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It is interesting that people will come into the Reverse Funnel System and sit on their rear end when they have been told what to do and how to do it. They drop out 1-2 months later and state it is a scam when they really never did what they were told. Hmmmm. They really need to look in the mirror. Did they treat is as a REAL business?? Probably not. If the owner of McDonalds doesn't show up for work to open the doors, he's going out of business also.

I have been in for 16 months now and a lot of my team is very successful and I personally have made $252, 804 and YES I have used our product and it is wonderful.

It's a shame when people who fail at their jobs, look for something else, and fail at it also, then blame it on the system. The mirror tells the whole truth.


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  • Tr
      Feb 14, 2009


    This is just a high dollar autoresponder system to sell a high end product. $330.00 per month for an autoresponder system is hogwash. Also when people join up under a lazy sponsor they do not get the coaching they need to succeed. In the back office where they show you how and where to advertise, this is all worthless garbage !

    I have promoted RFS and made over $1, 000, 000 in the last year with it however I used another system that Global Resorts International had suggested for only $29.99 per month and it is more powerful than Ty Coughlins Reverse Funnel System.

    In my opinion the Reverse Funnel System is useless however the product being sold has some value .

    Also the $50.00, see if you qualify is B.S., very clever nevertheless B.S. .

    Keeping It Real

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  • Gh
      Feb 14, 2009

    Hmmm, If you had used the Reverse Funnel System as you stated you would know that it has NEVER been $330. It has always been $299. I have been using it since July 07 when it 1st started and you would also know that it is a funded proposal where you get $35 of the $50 application fee and if you followed what is taught you would NOT have to pay for it. My check for January was $1330 just in $35 commission which FAR exceed the $299 per month. My commission for this week alone with the backend product is $10, 500 and I have made well over $270, 000 so far. So it is not useless. I stay tight with my teammates and the large majority of them are successful as well.

    Thanks for the pessimistic view though.

    As far as what you get for the $299 is NOT just an autoresponder system. You get all your landing pages with as many trackable links as you can create. You get 100s of recorded and downloadable training calls. You get corporate training 14 times a week. You can track the stats of ALL of your downlines as well as your own. You get a marketing assistant from the corporate office in Scottsdale as well as a salesperson/closer to answer questions for you to your leads so you don't have to (let's face it, not everyone is a born salesperson, this puts everyone on a level playing field.)

    You get a branded system. If I gave you a McDonald's, you are not going to change the name to Fred's Hamburgers. That would be foolish. That's why they charge $3, 000, 000. For the brand.

    I am perfectly happy with the Reverse Funnel System and am not out there bad mouthing other systems. Just use your system and be happy.


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