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Resurgent Capital Services / Fraud and cheating

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I called to pay off our loan, it was clear to all involved that was what I was doing. I sent $20, 000, then they asked for $7820.59 (paid in Jan 2009), then in February they asked for $1, 300 in March $1, 100, then $113.20. What company cannot give a definitive amount owed when asked. Every other company I have dealt with has. Checks were held and not posted for weeks, then late notices were sent. I was told it is not when the check is received, it is when we post it--scam or what?? I believe, and have been told by very reputable accountants they have frauded me out of $14, 058.69. I never ever received the first piece of mail from them (though it was requested) until I tried to pay this loan off--hell ensued!! I have taken days off work, my wife has taken days off work, we have overnighted documents at $20.65 a pop, and there have been many. Both my wife and myself have been called at work, and it wasn't pretty believe me. We have been called 10:30 at night. We have been called and said they are going to photograph our house in 15 minutes for foreclosure. Nobody will give us their last names. We called an extension number to obtain a last name. We are shuffled from person to person. Nobody knows who the CEO, Acct Mgr, Customer Service Mgr. or Accounts Receivable person are--they can't come up with their last name no surprise. Understand, we did not choose Resurgent, they were forced on us. After we paid all that money in January, they did not apply it as they should.Rather than to apply to payoff, they applied to interest payments to mess over us even more. We even have been given June's payment amount, and June is not even here yet obviously. I am a senior citizen trying to pay off debts before retiring. I have been told if I want account info to go online, but I cannot access it. Called customer service and guess what they could not access it either. We were told by Pamela twice in January it was paid for, but that was not meant to be. We have been told people were on vacation for two weeks if we wanted to talk to them, and later found out they were there the entire time.We have been given the runaround.We still have not received payoff confirmation, it has been two weeks. The only paperwork I ever received from them was after the payoff. I received a document saying I owed a negative $8, 690.55 (written as -$8, 690.55) on Feb 18, 2009--that screams credit to me. Then they started on this bullcrap of theirs--you owe me. I will be taking action, and suggest everyone else do likewise. Ripoffs are worst than bailouts, and it needs to be stopped.

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  • Jc
      9th of Aug, 2007
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    Resurgent Capital Services LP - Fraud and cheating!
    United States

    Here's a new twist to an old scam. Resurgent (One of a dozen names they use in this mailing ) mails me this pretty blue sky envelope with no markings except a return PO Box in Sioux falls, SD. Doesn't even have their name on it. Inside is a neatly folder credit application form. It says I'm PREAPPROVED WOW!! Of course it ask for all my personal information. If I'm PRE-APPROVED shouldn't they already know all that? Now if you read the fine print which most people dont bother to do and that's what they are counting on... It says they ( LVNV Funding LLC ) is actually trying to collect a debt that they bought from CITIFinancial for $5,000. Wait a minute! Are they Resurgent or LVNV ? and I never had an account with CITI anything. Now they are going to offer me a ONE TIME DEAL ! If I apply for the Plains Commerce Bank of Hoven, SD VISA card ( HUH, who are they? ) and I'm approved, ( Hey I thought I was Pre-Approved ? ) They will allow me to transfer $4500 of the debt and after its all done will FORGIVE me the other $500. BOY these are such great Guys aren't they? makes you want to get on the next plane to South Dakota and give them a big hug, A Brooklyn Hug that is! Right between the eyes! Now it says if I'm not interested in the credit card deal ( Gee what do you think ) I should call Capital Management ( Huh ??? Who are they) to pay it off in full. These people have so many names and so many angles. If you get a letter claiming they are collecting a debt, DONT TELL THEM ANY PERSONAL DETAILS, NOTHING, ask them to mail you proof of the debt and not just some damn form letter saying its proof, You want a copy of the original debt and proof they bought it, if they don't produce it, tell them to go pound sand! And if they are calling from a blocked or "unknown" number don't answer it or if you do tell them your reporting their violation of the Fair Credit Collections Act. And contact your states Attorney Generals office.

  • Do
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    You are correct about Resurgent Capital / lvnv funding. They operate from several gray areas and other undefined ones. Better to keep lots of distance from their snares.

  • Mh
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    My husband received the same offer... thank goodness I opened it as it helped us with something that was on his credit report from a few months earlier. We are still in the middle of disputing EVERYTHING, but after telephone call after telephone call of them telling us to contact Bank of America (whom the original debt is from, supposedly) and BOA telling us to call Resurgent, we finally found the original "debt" is due to an annual fee and finance charges of a card he never requested.

    Now of course, we're attempting to get some original offer or ANYTHING with his signature on it that binds him to pay Bank of America anything. NO CHARGES were ever made - there were no further inquiries or items on our credit report from Bank of America. It was though, very rewarding to at least find out this information. Either the guy broke the rules and told me something he shouldn't have, or he is new there and didn't realize what he was doing. It sure felt like a small victory though. And, am not proud to admit this, we're about 100 miles from that bank in SD that will extend this "offer" to people. Absolutely maddening but keep plugging away and don't ignore it - tempting as it may be. And, if you get phone calls from them, count yourself lucky. We could get nothing but standard templates of "verification of debt" which looked like a bunch of made-up, manufactured lies.

  • Le
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    Resurgent - Harrassment
    290 ISla street
    United States
    Phone: 3217281761

    I was informed by looking at the internet that I was being taken to small claims court. I have not even been notified that I was going to court. I found out on accisent looking through files at the clerk of the court.

  • El
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    You are so right.

  • Ca
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    I have a similar situation..we called for a pay off on our loan with Capital One, got the number and we sent the check. Received a letter in the mail stating the loan was paid in full and the account was closed. I have these documents. Now I am being billed by resurgent for more money and they sent me two different amounts owed. I have spoke with them also and told them we owed nothing and I have written proof...they say NOT.
    They are so rude. Resurgent actually told me on the phone that I owed nothing and then a couple days later called back and said they made a mistake and I did owe them money.
    So what are you supposed to do? Pay them for something you do not owe? The Capital One Loan we had is the only company we sent payments to and now this? I am not paying Resurgent for something I do not owe. weird. Yes, I too will be contacting the better business burea and also my congressman. This is terrible. If anyone has any answers for this, I would appreciate hearing from you.

  • Ca
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    Resurgent Capital Services - Harrassment
    United States

    I recently paid off a loan with capital one credit in June on 2009. I called them for the payoff and sent the exact amount. One month later resurgent sends me a letter telling me I owe them money. well, I told them I paid off the loan and I had paperwork stating it was closed and paid in full. They disagreed with me. I called Capital One back. They told me my loan was paid in full and it was closed. Resurgent now bills me for 2 different amounts...weird. Although it is not a huge amount of money the fact remains, I do not owe them anything. They say I paid off the loan between cycles (?) and I owe them another full payment plus interest. They have been very rude. I have been very calm with them, but standing firm. I am tired of the letters and phone calls. Does anyone have a solution to this harrassment?

  • Sp
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    Send them a copy of your final bill showing that you paid in full. Without written proof that this was paid they won't stop calling you.

  • El
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    Carolyn June,
    After reading your story with Capital One and now Resurgent you are correct in not paying anyone anything you do not owe. I have been going through something similar and did a lot of research on how to deal with these so called collection companies even if the debt is legit.
    After filing your BBB complaint (I rec'd a letter from BBB with a copy of the letter from the company that was harrassing us (who we complained about to the BBB) - especially my husband at work - stating they did what we asked -which they didn't because the calls didn't stop until after the BBB looked into them, even tho we sent in writing which is our right under the Consumer Debt Fair Act, to cease and desist all phone calls, and they also didn't comply with requested paperwork to back up the claim for us to pay them for a debt.) you will get a responce from BBB on how they proceeded and what the company had to say for themselves, also y0u can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision and then make sure you check on your credit report to see what is reported in regard to that particular debt - if it isn't correct then you can file a dispute with the credit reporting agency and they will look into it and can even remove the negative information - I had that done for me when a company didn't add the proper information and resolution so after the credit reporting agency investigated it they saw I was correct and had it removed.
    Good luck with all your consumer challenges and stay informed!

  • Un
      6th of Nov, 2009
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    They are doing the same thing to us. We paid the provided payoff amount on our mortgage after selling and closing on our house almost a year ago. Afterwards, they tried to take money out of our account without permission, have sent us several letters stating we owe them the total amount we already paid or a certain month's payment or a bounced check amount or anything they can think of . The amounts vary from $760.00 to $24, 000.00. They lie and threaten. When they call on Sundays, you hear them (they sound like teenagers) laughing in the background. They have given us a notorized letter stating our mortgage has been satisfied, yet they still try to collect for all of these different reasons and report us negative to credit bureau. What do we do?

  • Ei
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    My son received one of these in the snail mail today! Says bill for Sprint Service is $7xx.00 will settle for $187.00. He has never in his life used Sprint. These people need to remember: "What you dish out comes back to you 7 fold! How many below poverty level people have jumped at this opportunity to re-coop their debts? It makes me sick that my peers would attack me or my family or anyones family this way...

  • Ji
      12th of Jan, 2011
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    I am with a lender and all we need is a written payoff from them to pay them off. I have to have written verification to get the money approved to pay the note off. We have to pay it off in order to have clear path to foreclose on a property. They refuse to provide any thing other than a verbal payoff. This goes back to the Sr. Citizen who keeps having to send money to them after they receive their initial money. This sounds as though it is a fraudulent company.

  • Me
      28th of May, 2013
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    We are having similar problems. We are trying to do a loan modification and have been doing so since August 2012. After several back and forth on the documents they needed, I have sent ALL documents needed. I then didn't hear anything, after faxing letters and leaving messages to call my cell phone, I called and spoke to a representative. He told me all they needed were my husbands pay stubs from March 2013. I faxed them twice that afternoon. This was May 2013. I have now received a letter stating we need to pay $3, 000 or else. There was NO mention of my loan modification. I called and there were no representatives available. I called twice. I left a message again to call my cell. All along we have been paying our monthly payments. I have now contacted a mortgage attorney to see what else we can do...

  • Pw
      24th of Mar, 2014
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    I am having a similar problem with Resurgent. Bank of America sold my mortgage to them and I was going through a loan modification process with a law group representing me. Resurgent received all the documents that they were requesting but they did not care. They took my house and put my house on the market. I don't understand how they are allowed to do this?? I sent everything they requested and they are taking everything I worked for. I don't know where to turn but I am not giving up without a fight. They are evil crooks. If anyone has any advice, please share. Thank you.

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