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My name is Khalilah Cason. I had the unfortunate experience going to The Retreat Arc Way Apts in Norcross Ga. When I walked in on November the 20th 2014 around  12pm 12:30. I noticed a lady at the desk and a man another office I'm guessing he's the manager. It was busy. I waited 45 mins to an hour just to see a apt. When I finally get to speak with Natasha. Mind you I called before I came in and spoke with Natasha and I asked her did she have a 2 bedroom 2 bath top floor available for the  1/13/2015. She said she had one available in the beginning of January. I asked Natasha did she have anything available to show. She replied Not until the beginning of the year. But she did have a one bedroom to show that looked exactly like the 2 bedroom 2 bath just smaller. I told her that I'm leaving now to check out the apt. She replied not a problem. So after a sat in the office for 45 mins . Natasha showed me the one bedroom apartment with 2 other women at the same time. The apt she showed me was near the office. She really seemed overwhelmed. I ask her the price on the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom. $710+67 Rent+water the apt with the patio with an upgrade. I proceeded to fill out the application and after that I went to go to get the money orders. I came back to give her the money orders. I told her I needed to see the apt before I moved in. Not a problem she said. Natasha verified my income and told me that she will hold the apt for me. Natasha did not take me on a tour of the community. This man comes out the office didn't say hello. Didn't say who he was and asked me for money orders receipts to make a copy. Natasha told me she will send me my confirmation letter via email. And she will call me when the apt is ready to be moved in. I didn't receive any information about the apt nor did Natasha call when the apt was ready. I called on January the 2nd and spoke to Danny who told me that the apt was ready to be moved in. I told Danny that I was coming to see the apt  today. Danny told me he was going to tell Natasha I was coming and was I able to get here before  2 pm because Natasha was leaving early  today. I told Danny I was leaving now. I get to Retreat Arc Way Apts around 12:30 pm on January 2nd 2015. Natasha was there and the man in the office. Natasha was speaking with a woman. I waited 45 mins again to see the apt I was moving in too that was supposed to be like the same apt that she showed me on the 20th of November 2014 just bigger. Much to my surprise it was a totally different apt. A much older apt with no upgrades. When I asked her about the upgrads she said that it will be an extra $100.00 a month. Which she did not say in the beginning. The apt was dirty and it needed to be painted especially the patio door. This was a bait and switch scam! I instantly received major migraine headache. She totally lied about everything! She was driving the golf cart like a manic speeding. We back to the office Natasha had an attitude which is crazy when she's the scam artist. I confronted her about lying and she responded to me like I misunderstood. Even the paper work that she had was incorrect. At that point there was no way I was moving into the apt. I was misled and lie to just for Natasha to get a commission check. I requested my money orders back. The man that never speaks was there he didn't say anything. Natasha did not give me back my money orders. I asked for the corporate number. Then I left. I literally had to go look for another apt that same day. I have to move less than 2 weeks. Natasha screwed me royally. I just can't believe what she did. I'm disgusted and disappointed that people are allowed to scam tax payers out of their money. I'm requesting a full refund $100.00 in check form. Thanks


Jan 06, 2015

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