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Roadmaster Trucking


Bait and switch, tuition responsibilties

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roadmaster driving school
orient rd tampa fl
Tampa, Florida
United States
Phone: 813 626 2400
I contacted roadmaster driving school on march 3 2011, inquiring about class a cdl liscenseing. I was intersted in a career driving a truck. I spoke to don ratliff at the brooksville office, 7342 south broas st brooksville fl 34601. I told him i was interested in the school and what i had to do to enroll. Don ratliff told me the way it works is i am not going to put you through this school if i cant place you in a job. I asked how much tuition was and he replied we dont like to get into that because you almost never have to pay it because when you get hired your carrier will issue you two checks usually and one of them goes towards your tuition. I asked what the cost was he told me 6500. 00 dollars and i replied thats alot. Don ratliff said thats why we dont get into it to much because it will be covered. I filled out a credit application and was told not to worry if i cant get financed all is well but not to worry. After i signed the agreement i started class 5 - 1 - 2011 in tampa florida at the fiar grounds. My first day was more introductory but none the less school has started. I attended the first week of school and did mostly book and computer work "all documented" my second week i took physical, drug, eye testing also got my class a permit with air brakes. Third weekend i was driving trucks spending average 15 minutes eack time. At this point i was having a relatively good time everything seemd normal. On monday 4 - 19 - 2011 i recieved a phone call from tonya mort admissions and placement telling me that i was doing great and if i filled out any applications which i had, however the reason for her call was to tell me i did not qualify for any financing and if i wanted to continue schooling i would need to put 1500 dollars down or find a cosigner for the full 6500 dollars to qualify for financing. I replied why did you let me attend your school for 3 weeks and not bring this importnat fact up, i got no answer from tonya. She said well i guess we will put your status on hold and hung up. My wife called her back furious and demanded an explanation and was told that was the way it was that i was on hold pending financing, my wife blurted out "expletive deleted" my husband is not coming back. That is pretty cut and dry up to this point. This is where thing get crazy hope your still reading. 5 - 26 - 2011 i tom comella recieve a call from t onya mort 813 626 2400 11:34 am asking me if i were interested in still attending school, my response was are you kidding me, she replied " i was just following up because we put you on hold, ireplied you lied about the financing and omitted alot reguarding this plus you you also didnt reveal this for three weeks. At this time im furious and discover tonya had hung up on me. Now i recieve a letter in the mail 6 - 1 - 2011 dated 5 - 24 - 2011 from roadmaster trucking stating upon further review of your file and discussion with the school, it has been determined you owe 2, 389. 38 dollars for tuition related costs. This letter gives me 30 days to pay or will be referred to pathfinders credit services for further collections however roadmaster would be happy to set asside this collection if i would be able to arrange for tuition and are otherwise prepared to meet the standard requirements. This letter is signed adrienne miller corporate finance department. I have a case filed with the state of florida and have since updated it as well as reguard to the new actions by roadmaster. I am lookin g to just have the agreement nullified and not be held liable for this tuition due to misleading and deceptive omissions on roadmasters part. Any help you can offer will be a great help thank you for your time, i have copies of all documents, the state of florida has the originals while they do their investigation as well. I am a parent and husband who only wanted to better for his family and i feel i was misled and lied to, i believe this was a con game from the start, now im in a worse place than before i got into roadmaster. My email is thocom2001@hotmail.com
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N  8th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Thanks for posting this, Although I take a "neutral" position toward your complaint because I have not yet attended roadmasters but was planning on doing so this month, at the same tampa location. I spoke to Craig Hortan. Craig gave me the impression that he didn't care if I pass or fail but that it is what it is. You know, "it's only buisness"

I'm not sure about dropping 5000.00 on tuition because a lot of info needs to be absorbed in a short 3 weeks ... I was thinking about taking a different rout by going to:
pTEC. http://www.myptec.org/?page=CVD&hhSearchTerms=I490205 You might want to check it out. Also tuition is less than half the cost and is 3.2 months of learning VS 3 weeks. pTec loacations:

Bradford-Union Tech Starke, FL
Mid Florida Tech Orlando, FL
Indian River College Ft. Pierce, FL
Pinellas Technical Education Center St. Petersburg, FL

Also visit www.Askthetrucker.com click home and Try to learn all you can because this seems to be a very exploitive industry.
N  13th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
This is Adrienne with Roadmaster. We are sorry you had a less than optimal experience with Roadmaster. We care about all of our students and strive for each one of them to be successful and have a great experience with Roadmaster. If you could please email or call us we would be happy to discuss your specific incident with you directly and see if there is any way we can assist you. You can either email amiller@careerpathtraining.com or call (727) 342-6420 ext. 240.
A  4th of Aug, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I agree. This company has completely screwed my boyfriend!They came back and said he was clear to start, he paid around three hundred bucks went thru the first week got his cdl permit and now because of a past suspension from another state over insurance stuff he didn't even know about they school is trying to make him pay all over again and saying now because if this he cant even go to the school. They knew all this before he started.he has his permit, nothing is stopping him from being able to get cdl but the company taking his money! The suspension was from the insurance company's mistake of not notifying he had coverage! Don't go to roadmaster and get screwed!!!
A  11th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
they've screwed me up at roadmaster chattanooga tn the instructor test my pre trip and i failed my air brake test he told me i m not ready to take my cdl road test that was monday 9-10-12 testing was 9-11-12 i called to the instructor director told him exactly what the instructor told me
N  11th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thank you all! I was seriously thinking about going to Roadmaster, but a friend of mine referred me to another credited school. Even now after reading the above reviews, again THANK U!!!
A  31st of Mar, 2013 by    +1 Votes
As of now im in roadmaster in indianapolis, in and pretty much been told the same thing word for word im on my second week and now im told that i need a co signer when i was told that i would NOT have any problems getting approve and now im in a siutation trying to find a cosigner even after i already paid money just to get started and i really dnt know what to do and i got my permit it put me and my wife in a bind cause i was looking forward to get done with the school and start working and we dnt have money just to hand out then next get told i need a cosigner so i understand where everybody coming from. And all i wanted to do was to upgrade to an class a cdl since i already have my class b cdl! any suggesting would up
N  31st of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
And other note i told i have bad credit and no job and they still wanted me to start school so i did and drop what little money we have till after i grauduated but now dnt know if thats gonna happen since i need a co-signer it just honestly sucks defently has us stressing cause i was looking forward to start working after graduation!
N  17th of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I would like to set the record straight with road master. I filed a complaint with FDLE consumer affairs. I laid out in detail everything said to me, i also sent FDLE all relative paper work to back up my claim. FDLE went ahead and contacted roadmaster and asked them to clarify their standpoint. Roadmaster while they are dealing with FDLE were trying to force me to pay the tuition after numerous calls from roadmaster i called back FDLE and was told they being FDLE would take this to a higher level. after months of phone calls and emails and continued threats from roadmaster i recieved a letter from FDLE and roadmaster stating there would be no cost to me and roadmaster would not be pursuing me for the tuition. I also had an attorney on standby in case this did go to court. I applaud FDLE and their dedication to helping right the wrongs companies to to people. There is a post from roadmaster above, from Adrienne im not sure who this person is but her quote of "less than optimal experience with roadmaster" is an understatement. shame on you adrienne
you know what devious behaivior your company does to people just read the complaints from the entire country. so many complaints about your companys practices cant all be lies, and the mere fact your company did not want to go to court speaks volumes as well. Good luck to you all, read and fully understand what you are signing and do your homework before you commit. Sometimes a persons desperation can be a deciding factor and can often overide common sense. I had a desire to want more from life and needed change, adding a financial burden does not get you ahead, and you cannot solve a financial problem by creating more debt. there is no magic wand or secret to getting ahead, just work hard save your money even if its only a few dollars each week, something is better than nothing. Dont rely on anyone to get you ahead, its up to you to get you ahead. good luck to all of you.
N  13th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
After reading this i am so worried for myself. I am a single mom and have struggled so much since my divorce. I also have spoken with Don Ratliff as my recruiter and he has told me the exact same thing but he said what company i go with will give me an extra paycheck each month to pay back what tuition is left from my grant. My passion is to drive a rig for the rest of my life and give myself and my sons a great life when they are with me. I just want to go to school and do this. Any suggestions on what is a good school? Im studying now for my CDL and would hate to think this could come crashing down all around me so quickly.
N  4th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
I'm finding out to that they lie..I finished course with high scores and went home for weekend before test..while I was home I got sick with 2 rounds of the flu..I called receptionist and told her how I was sick and I would be coming back when I got over sickness..long story short, when I called to return to school they said they dropped me without talking to me and I explained I had spoke to amber..anyway I asked for certificate of completion..they told me not until I get CDL..even thir site says I will be issued one then assisted to get CDL and now they refuse...
N  15th of Sep, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I attended Roadmaster in 2006. I got a local driving job right out of school. Here's the thing I payed in full before I graduated. I drove for a year and then the building stopped here in Florida. Since we hauled a lot of building material our business went down. And I could no longer make good money. So I went back to my former vocation (auto mechanic) and was able to make much better money. Fast forward to 2013, the company I worked for went under. Jobs in the auto repair field suck for lack of a better word. No money, foreign garage owners six day work weeks ect. So I want to drive trucks again. Problem is too many years since I last drove a commercial truck. Now they say I must go to school again. Even though I have a current CDL A . And a good medical card. Ok if that's what it takes. Here I go talking to Roadmaster now. So I'm told they can only take me if I get prehired by one of two companies, Werner(the worst on the road) or Covenant (you guessed it 2nd worst). I have a cosigner up front and have been down this road. My advise to any one who wants to drive, go right to the nearest Roadmaster school. Have your financing in place. Get your cdl and look for your own job.
N  1st of May, 2015 by    +1 Votes
My name is David Simisky. I'm looking to start driving for large carriers. I already have a CDL (class A) license. but passed the DMV with only 20hrs of instruction. Most carriers requires 160 hrs of instruction. When I applied they ( the trucking co.) said I still needed to drive with an instructor for 12, 000 miles before I can go solo. Is this a standard practice. I have had some drive time in a 10 wheeler through the grapevine for several yrs. Passed test 99%. How can Roadmasters help me?
N  2nd of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
David Simisky, my advice to you is pick a carrier you like. Go on the road with a trainer (this is custom, unless you are a veteran driver) then you will get your own truck. Just check out whoever it is you are going to drive for. Some carriers are much better than others.
N  14th of Mar, 2016 by    0 Votes
I'm Doug Ladore in Yucaipa, Ca. I attended Roadmaster Fontana, Ca classes - last class was November 7, 2015 where I was told by Alex the training instructor that I could not continue my training. I complained to the Director Alicia who advised me that I owed nothing and that my financing from Workmen's Comp would not be billed, sending me a copy of the letter. A few months later I got billed from Roadmaster Florida saying I owed $7000+. I sent faxes showing documentation that I would not be charged but in March 2016 I got a notice from Pathfinder Credit Services trying to collect $7115.00. However their letter stated "If you attended Roadmaster and did not graduate, we will set aside this collection...The bottom line is this - if they stop trying to collect money from me that I was first told that I did not owe (and not report it to collection agencies) then this problem will be resolved and I will thank them but as of today 3-14-16 they are still trying to collect money from me. Roadmaster & Associates need to respond to my complaint and correct the problem before it gets worse. douglasladore@aol.com
A  22nd of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes
In the past week and two days road master tulsa has sent 25 students to test at dps for there license. only 2 has passed. that calculates out to a 97% fail rate. the instructors blame it on the students. I have the pictures of all the instructors sitting/standing under a canopy for 4 hours while students were out trying to teach themselves in the trucks. you ask for help the lead pad instructor ernest rolls his eyes and belittles you in front of whomever is there. I went in excited to learn and all they accomplishes was to make me feel like the biggest loser in the world.

The best school for truck driver training is here in oklahoma and they charge about $3000 less - and their pass rate is 95%. it is a state endorsed and funded school called central tech in drumright. compare the course, where you train, what all you will get and you will find it is a much better choice than roadmaster. several schools across the country are state funded, certified and endorsed - those are who you want to look to!! roadmaster is for profit only. they make $7000 on each person they shove in and out of the doors - they do not care if you pass or fail - they do care if they get you in and immediately out. have a concern - they don't return calls or respond to emails - don't walk run from roadmaster - be smart look for someplace that cares about you - not your money!

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