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Rogers Wireless / wireless plan or phone upgrade

1 6315 Cote de Liesse St-LaurentMontreal, Qu├ębec, Canada Review updated:

Mr. matthew ariker
Vice president, customer marketing
Rogers wireless
6315 cote de liesse st-laurent
Montreal, quebec, pq, h4t 1e5

Dear mr. matthew ariker,

I have been a faithful rogers wireless customer since 2002, even recommending the services
To other people that i come into contact with (we sell the bang & olufsen serene cell phone
Which works on the rogers network - as well as others). i am in sales and realize that when you
Have competition offering similar product you need to offer better service. this is why i am
Writing this letter – i feel insignificant to your organization in the way i have been treated
Recently. it started on wednesday, august 20th at about 12:00 pm. i called regarding the letter
That i had received from you. first, i was on hold for over half an hour. then, when a customer
Service representative became available he didn’t seem to know much about the letter that i
Had received – i have enclosed a copy of the letter for your reference. the only part of the letter
That interested my wife was the portion that said that we could “upgrade to a new phone” which
I was told that i didn’t qualify for when the csr did look up my account. to make matters
Worse, the csr, in his attempt to explain why i didn’t qualify, told me that i haven’t spent
Enough with rogers wireless as it is based off of points (in equation to dollars spent) system.
Then the final insult was applied when he said, “we have customers who spend in excess of
$200.00 a month” making me feel like my business is not worth saving. i did ask how much i
Would pay for a new phone and it was mentioned that the iphone would cost me approximately
$349.00 and even other phones would be “quite a bit of money”. when i mentioned that we
Could get a new phone for my wife by moving to a competing provider he agreed and left it at
That. at this point i was furious, but late for an appointment and could not spend any more time
With him.

My second call lasted over an hour (starting at 3:37 pm of the same day) with the csr unable
To provide a solution and could not transfer me to a supervisor in the few minutes that we spoke
(most of the one hour, two minutes and 45 seconds was spent on hold). i have been told that i
Should receive a call within 48 hours from a supervisor, but i am afraid it is too late to win me

My third attempt to talk to someone started at the local rogers store where i have done the
Bulk of my business (davie street near burrard). i was told that they could not do anything for
Me either and that i would have to wait in line for one of the sales associates in the store who
Would then put me in touch with a csr – which meant a potential half an hour to an hour of
Waiting just to be put on hold. this was my lunch break and i could not take that much time to
Deal with this issue. when i returned to my office i used the speaker phone and placed one
More call and reached ms. hazel louis after a relatively short time on hold - she wasn’t much
Help, but pleasant enough. she then transferred me to her manager sarah (no last name given)
Who listened to my complaint and offered to try to help, but continued to quote the same high
Prices for the iphone and an even higher price for the touch. she quoted an interaction number
Of [protected].

What i don’t understand is why i received this letter that would leave one to believe that there is
An offer to assist to upgrade when it is clear that you are not making such an offer available to
Me. my wife’s phone is under contract until december of 2008 and my phone
Come due in december of 2010. as my business is not appreciated or wanted,
I wish to end my contract with your organization and i do not expect there to be any penalties or
Cancellation fees as i feel i was told that my business is not worth keeping. i do plan to use the
Same number as most of my clients have this number. i am hoping that you will be honorable at
This last request. looking online i see that i am not alone in my anger and disappointment with
This organization. i will wait for your reply before i go ahead and activate a bell mobility account.

As a point of interest, here is the offer made by a sales associate at a bell mobility store:

300 minutes (daytime) / 6pm to 8am nights & weekends / caller id / voicemail / system
Access fee / 911 fee / $28.00 including taxes - plus a $25.00 superstore card



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  • Al
      12th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have the same problem .Rogers sends me an Iphone +sends one more to Montreal I call them and the bulshed started ... I guess they have some new way of seling strategy

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