SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Extortion and Fraud

Midawn and Carmen are involved in an extortion campaign that has seen victims nationwide David Rembadt, Victor Hakim, Carrol Shephard….

In my case, their extortion took the like of fictitious bank statements, a father (Lord Kristopher) and distribution contracts that go up to 80 million dollars.

I own a transportation company (Samdumu Int.), which was ran to the ground by these two. After my marriage to MiDawn (Lady Mi), she introduced me to her father (Lord Kristopher). A multi millionaire who lives in Dubai and owned a hundred and twenty three companies amongst them a trucking company. In this light, the man took upon himself to “mentor” me. This was a mental torture where I was asked to do things that were not rational to my business. The man was also in control of the family estate that paid up to 3 million dollars in trust fund to MiDawn per year. She had been “cut our” because of extravagant spending.

There is a parade of bank statements to proof this. They even showed me daily sales transactions including credit card payments made to to the tune of 6, 000 per day. MiDawn works in close collaboration with Carmen L. Benitez to put all these together.

They practically get into you head and make you think you are actually investing in a company that is doing very well but needs some important “tools”. There was one situation where MiDawn showed me a distribution contract from Nieman Marcus signed by CEO Karen Katz for an Eighty Five Million Dollar distribution contract.

I went to work once and came back to an empty house. MiDawn who has 13 other names had left with all my property to get married in3653 (apt # 1923) Briargrove Lane, TX 75287
In all, I lost over $150, 000.
The pictures from left to right, below is a mogshot of MiDawn taken by Dekalb Police, A picture of Carmen L. Benitez and MiDawn and Carmen L. Benitez and Jerome Cooper (The guy who married my wife and got all my property), MiDawn and one of her victims in an earlier scam (Gabe M. Arcizo and Gabe's Dad). Last picture is MiDawn on her wedding day with Jerome Cooper (She was still legally married to me.)

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