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I like many others have been taken in by Ron V Strawn and his shell game...I've contacted Summit Tax Research, Columbia Financial & Tax Services, So Coast Business & Tax Inc. or whatever they happen to be calling themselves this week. Ever notice that it's always a different person, the person who wrote sixty days ago claiming to be general manager ( Jennifer Lonergan) is no longer with the firm. Ms. Lee who was spearheading Mr. Strawn's appeals operation last fall is also gone.

I have spoken to a LEGITIMATE tax attorney ( yes you can locate his bar number on the State Of California Website)... He is very familar with both the IRS and the FTB...for those who would rather pass on Columbia's too good to be true $1, 500.00 deal you can reach Steve Mather ..[protected]

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      1st of Apr, 2010

    I and 4 of my friends (probably former now) that I introduced to Ron are in the same boat.
    Does Steve Mather offer any encouragement on how we proceed with our problems with
    FTB and IRS?


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      1st of Apr, 2010

    Yes...I would like to know what Steve Mather has given as consultation on this issue. Apparently there are many others (over 50 for sure .maybe 100, 200??) that are in the same boat...most people have sought counsel and are being told the deductions are not allowed and you will owe everything back to the IRS including penalties and interest. The appeal process might alleviate the closed.

    It seems everyone is scattered out there trying to do thier own thing to take care of this incredibly stressful situation. I would think an experienced tax attorney would view dozens of clients in a different light than 1 or 2.

    several different people going to several differnt cousultants ALL with the same issue probably receiving different outcomes ( settling for less or paying the full amount +plus ! ) as well as setting a precedent for the IRS

    Your team is only as strong as its weakest link.

    I am sure Ron Strawn, and his business is preparing(or has) to protect himself to the fullest while all his clients try to figure out what to do.

    would like to form a list of clients approach Steve Mather (or another) and discuss the situation and get the ball rolling.


    nobody want to pay a consultant any more than they have to

    nobody wants to pay the IRS more than they have to

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      3rd of Apr, 2010

    This is a duplicate forum in regards to Summit Research & Ron Strawn. To simplify and allow others to have one location that has all of the information, please discontinue using this thread and post on the original thread:

    This way, we can have all of the complaints, comments and updates for this issue on one location.

    Thank you

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  • El
      19th of Apr, 2010

    These guys were great with us they fixed all our problems, structured the right business entitites, set up our business credit profiles, got us registered with Dunn and Bradstreet, and got us AUDIT PROTECTION...This was a blessing in Disguise that this happen to us..BURN IN HELL STRAWN..DIAL 866 595 9575 and get your consult today (FREE)

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      14th of Jun, 2010

    We appreciate you for posting the comment, I had this happen to a few other people that contacted us in the past that is why we were able to take care of you so quick and I am excited that you are happy with our staff. We are just doing our jobs and people like Ron Strawn make it difficult for good, growing companies like us. We appreciate your contacts that you forwarded to us and make sure you contact the affiliate department at 866 595 9575 ext. 336.

    Tenisha Williams, Quality Control Director
    866 595 9575 ext.430

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      19th of Jan, 2012

    9901 NE 7TH Ave Ste, C120, Vancouver, WA 98685 360-314-6274


    Dear Client,

    We are aware of the current audit/examination assault by the state of California FTB. Please don’t let their letters mislead you because examinations are usually audits. We are sending this to you to clarify and provide information. First, at least some of the state auditors are stating that the ventures, Tahoe Investments, LLC and Blackbriar Investments, LLC were “sham” companies and never even existed. Interestingly, we have other letters from California auditors that state they have the federal EIN (Employer Identification Numbers) for these companies which means they went through the IRS application process and IRS verification of being a duly chartered company. Some people are receiving a letter stating that the companies did not exist, and some a different letter acknowledging that they did exist. So, the answer to this is that they did exist and some auditors are using scare tactics to get taxpayers to act outside of their best interests. This misinformation is intentional and meant to scare you. Auditors have their jobs by collecting money ANY WAY THEY CAN. Do they mislead, distort the truth, and make misstatements? Absolutely! They will tell you anything to get you to agree and pay tax whether you owe it or not. Many of their actions such as calling you at work, calling repeatedly, making threats and more are violations of the Fair Debt Collection Act and other laws. Yes, these auditors will ignore the law to collect, and failure to collect could lead to the loss of their job.

    Why would the state of California allow this? The answer is simple. California is totally broke. The state treasury is out of money and the state is being sued by thousands of companies and others for lack of payment. California was recently threatened with a drop in their bond rating. What this means is that California would have considerable difficulty in borrowing money and could mean the stoppage of state services – the state’s problems are that serious! The solution? Go after the taxpayers. This is the same method that the federal government used in the bailouts of AIG and the banks (those same banks that will not now loan money to finance home purchases, again the taxpayer loses).

    Additional letters are being sent that give taxpayers two choices. The first is to amend their tax returns for the years stated, any year from 2001 through 2008. This may not be a wise choice. If taken, the state will tax you on any money owed adding interest and penalties and then refer it to the IRS for audit and continuing problems. The second choice is to continue through the audit process and continue to fight for your rights. In our research, we have found that the law in CA for audit procedures is not being followed by the auditors. The brochure issued by the state of California outlines their audit, protest and appeals procedures, this is a condensation of the state law. It says the following (a summary of important points)

    1. Audits must be completed with a minimum of inconvenience to the taxpayer.
    2. Audits are to be conducted either at the office of the auditor or the place where the records of the taxpayer are kept, there is no provision for telephone audits.
    3. There is a requirement for an initial contact letter scheduling the audit appointment, the issues to be reviewed and the name of the auditor. Note: the current letters being generated do not meet these criteria; they are demand letters, not initial contact letters.
    A Violation.
    4. The law requires an opening conference to establish the groundwork for the audit; the auditor will present an audit plan, agree on timeframes and have a general discussion.
    Note: The current letters violate this and are demand letters not letters outlining an audit plan, etc. A Violation
    5. The auditor, after going through the preceding, will issue a document information request (IDR) WITH A THIRTY DAY RESPONSE TIME. This is not being done and the time generally given is ten days or less. A Violation
    6. Status Conference. The auditor is to schedule a “status conference” to see how the progress of the audit is proceeding and measure the proceedings against the “benchmarks” initially established. This is definitely not being done; all that is being done is the sending of a demand letter. A Violation
    7. The auditor is to schedule a “closing conference”; this has not been done in any case we are aware of. Another Violation.
    8. At the end of the audit, the auditor is to issue an “Audit Issue Presentation Sheet”. If the taxpayer disagrees, a meeting can be scheduled with the auditor’s supervisor. The
    auditor’s supervisor is to listed on all notices to the taxpayer. Note: None of this is being done and we have not seen any notices naming the auditor’s supervisor. Multiple Violations.
    9. End of the audit. The auditor is required to issue a notice to the taxpayer outlining whether they accepted the tax return or if they are going to issue a “Notice of Proposed
    Assessment” indicating the amount of tax they claim is owed. This is definitely not being done. More Violations of CA State Law.
    10. If a Notice of Assessment is issued, the auditor is to inform the taxpayer of their right to protest or appeal the findings. Note: CA law distinctly says “FOR ALL AUDIT NOTICES, (THE TAXPAYER) MAY PROTEST THE AUDIT FINDINGS”.
    11. Protest process. Pursuant to CA Revenue & Taxation Code 19041 the taxpayer has sixty
    (60) days to file a written protest with the FTB’s Protest Section. Note. According to CA law, the finding (any finding) of the auditor does not become final until the sixty days has elapsed.

    It is very important for each person involved to understand that is he/she is being denied “due process” as guaranteed by the 5th and 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. If the state makes a determination and assesses anyone a tax, fine or penalty, you have the right to dispute the determination. However, due to the desperate situation in CA, this right is being ignored. The desperate nature of the actions of CA FTB is advance notice of their desperation. At last count, CA is $ 30 billion in the red and is not making up the difference with tax increases and other increases in types of tax or assessments.

    We are proposing to protect your rights that every violation have a complaint filed by the taxpayer and sent to the auditor’s supervisor and the FTB Executive Officer as well as the CA state attorney. This is the most effective way to stop this “steamroller” approach to CA audits. The auditors are violating their own laws, policies and procedures. They are also violating constitutional guarantees, primarily due process of law. If you do not fight back, you lose. The choice is yours; our goal is to help you through information and research.

    Although we would be happy to provide instant service to every client we have, we have limited staff but will respond to every client as quickly as possible. To help us, you need to fax us any letters you receive from CA FTB or the IRS and such can be faxed to us at 360-314-6527.
    We in turn will send via email a Complaint/Violation letters for you to send. Is this process likely to make matters worse? No, we have found that confronting these agencies and having them abide by the law is your best course of action.


    Jolie Namsa BA
    Audit Division

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      13th of Aug, 2013

    UPDATE: Ron Strawn was arrested in April 2012 on a federal grand jury indictment. On July 19, 2013 he plead GUILTY to multiple criminal felony counts of "AIDING AND ASSISTING IN THE PREPARATION OF FALSE TAX RETURNS; CAUSING AN ACT TO BE DONE" in the Central District Court of California. Sentencing is set for 12/9/2013 11:00 AM before Judge Cormac J. Carney. The head US attorney prosecuting the case is:
    Daniel H Ahn
    AUSA - Office of the US Attorney
    Santa Ana Division
    411 West 4th Street Suite 8000
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    Fax: 714-338-3561
    Email: daniel.[protected]
    CONTACT HIM if you want him to let him know Ron NEEDS to be put away for a LONG time.

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