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Having signed up for a new account last April 29, 2009, my wife and I both received the same model phone with the purchase of our plan. They are the Samsung slider phones. My wife hasn't had any problems with her phone but mine was shutting itself off randomly, sometimes while trying to have a conversation with someone. I first brought it in to the store where it was purchased and they reset it to factory settings and said try it. If it still shuts off, bring it back and we'll give you a loaner while it is shipped out for repairs. I ended up back at the store and was told that it would be repaired and returned within 10 business days. That was July 16/09. It didn't come back until August 4/09. And it still does the same thing. Shuts off by itself randomly. I asked for a replacement phone as I need a reliable phone . They said no, just send it in for repairs again. There's no point in continuing to send it in for the same thing over and over if it isn't going to be repaired. And they refuse to replace it. They said I can pay out of pocket for another phone if I want another one. So I'm bound by a 3 year contract with a piece of equipment that only works some of the time. I feel this is poor customer care and should be addressed by someone higher up. However, every time I asked for a supervisor, they were conveniently 'tied up with other customers'. I intend to spread the word to everyone I know, on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else, including putting up a website about my Rogers experience. I have been cheated and I want the world to know who they're dealing with when they deal with Rogers Wireless in Canada.

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  • Da
      Aug 28, 2009

    This complaint has been rectified. Having contacted their company president, I received a new phone replacing the faulty unit that I received upon sign-up. It should have been handled at the local level but wasn't and hence the complaint you read above. It is now settled to my satisfaction, thanks to the website and their complaint process actually working.

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