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Regarding representation made toward Cambridge Who's Who, it's staff, and it's clientele:

They do publish people's profiles, they do list your name and give you access to others like LinkedIn, they do give you an email account, they do give you use of the logo. They don't present anything you haven't told them, they don't charge for something they haven't told you about, they don't make claims you are worthy of anything but a prescreened interview that gives there editors info to use in your profile promotion.

The fact some who were approached with the opportunity to list on the service felt deserving of accolades beyond the scope of their accomplishments and/or felt that they somehow exclusively had been given access to the service that others with credentials and/or accomplishments the same or less than their own is simply the naive flaw in the thinking of a minority (no consensus to suggest otherwise). LinkedIn doesn't have all the tools Who's Who does and appeals to a different audience and is more costly in the long run even though it has a voluntary self-administered application procedure. (LinkedIn has been used as a rationale by many complainants listed on [redacted] and here on this site).

400, 000 or so paying members, many of who like myself, didn't feel "special" but rather chose to use their unique marketing appeal for their list to MY/our advantage. No con here. Ranting publicly from those whose self-assessment and inflated feelings of deserving accolades or public recognition is the flaw of those who have come to such conclusions. There public displays and public promotion of complaints of a nature that involves primarily a flaw in their own ability to assess a situation and opportunity affect the reputation of a service I enjoy and paid money for (less than LinkedIn ongoing premium costs). Such actions and services provided by [redacted] affect not only the owners and publishers of the Who’s Who list but also paying clients like me. And that I don't appreciate it.

Victor Jasin B.Comm.
1009-85 Fiddlers Green Road,
London, Ontario N6H 4S9

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      19th of Jul, 2010

    lol.. [redacted]. I used to think they were legit, but then they started taking payouts from that "Cash 4 Gold" scam that advertises on the American stations late at night. I read about that on he doesn't name them specifically, but it's pretty obvious who he's talking about. - All you see are banners all over the place for "Cash 4 Gold" on [redacted].

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