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The original complaint was no audio on the right channel while using the direct AV inputs.

It is now 10 months since I first initiated the first steps of what has become an ongoing nightmare in repair hell.

The first service call was made in mid January of this year. I was given a list of service dealers in my area to call for service. I choose Shabra electronics located in Sea Cliff, NY.

The technician came and looked at the TV and told me that the main module, or motherboard had to be replaced.

The technician told me he had to order the part and he would contact me accordingly, 2 months later the part finally arrived. The technician came to the house and replaced the part and that was that, the audio problem was fixed, or so I thought.

Later on that evening when I went to use the TV when I first turned on the set there was no audio at all now.

But now there was a additional problem, the screen would go all green with banding lines and a loud buzzing noise

in the audio. I called Shabra electronics back and told them what had transpired, the technician came back and determined that the replacement motherboard was defective.

Another 3 weeks went by the replacement for the replacement part comes in and shabra replaced the board. The set appeared to be fixed.

This was not the case after the technician left I discovered that the remote control was not functioning.

I called Shabra again they sent the technician back only to discover that the 2nd replacement motherboard was defective. They ordered another motherboard. It is now the month of June almost 6 months since the first call

was made.

Shabra came and replaced the motherboard for the third time. This time I did not let the technician leave until we checked the set out thoroughly. Everything appeared to be functioning. At that point I thought great its finally fixed.

That was short lived approximately about a month and a half later when I went to use the TV with my computer.

The VGA input (computer input) on the TV was not functioning.

This was a new problem, The original complaint was no audio from the right channel.

I then called Repairtech to initiate a new service call (Claim # 6143994) only to find out that the Shabra Electronics was no longer on their list of affiliated repair facilities. I was referred by their customer service rep to call Advisory TV Repair from Queens New York.

Their technician came on August 29, 2008 looked at the TV and determined that the 3rd motherboard was defective.

It is now October 23, 2008 and the new repair has not been approved!

I have been getting the runaround now for over 2 months now and I am losing my patience with Repairtech!

I purchased their extended warranty in good faith I expect the same in return.

Now Shabra is harassing me for money because Repairtech has not reimbursed them for the original repair.

I have received numerous phone calls from Shabra telling me that they were told that Repairtech sent me the money and why haven't I sent them their payment.

No reimbursement was ever sent to me!!! Or Shabra !

Apparently it is still under review and nothing is being done

I then called Repairtech to confirm this and was told that the check was mailed to Shabra

This has been going on since August.

I am now being threatened with legal action from Shabra because Repairtech is refusing to pay them.

When I inquired about this discrepancy I was told numerous times that payment was sent to Shabra.


It is obvious that SAMSUNG is having a problem with this particular model TV.

It is not Shabra fault for defective Samsung motherboards.

As I see it they have two choices as I see it, either repair the TV or replace it!

As of Friday Oct 24 2008 Repairtech has declined my request for repair stating that they consider this part of the original repair and that Shabra is responsible for the repair.

Remember now when I initiated the second service call I asked the customer service rep should I call Shabra, The customer service rep informed me that Shabra was no longer in their network of repair facilities.

I was told to call Advisory TV in Long Island City. Their technician came to my house on August 29, 2008 to repair the TV.

I was informed that the replacement motherboard had to replaced. And they needed approval to do the repair.

Almost 2months and numerous phone calls later my repair was not approved.

When I contacted Shabra they told me that they would have taken care of the new problem.

But now they won't because he has not been paid for the original repair and until they pay him he will not take care of this problem

Now Shabra informs me that it is over 90 days since he replaced the 3rd motherboard and Samsung will not exchange the motherboard because it is over their warranty period.

This whole problem has been caused by Repairtech and now they refuse to honor their contract leaving me swinging in the wind.

What recourse do I have?

They do not return phone calls, they for lack of a better word LIED to me on numerous occasions and now I am fighting back

Starting with this complaint.

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      Nov 11, 2008

    I have a 42" plasma TV that I bought online. The company has since gone out of business, but I bought a 3 year extended warranty through repairtech. The TV has developed a digital problem where it does not process background images properly.

    I contacted repairtech about this problem, and they sent a TV repair company to my house. The repair guy said it would take about 2 weeks for the part to arrive before starting the job. 2 1/2 weeks goes by and they said the part han't arrived, and they'd let me know. Another week, they said they were waiting on payment from Repairtech. Another weekk, they said the billing company that bills the warranty companies said to stop all work on orders from Repairtech.

    I contacted repairtech and they gave me some excuse that it was a misunderstanding and that they could not let the TV company fix the TV because they were not Toshiba certified. Yaaa right!!!

    I have since called them at least 6 times and everytime they give me a new excuse. I have even contacted TV repair companies and set it up for them. I have even offered to bring the TV to the TV repair shop to save on the service call.

    Right now I don't know what to do. My only option, I am aware of is to sue, but over $450?

    From now on, I will never buy an extended warranty for ANYTHING. If the salesman even offers one, I will walk out without the purchase.

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  • Co
      Nov 11, 2008

    I would like to add, out of all the times they have said they'd return my calls, they have never once done so.

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