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Ross Dress for Less / poor service!

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I went to the Ross Dress for Less on Campus Way South in Kettering MD with my mother, who was in a wheelchair, and my daughter. When we went to the fitting room to try on some clothes, we found that there was only one handicap dressing room but it was not labeled with a handicap sign on the door. There were some other people in the stall who were not handicapped so we waited a while and then notified the fitting room attendant of the circumstances. She then asked the people occupying the stall to relocate to another one. Upon entering the handicap stall, we found that while the stall was equipped wall rails it was not large enough to accommodate the maneuvering of the wheelchair. In addition to that, there were no hooks on which to hang the clothing. The floor of the dressing room was very dirty and looked as if it had not been swept or mopped in quite a while. The merchandise in the store is often all over the floor or not securely placed on hangers. Sizes are frequently mislabeled. I purchased a pair of pants where the hanger indicated that the size was 6 but the pants were actually a size 10. When I tried to exchange the pants for the correct size the store did not have any but in the course of searching, I found other mislabeled clothing. The store did refund my cost for the incorrectly sized pants.

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  • Sl
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    Not to be races, but most of these people are mexicans that work in Ross in California. I have personally notice that they do not have customer service skills. It's not all of them but a lot of them. They need to stop speaking spanish when they are working on the floor, realize that without the customers they will not have a job, the women most of them are very mean and up tight. They just clearly have no customer service skills at all. Ross stores needs to hire people that care about their jobs and the customers and need to train the people they hire. You barley see a white person working there and foget about seeing any blacks. I can deal with the men some of them more than the women. They are just rude and do not know any better. I shop at Marshalls and Macy's now. I go where the people have manners the American way and know how to treat their customers as well as care about their jobs. It makes a big difference in ones shopping experience.
    I mean A really big difference. As I stated before I am not races but the facts are what It is. I have many everyday class of Mexican friends and family members who feels the same way. I do not know what their problem is but they should step up their game for the better before Ross really began to see a decline in their sales.

  • Co
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    This store in Merced, CA. is the worst Ross I ever been to in CA.
    Employees are nice...But I think along with other people think.. This store should be shut down by the health and safety board! I see cockroaches all the time~ Parents let their kids pee all over the floor! but the store is so darn messy I can't even walk without stepping or tripping over something. Everything is misplace and out of order. Nothing is in its right place. there are more clothes on the ground then on hangers on the racks where they should belong. This store is worst than a thrift store could ever be ! A tornado could hit this store ...Trust me it would look no different might clean the place up! haha! Worst part of that store are all the mexican families who do not care about their kids ..let their kids run around like its a playground and destroy and steal everything! they need to leave their stupid kids who have no respect for anyone or anything at home...the parents should stay home to...u make the employee life a living hell! I WANT TO PUT SIGNS UP EVERYWHERE ..."IF YOU CAN'T WATCH YOUR KIDS AND KEEP THEM WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES PUT THEM ON LEASHES OR OTHERWISE DON'T BOTHER TO SHOP!" " IF YOU DROP SOMETHING DON'T BE LAZY AND RUDE PICK IT UP" " IF YOU TAKE A SHIRT OR A PAIR OF PANTS OFF THE HANGER PLACE THE ITEM BACK ON THE HANGER WHERE IT BELONGS"

  • Ke
      4th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Connie I agree with you, I work in a Ros in MD and I say over the PA every hour that kids are not aloud to be unattended in the toy department. They just ripe toys up and destroy everything. Parents just send the kids there well they shop. I told 4 kids they needed to go stay with thier mom and next thing I know the one kid told his mom that I pushed him out of the toy depart. Which was a big fat lie. I told the lady if she wants to see the security footage I would be more than happy to show her. She looked at the kid and he said he had lied.
    I tell kids this is not a playground it's a store so stop tossing the balls around. Or how about kids climbing stuff and the parents just keep shopping. I have had people escorted out because they can't control the kids. Sure maybe one day I will get fired but policy says kids stay with parents.

    I have watched everything you say and they just look at you after they dump something or knock it off and walk away. d Drives me nuts. I wonder what thier houses look like.

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