Ruby Tuesday / chef restaurant waitress and waiter

Be Mar 27, 2016 Columbia, MD

Hi live in MD and the ruby the day location I'm talking about is in Columbia MD snowden river parkway I know this place used to be good couple years ago and I think this place got to go cause first of all the table are way to big for you to seat in on some tables and people just got there for a salad!!second the chef is horrible at cooking and it taste to salty or greasy and food cost way to cheap cost like 30 or 40 bucks for the whole food!I don't think the owner of that store in this location is doing a very good or professional job in his bs way this place is a fraud and I heard some people card got charged multiple times on the Google review I hope this helps and this place needs to go and make it a snack bar or something!!and the address there is snowden square 9071 snowden river parkway and there phone number is [protected] and please don't tell them my name just closed this bs place down

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