Safe Touch Security / All Around bad Service!

A company Rep offered us a 3 year contract which we paid in full of $3200. for our home & business. The one at the home worked for only a short time, they refused to fix it. The one at the business stopped working, they refuse to fix it. I'll rephrase that. It will not let the alarm set properly as we leave which is what makes a security alarm system of value. It does however go off several times a week with the silent alarm causing the police to waste their time checking on us. They have now threatened to charge us for every call and I can't really blame them. We were told we could move the business one for free seeing as we were changing locations within the year. They lied and charged us. Their reply was we could pay the fee or cancel and forfeit the money paid. They also started the contract again from the beginning and canceled out our first year as if it did not exist. We decided not to renew our contract after our 3 years were up this spring but found out it was really a 5 year contract we knew nothing about. Our 3 years were up earlier this year. We have tried numerous times calling, faxing and sending letters, which they refuse to accept to cancel the supposed 3 year contract that is really a 5 year contract. One of their supervisors said "I see where you signed next to where it says 3 year contract but in reality Safe Touch only offers 5 year contracts." This is not just theft by deception of personal property but theft from a business. In a letter to the Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the FTC defined the elements of deception cases. First, “there must be a representation, omission or practice that is likely to mislead the consumer.” When their Reps purposely lie to make sales, that is 100% deception. When they claim "We don’t cut corners on equipment or service." That is 100% deception. When they say "No other company comes close to our track record." They're right. There are many, many complaints on the internet about them lying about 3 year contracts and their inability to come through with promises on goods, services and equipment. Safe Touch Securities definitely have a pattern of misleading and cheating businesses and individuals alike. My recommendation is that if you really want to use this company confront them about every topic I mentioned here and use a camera to video record everything said. Safe Touch claims "Every Safe Touch employee passes rigorous testing before receiving our stamp of approval. Every member of our team is background-checked and fully licensed. We don’t rely on subcontractors who may or may not live up to our high standards." Shouldn't this mean that Reps in the field would know all of the basic rules? Apparently they make it up as they go and the company upholds every lie told to get people signed on.

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