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On 11/20/2012 we paid Right Choice Transfer (RCT) almost $4000 to transfer our timeshare title. The process was suggested to take 6-9 months. Over the course of 16 months RCT transferred our file to three different subcontractors, none have been successful and we are in title clearing with the third subcontractor. In Feb 2014 I received our annual maintenance bill from our resort. RCT refused to pay it. They alleged that original paperwork (from 2013) was not returned to the first subcontractor within stipulated timeframe per contract. Even after faxing UPS tracking/certified mail slip proving documents were received within timeframe, RCT refused to pay or make contact with us and making contact with RCT is excruciating and time consuming. They refuse to communicate with us. We are on hold for DAYS (one day 13 hours) only to be hung up on or knowingly transferred to VM despite imploring to speak with a human. No VM messages were returned, including calls placed to our “personal representative” Tyler Courtad.

On 03/25/2014 I called subcontractor for update and they informed me they were “having issues with the resort” so completion of our transfer ETA……2-4 YEARS!!! And we would be responsible for all fees during that time. If I paid $400 to one of their subcontractors right now, they would pay 75% of any future fees. Right, like I am going to give them any more money.

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Mar 29, 2014

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