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Royal Indian Raj / Corporate Statement

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Hello to the infamous "anonymous" Mr. Bill Zack. The owner of the website he often boasts in his many anonymous names and fictitious characters he has posted around many blogs through out the web. What he doesn't boast is the fact he is in a legal lawsuit the company Royal Indian Raj for Slander, Defamation along with many other charges. What he doesn’t boast is his first website he posted was hosted in the USA and was ordered to be removed from the web at which time he decided to develop a new site with a new name in an Asian country (Do not want to name the country in an effort to not offend) that does not abide by Western laws. This country is popular for hosting websites of an illegal nature where the cowardly persons hiding from the laws of western society can post their unwanted business and lies. Mr. Zack is forced to host his website next to the illegal likes of child pornography and other low life beings.

Royal Indian Raj and Royal Garden Villas are extremely well documented and anyone is welcome to visit our offices and do their own due-diligence to verify the facts. The company has been stuck in the same quagmire as over 400 other developers owning land in the North Bangalore quadrant. The governments that rule this area have been challenged to finalize the area development plan for well over 6 years now with the effects being that building permits have also been frozen and the development in the quadrant has been at a virtual standstill. These are the delays that have a few investors uneasy and some have chosen to fall into line with Mr. Bill Zack a former disgruntled communications officer of the company. The company is now happy to announce that after 4 years and 5 state governments the North Bangalore area plan is passed and the wait is almost over. Construction will commence this spring and all negative blogs posted by Mr. Zack and his few followers will become mute. On a final note, please be advised that if you follow the negative blogs of so called fraud and scamsters posted by Mr. Zack, you will find it goes at times back as far as spring of 2008. The company is in full operation, the doors are open and the company is not hiding. If the fraud and such that Mr. Zack is promoting was true and as one might say exposed, how is it that the company is in the open and not hiding???

If anyone would like to verify the truth, please feel free to contact us at 604.685.7442.

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  • Li
      23rd of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Give it up ALREADY guys... 10 years to build something ?? What have you really built that even COMES CLOSE to the magnitude of what you claim to be building - nothing of any real importance is the answer - and what do you know about a Tuscan village and how much is that going to cost ?? - where is all the extra money going to come from to build the 7 star hotel, the equestrian stables etc etc ????
    85 % sold out - yet everything is still available ?? man people are just plain stupid for STILL giving you money !!

  • To
      24th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    To the Benjamin Family and those partnered with Royal Indian Raj:

    It saddens me to see such unprofessional and malicious behavior, from any party. RIRIC, you have not told the truth. You assume all those of anonymous postings over the world wide web are from Bill Zack. You've crippled the bank accounts and lives of too many people for only one person to be upset and vocal about business dealings.

    Billion dollar companies often don't post statements such as this on a blog. Your lawyers would handle such responses privately, as to avoid further instances of public record. But Royal Indian Raj and its associated entities are NOT billion dollar companies with histories of success. RIRIC and its affiliates are broke, have been previously been brought up on fraud charges, continue to be, and have also been bankrupt. The opulent lifestyle and seemingly well mannered hosts of Royal Indian Raj are crooks. Plain and simple, just as they are beneath their magic cloaks. With such simple minds, It's truly hard to believe that so many people gave you their hard earned money in trust, and with faith. Meanwhile, you spent it in on luxurious material items and entertainment, shmoozing more unfortunate suckers with your sweets lies. So distasteful. It's hard to believe a family can live behind so many veils, and get away with it for so long.

    How is that you all have new homes, fancy cars, and 'junk' to fill them up with, and yet were all poor and desilute just a few years ago, living with mommy dearest, Maya Benjamin, in a one bedroom apartment in New Westminster? Manoj Benjamin along with his younger siblings, Ravi and Anjula, had to run away from the East Coast to Mommy and Daddy, Mr. Collins Benjamin, on the West Coast, to start fresh after bankruptcy and fraud in the 90's

    Manipulation masters, and so called masters of disguise. Please, just turn yourselves in, declare bankruptcy and leave the innocent and hardworking individuals alone. The only prayer I have for this situation is that people often receive that which they put out into the world, and I know the Benjamin family is familiar with the motto. I guess they just don't believe it. Sad to see so many people hurt in their path.

  • Du
      18th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Royal Indian Raj customers and investors take note:

    California Law: Deceit and fraud are defined separately in statutes. Deceit is defined in Civ. Code §§1709 and 1710, while fraud is defined in Civ. Code §§1572 (actual fraud) and 1573(constructive fraud).

    Copy and paste into internet browser for Source:

    Below are just a very few court orders and newspaper/magazine articles exposing Royal Indian Raj and their crimes.

    Court Orders against Royal Indian Raj and International Newspaper/Magazine Exposure:

    Financial Institutions Commission orders Cease Marketing Order Against RIRIC :

    British Columbia Securities Commission Investigation:

    Invest Right Investor Alert: Beware of investment ploys touting foreign direct investments in India:

    Canadian Business Magazine – All About The Benjamins:

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    Royal Indian Raj investor gets royal runaround:

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