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I had locked my keys in my office, and of course there is no spare. I called run local locksmith. They sent out a tech he told me he couldn't pick the lock and had to drill the lock out. He was at my office for a total of 5 Mins. It cost me 250. These people just take advantage of people. Dont ever use them. I should have just kicked the door in it would have saved me some money.

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  •   Dec 06, 2010 is a spamadvertised domain, a scam. They just spamming this board. They have their accounts banned at for doing the same thing. Stay well away from those spammers.

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  • Lo
      Dec 07, 2010

    This scam outfit is NOT accredited by the BBB, and in fact has an "F" rating for every location nationwide. Check here: (If the URL is missing, it's the BBB, use a search engine, then type in "run local locksmith" into THEIR search engine)

    They are also NOT members of ALOA, check here: (If the URL is missing, it's find a locksmith (dot) com - No spaces)

    They are part and parcel of the illegal foreign nationals running scams out of Florida, but advertising as "local" - Nearly ALL of the technicians are non-work visa'd individuals, and the parent company is under indictment in multiple states. $20 million dollars a year for these folks. See here: (If the URL is missing, search any search engine for "locksmith scams")

    Check out the poor English in many of the posts FOR the business. Most of the people are foreign nationals who are NOT visa'd to work here. That $20 billion above? ALL shipped out of the country.

    About the original poster? As a locksmith, and a legitimate one, under NO circumstances should any of what happened to you happened.

    How the scam works: A company in a different country (always the same one) sets up thousands of "local" phone numbers here, then mass registers them in Google Local and other search engines. When you call, you get an operator in New York or Florida, who has NO clue where you are, but dispatches a "technician" - The "technician again, is generally a non-work visa'd individual, usually here on a student visa. The parent company sets fake prices, shill prices, as lead-in's... $19 car unlocks, $29 service calls, etc. They tell the "technician" that they'll require XX of dollars for the service, ALWAYS a higher than normal price to begin with. Whatever the "technician" forces/intimidates you into paying on top of that is the ONLY money he makes. It is then incumbent on him to charge as much as possible under any pretense as possible so he gets some money/pay. The "technician" then splits out the company's "fee" - Gets a Money Order, and sends it to a collection address out of the country.

    Some of the "technicians" sell the key codes and key copies for homes to an lesser element for fast cash - Leaving you open to car theft (not reimbursable without a forced entry), and home invasions and robberies.

    If a technician demands far, FAR more than he quoted, call the police, while he's there. Do NOT let him intimidate you. If he knows you're calling the police, 9 times out of 10 he will leave, as he does not want to be found with burglary tools (picks and such) without a business or other license. Then call a REAL locksmith and get your place rekeyed, as the fake locksmith has your codes.

    Fake locksmiths are a very real, and very dangerous problem. Be proactive. And remember, "cheapest" is generally not even remotely the best.

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  • Ha
      Dec 08, 2010

    Hands down to the best locksmith in town!
    I’ve used Run Local Locksmith service yesterday when I accidentally locked myself out the house. I called them and said that they are coming in 30 minutes, they came a little late, but he sincerely apologized for getting stuck in the traffic. The technician was well-mannered and highly skilled. I can assure you that they are one of the few locksmith providers in this city that really cares for their customers and shows real customer service.
    Great job guys! I will tell to anyone about their great customer service.

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  • Ha
      Dec 08, 2010

    Excellent Service!
    I wanted to change our locks in my house because I lost my keys just this morning, so I called Run Local Locksmith for the installation of new locks, and I received a call within half an hour designated with the technician arriving soon. The tech quickly installed the locks and did in less than an hour. They are the best when it comes to locks.

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  •   May 31, 2011

    This morning, I was getting really late for office. I had to sprint to catch the bus. When I reached office I realized that the keys to locker were missing. They must have slipped out of my pocket while I was sprinting. At that moment I called Run Local Locksmith. They came to my office in just 15 minutes and unlocked the locker for me. I could then retrieve the file from the locker for an important meeting. I would like to thank Run Local Locksmith. Without their help the meeting would not have happened.

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  •   May 31, 2011

    Yesterday I had gone to the gym with my friend. I kept the keys to my house, my wallet and my watch in the bag and put the bag inside the locker. When I came back after an hour, I was shocked to see that my bag was missing. I was really tensed about the lost things. On our way back my friend called Run Local Locksmith. When we reached back to my house, we saw them waiting for us. They unlocked the door for me. I am really happy with the service I got from Run Local Locksmith.

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  •   May 31, 2011

    Last evening my wife had to leave for a business trip, so I had gone to drop her at the airport. When I reached back to my house, I realized that my wife had kept the keys to the house in her handbag. I tried a lot of ways to open the door myself but was unsuccessful. So I started to scan my phone and I found the number to Run Local Locksmith. They came to my place in just 20 minutes and unlocked the door in another 15 minutes. I would like to thank Run Local Locksmith deep from my heart for their help.

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  •   May 31, 2011

    Yesterday when I came back to my house from office, I realized that I had left the keys to my house in the office drawer. It was very late in the night so I could not get any bus to go back to my office. So I called Run Local Locksmith. They reached my house within a short span of time and unlocked the door for me. I am extremely happy with the response I got from Run Local Locksmith, even so late in the night.

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  • De
      May 31, 2011

    I being an architect went to the construction site of the building I designed to check if all the work was going on properly. I was just taking a round with the team of engineers working there, when suddenly my foot got stuck in the raw material and I had a fall. In this process the keys to my car slipped out of my pocket and fell two storey’s down into the cement dispenser. I went down to see if I could retrieve the keys but I was unsuccessful. One of my colleagues then called Run Local Locksmith. They came to my rescue in 15 minutes and unlocked the door for me. I am really pleased with the support I got from Run Local Locksmith.

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  •   May 31, 2011

    I had an important meeting today. I rushed to my office and when I reached the parking lot I got down in a hurry and closed the door. I then realized that I had locked the car keys in the car itself. I went to my office and completed my meeting. After the meeting I was wondering how to unlock my car. My assistant then gave me Run Local Locksmith’s number. I called them and they came to my office in a very short span of time. They unlocked the car for me. I am really happy with the service I got.
    Thank You Run Local Locksmith!!..

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  • Le
      Jun 05, 2011

    Home > Business News from The Birmingham News
    Yelp reviews of Alabama locksmiths don't add up
    Published: Thursday, June 02, 2011, 5:50 AM
    By Stan Diel -- The Birmingham News The Birmingham News
    Locksmiths can definitely help with your lock-and-key woes, but beware of online reviews. (The Birmingham News file)
    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- There may be no better place on Earth than Alabama to get locked out of your car, if glowing reviews of area locksmiths posted on a consumer review website recently are to be believed.
    A total of at least 84 positive reviews of Alabama locksmiths have been posted on in the past week. The Alabama reviews were posted in large, almost simultaneous batches. They seem to follow the same scripts and include the same misspellings and some idioms and syntax not rooted in American English. And many of the locksmith companies identified in the reviews don't seem to actually exist.
    The Alabama phone numbers listed in the reviews ring through to a Michigan company called Run Local Locksmith. That company, mentioned by name in a handful of the reviews, takes phone calls nationwide and refers callers to local locksmiths.
    A man who answered the phone at Run Local Locksmith said he was unaware of any Yelp campaign and said nobody was present who was familiar with the company's advertising or marketing. This flood of suspicious Alabama reviews comes about a week after The New York Times reported on Yelp's ongoing battle with overseas services that will, for a fee, write and post fake reviews. Many fraudulent reviews are posted by people working in India and making $2 to $3 an hour, the Times reported.
    Run Local Locksmith has the Better Business Bureau's lowest rating, an "F, " because BBB attempts to reach the company to address complaints about its advertising were not successful.
    This item was published in The Insider, a weekly column in The Birmingham News Business section.

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  • Jb
      Mar 13, 2012

    Called dispatcher and told him needed locks changed asap but i will be gone by 1pm. He said he would have tech CALL me to see if it was ok to come. He called, I said NO because I had a locksmith hours later. Then the tech walks in and demands 15.00 for a cancellation fee. Only reason I paid was because I had a patient in the lobby. Spoke to the supervisor Wendell and he said " oh ok" but you didnt cancel. REALLY so what does dont come out i got a locksmith mean!!

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  • Cl
      Feb 24, 2013

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  • Js
      Mar 02, 2013

    To whom it may concern,

    Friday, March 1st, my mother locked her keys in her car. Not the first time. However, she was visiting Texas from South Dakota, so not familiar with a local locksmith. I looked online and found this website. After calling and asking for a price, she was told they would determine it when they got here. Online, they say starting price is $35. I was extremely uneasy when an old beat up car showed up in my drive way with a man that had absolutely no identifying marks to show that he worked with this company. He then wrote out a price quote for $140.00!!! With no indication as to why it was so much more than the price of $35. After indicating we had already called a few other lock smiths with no price near $140.00, he finally came down to $65.00. This is absolutely outrageous and as far as I'm concerned, a scam!! If your going to charge $140.00 for a simple unlock job, than that needs to be indicated, instead of leading people to believe its going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $35. Something needs to be done!

    The picture is a copy of the reciept, where you can clearly see him quoting 140.00, then changing back to 35$


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