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I am a former employee of Rgis Hawaii Division, from back in [protected]. Some time after leaving the company, I received an email informing me that a class action lawsuit had been filed against RGIS, by a number of employees, accusing the company of incorrect paying of wages to employees, between [protected], I believe. Anyway, this law suit directly affected a lot of Rgis Hawaii Division employees that were working full-time hours/schedules between 05-07, including myself; BUT, hours worked but not paid were only those that took place on one of the outer islands ( Hawaii, Maui, Kauai ). To me, this meant, any full time employee working at RGIS between [protected], AND, during that time, the employee earned wages for hours worked at an off-island inventory, then that employee could be included in the suit, pending more exact information such as specific day(s), time(s), location of count, etc... and the employee wants to be included. I was instructed to reply and such, and so I did. About a year later another email came informing me that an agreement was in place a monetary award amount needed to be set. I think it said that the monetary determination was scheduled in Feb 2011 ( i think... could be mistakenwith the date ). I figured when the time came, I would be contacted with whatever information, concerning the case. However; that was the last email that I recieved right up to today, and I just assumed it came and went. I mean maybe my total hours weren't enough or too many???? I just assumed that I
didn't have any type of monetary award coming to me.
Eventually, I decided on college, enrolling in 2010. When I did this I filed for unemployment benefits and was found eligible for benefits.
Which finally brings me to the main reason for this complaint. As of 03/25/12, my benefits have been placed on hold pending an audit of my account records because between July-Oct of 2011, a check was issued to me for $59.?? by RGIS for wages. This is according to the State of Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Office employee that I spoke today; 04/03/12. Thus the reason for my unemployment check being held back, pending the departments investigation explaining theses funds--which; of course; were never reported by me when filing my claims.
I'd truly like to know exactly what the check was for and more importantly; why I have never received the check either .RGIS is reporting money they said they paid me, via check, but was never received by me and because it wasn't something I reported, the unemployment office must conduct an audit to figure out what this money is. Once done, a decision will be made concerning my benefits being restored or not. It is unknown how long it will take for this audit.
This is by no means acceptable to me, not to mention completely unfair, unexpected, and i would like to request that this situation be recitified immediately; as to the unemployment benefits are my only source of income while still in college. Right now I have NO income to save my neck and school F/T + an internship leaves me with barely enough time for studying and homework. There is no way I can go to classes, intern, and work F/T; at the same time.
I don't know who to talk to about this or what my options, if any, are. Please help me reach a solution, get some dam answers, my UI checks would be lovely...Something!!
I will be awaiting your very timely response, and will contact you if none is received by Sunday, April 8, 2012.
There must be some kind of legal recourse for me...I may become homeless tomorrow?>?<:"{P{">?

Contact me at: [protected] or [protected] or [protected]
maybe you can contact our local unemployment office and straighten out this mess.

Thank You,
Terrie Pelton
84-718 Ala Mahiku St., Apt 86C
Waianae, HI 96792

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