in self-service, the following items that I detail:

-Wine bottle of wine Manichewitz
-Butter Butterdelicious
-Paneton Baducco
-Two nestle cocoa boxes

Well, I started scanning the panettone, then we continued with the wine, and then I passed the first box of cocoa and waited for the machine to registrate it and continue with the second and finish with the butter. But at that moment it is that the subject responsible for '' assistant '' customer -a black guy as 30 old years with glasses-, tells me the box back pass cocoa, but with a form of intentionality and face me like If he had tried to ignore the payment, that is, steal it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Falls Church, VA

I told him I had passed it and he insisted. Then, I answered to start paying all again and he refused, and I again was forced to pay the said box. So, I opted for the healthy and gave up everything ... and still the guy wanted me to pay.

Sad and sad late night, Christmas Eve. This subject was NOT taught that 'the client is always right'. And I leave evidence, who subscribes this complaint, worked in that supermarket almost three years ago, being my position that of GMBH Clerk and my bosses; Adam Oliveira (the one in the section), and Mr. David Leisha (back then, the Store Manager.

Without further ado, I attached down the link of the store where we work, and in which today (12/23/2018) I never felt so miserable so abused in my person as a client.


Carlos Suarez

  • Updated by Carlos G Suarez, Dec 24, 2018

    @Mrs Bean

    But it happens that something more than strange happens. I made my complaint and only one comment, for which I just registered yesterday night December 23, and it turns out that today, a clone comes out adding comments that are falsely adjudicated.
    One thing is certain, and this goes for both enthusiastic commentators (naere and Mrs Bean):
    "To lie and eat fish, you have to be very careful."

    And, from the grammar and spelling of English I do not care, it's not my language. I used the translator and to these these claims go. When a language is not of origin, the simple is applied, and as I see, (naere) equal you understood me, to such an extreme, that your desperation for the replica led you to invent a false profile of mine.

    I leave evidence in the screenshots of my real profile, and that other invented by the retractors of my complaint. I leave it here, I do not waste my time anymore, because I can notice that you do this for fun, poor and sad beings without any use in life. Have a good time then!

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  •   Dec 27, 2018

    Stealing is stealing no matter if it's a house or an apple.

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  •   Dec 27, 2018

    The original poster accused naere of stealing when you know nothing about him. What we do know about you, OP is that you like cocoa and "wine".

    No one can tell initially the fake account from the real account so stop blaming us for the retardedness of the internet.

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  •   Dec 28, 2018

    No one can initially tell what post is from the OP and what is from the hack.

    Meanwhile, this is why the internet sucks donkey balls.

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