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BUYER'S BEWARE, if the price of a lace, human hair wig seems to good to be true, believe me it is! I purchased a wig from Rpgshow and it was a NIGHTMARE. First, The website says it only takes about 30 days to process a custom wig; however, I ordered my wig in December 2012 and did not receive it until March 2013- TWICE as long. On top of that, I inquired about my wig to customer service and they would not give any explanation as to the delay, they even signed off of the IM (they provide through their website you can use to contact them) clearly avoiding me and refused to give me a time frame on when I could expect itto be finished; they literally said, "when it's done, we will send it." Umm...considering I spent a few hundred dollars on this wig, I think I deserve a little more information on what its going on with my wig. 2nd) When the wig came it was way too big. Ive worn wigs my whole life, and I certainly know how to measure for one, but Rpgshow insisted it was not their fault the wig did not fit. The nape of the neck came nearly half way down my neck! I have never had a wig fit that off before, EVER. 3) The hair color was weird, shades of red come out looking purple/pinkish. When I took the wig out of the box, i gasped because I thought they sent me a PURPLE wig! 4) I received a pair of earrings with my purchase, BROKEN earrings...And lastly, the card they send with your wig says to contact them if you are unhappy with your purchase so I emailed them and Elaine, only to receive excuses for the delay (apparently spring holiday??)...that it was my fault the wig did not fit correctly, and the earrings must have broken during the shipping process. I did not ask for a refund, I merely asked to exchange for a proper wig and they refused (they didnt even offer to swap out the cheap earrings they sent me!!), only offering to resize the cap (which i have no idea how they plan to fix that, seems pretty unfixable to me). I have ordered a wig from rpgshow previously, from this purchase and the last I spent over $800 dollars with them, and this is how they do me?? From reviews Ive read in the past I am too scared to send the wig back for resizing, only for them to say they never received it (it'll "disappear" somehwere in China!) Watch out, once they have your money you are stuck with whatever crap they send you. The only thing I like they sent me was a complimentary hairbrush. I spent nearly $400 dollars and am walking away with a hairbrush, awesome.

Mar 12, 2013
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  • Lw
      Apr 22, 2013

    Since this posting RPGShow allowed me to return my wig for a new one. They did not replace the broken jewelry but they did send me a new hairbrush with the new custom wig. I am much happier with this wig and because they corrected the situation would recommend buying wigs from RPGShow.

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