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Retention Law Center promotes its loan modification kit. The text describing the kit implies you are buying sophisticated hardware that will help a self-employed individual calculate profit and loss. They actually say you will receive two interactive softwares, but the softwares are a total rip off.

Apr 11, 2013

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  • Ry
      Apr 18, 2013

    This complaint was filed by a person who hides behind an alias. This complaint has no warrant because it's in regard to something that this law firm does not even offer. Never has this law firm offered anything even close to hardware that can help self employed individuals calculate profit and loss. Shows how much this "boredboy" actually knows. Ask yourself the question, "why would a private law firm offer any type of HARDWARE when profit and loss statements can be easily done with QuickBooks or any other type of accounting or business SOFTWARE? There are numerous FREE SOFTWARE programs that homeowners can utitlize, so why would we offer something that ANYONE could get for free. Look and read over your claims before you make them "boredboy" because mixing up concepts like hardware and software really destroys any credibility your claim might have.

    Ryan West

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  • Ba
      Apr 23, 2013

    As a client of RLC who was approved, I can confidently say that this complaint has no merit and is definitely misleading because this firm does not even sell kits.

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  • Co
      May 13, 2013

    Sir I do not know what firm you were looking into but it was not Retention Law Center... It may have been HOME retention law center but our firm does not and HAS NOT EVER offered a software for the client to use... We do all of the work when it comes to communicating with the lender and all the client is in charge of is getting US the documents... You are strongly mistaken...

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  • Sy
      Dec 29, 2013

    I work with Retention law center and they have never ask me to download anything.

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  • Jm
      Nov 05, 2015

    Was Retention Law Center ever known as Universal Consumer Law Group?

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