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I got a call from a very skilled sales person from Rogers Outrank, They said they can have my name in search engines from key words and would be seen by anybody in as little as a day. I set up an appointment for the following Monday where he said he would give me a 10 min presentation, turned into 2 hours. After which they push and push for your credit card number. Based on the presentation, it sounded amazing. Getting new business as soon as tomorrow.. I was sold and gave them 700 bucks. The initial price was 1400. They gave me the old I'ill talk to my manager a few times until I got it down to a less risky amount. I asked them. Can I have a day to think. It was an absolute no or the special offer cant be guaranteed tomorrow. I bought it and was stupid. The offer a dashboard site to track your calls, where they come from and to see how your money is working for you etc.. Very enticing, they also offer a template site and lots of traffic and SEO with ad words. After I signed up I had a bad gut feeling.

I went online to look up reviews and I was shocked. I have never seen so many bad reviews about one product. I looked just to find one to feel better but anything good about the product was from Rogers themselves. Not from real customers. I called to ask about the reviews and was given so much BS I couldn't help but laugh, Things like oh, all those bad reviews are our competition, 40 bad ones out of thousands of happy customers that are generating more business because of our product.. Here we go again, Being sold over and over, They have an answer for everything because they are trained and read off of professional scripts designed By Rogers to make the money. They don't care about getting you business, they care about their commission. So far, I can only get a hold of sales reps, no one in CS and no one to talk to about cancellation. They say I have to wait until my very own special dedicated CS and web design rep calls me.

Go with a smaller local SEO business, most charge $ 200 to $ 300 a month and can do the same things Rogers can. I haven't started yet and I cant wait to get out of this.

Everything about outrank screams over sold and under delivered. I admit, I haven't given them a chance yet but I don't want to after all the bad things I have heard. Even my current Web designer and so company said they hear complaints from them on a regular basis.. Another thing is they don't even use your own phone number on the site for people to call you, you get a special ring from Rogers if you get a sales lead.. $ 700 bucks a month and I was just told that that gives me 13 to 26 calls in the 3 month contract trial period, .. As I have been told, after the 3 months, they start pushing you for more money or you wont get more business.

This is one of those cases where I should have gone with my gut and ran, I was sold on the scripted sales tactics and now I feel like I cant even talk to anyone except someone who keeps repeating how good they are, Its stupid.. Save your money. Go with a local, smaller SEO company, Most companies will charge $ 200 to $ 300 a month for good SEO to your actual site with your actual phone number.

Save on hosting with telligent corporation. Excellent design, Price and services overall. Located in Calgary AB.

Mar 11, 2014
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  • Se
      9th of Mar, 2014
    Rogers Outrank - PPC< SEO
    545 Lake shore blvd w
    Phone: 18886746381

    Over promised and under delivered, the resulted you get ripped off as low as $530 a month for small businesses like me it is hard to swallow.
    If you guys just read about what companies like Rogers outrank and 29 prime works, you need to read more reviews
    As to how they prey and target small businesses.

    Rogers outrank is what you could do on your own with ad words Google, you do not have to pay Rogers premium price to do it for you.

    Read more about the people scammed by Rogers outrank like me on [redacted].com,

    I paid $530 for SEO per month for what I have done myself before with adwords and I thought Rogers will produce result.
    Rogers outrank stated repeatedly that they will do things to optimize my business and create lots of leads and as a result lots of revenue. ZZZZZZZZZZZZero nothing Rogers outrank produced for my business.
    Even when I read their reviews online and a few hours later after I gave them my visa I tried to cancel it, the Sale-Rep said I can not cancel it.
    Ones a week my phone rang and when I picked up it says "ROGERS OUTRANK" I kept saying hello, hello, hellllllooooo
    So in went on for three or 4 times after the first ring, it just says "ROGERS OUTRANK"
    In the end of month email from Rogers stated I had 16 business leads. My question is how big companies could so easy get away with this kind of scam and rip off though? And who do you complain to?

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  • Du
      1st of Jun, 2014

    Couldn't agree more. I got off the phone and realized I had done a stupid thing by not just hanging up on them. Tried to get it cancelled the next morning to no avail .i didnt look at the reviews until then and wow they are bad . Among other things they have Insisted that " Rogers outrank doesn't ever cancel contracts" a straight up lie search them on the Better Business Bureau they do cancel contracts . And they don't deliver what they promise. I could find my find my business on google through links from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Trade associations, some clients web pages But not in sponsored links or in links to their garbage website for several weeks until the day I told them that I searched them on the Better Business Bureau website . I'm contesting the payment from my credit card . demanding refund posting a complaint on the BBB website . using social media as much as I HAVE TO GET MY COMPANY NAME OFF THEIR NASTY AVERSITE !!! it looks like a scam site
    what a waste of time and money.

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  • Ba
      30th of Aug, 2014

    I was just reading both the comments and noticed both people talked about rogers outrank in a negative way without actually giving them a fair chance. As a business owner I recieved a call from them and told them to call me back in a week so i have time to do my own homework about the company. Was curious if your perception of them has changed or if its still the same? Can they bring me new business?

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  • Ge
      17th of Apr, 2015

    I just learned an expensive lesson too. Things started to go wrong as soon as I signed verbal contract over the phone. The sales rep promised me that someone will call me in 48 hours to discuss the content and keywords etc. Waited for Month and a half and no calls. I didn't had time to follow-up as I busy with my life (reason for outsourcing the work). When I called them they said they had tried contacting me several times. I said that you guys record every call and conversation, please give me records of the call and voicemails that your employees left. They had nothing. All lies Overpromised and under delivered.

    I had paid rogers almost $2200 for three months of service. All they did was a cookie cutter website and adwords. I had told the sales rep at point of signing the contract that I'm an IT person who has created my current website myself and managing the google adwords. I told him that currently I don't have time to spend on SEO part but still manage to have my website show up on page of google organic search for about 5 keywords. He told me that I just trust them and how can do worst job then me as they are the experts. After 72 of service they are telling me that I'm on 1st page of google but I have to enter the keywords with the post code (zip code). I told them are you kidding me anyone can do that and that's not how SEO should be. In SEO you have to write quality content and refresh the website and create backlinks etc. Their organic team had no clue as to what I was talking about. I had talked to the Manager too his name Burtis Jackson, phone 905-487-7107 who also did not understand me and declined the refund. Cancelled my contract at 72 days while already charged me for 90 days of service. I signed up them as Rogers is backing them up. I have the whole conversation recoded which I will be posting to youtube soon as I want as many possible to see the scam that they are running. Rogers is getting bad reputation by buying this company. I will be cancelling all the other rogers services and when they ask me the reason I will tell them because of outrank by rogers experience.

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