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Renovation Boys / Broken Shower Screen

1 Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia Review updated:

We received our goods a month before our renovations were complete as we didn't want to wait for them to deliver the goods once we were finished. The boxes were not damaged so we signed for them. Once we had finished our renovations we opened the boxes to find that 3 corners of our shower screen were chipped and a big slither was missing down one side.
I called them to get a replacement and the guy was really quite rude. He said that as we did not check them straight away that it was our fault and they would not take responsibility for the broken items even though he could not explain how we could have broken off the slither.
He told us that we should have taken the screen out of the box when we received it and stored it like that. Not sure how that would be possible.

I am very disappointed and will never shop there again and would urge other people not to shop there as they will only be let down. They might be a bit cheap but trust me it is worth going somewhere else that is a slight bit more expensive as they will replace the damaged goods.

Very Very unhappy!!!

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  • Pe
      25th of Nov, 2009
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    We ordered our products online and they arrived on the agreed time. However one of the products we ordered was missing and we contacted Renovation Boys. The salesperson ensured me he had sent the product and told me he would find out what happened. That same they the salesperson phones us back and told me the package got lost and that he had sent the same product again. We received the package 2 days later. Fantastic service!! Renovation Boys THANK YOU!!!

  • No
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    Dont shop here. Products are imperfect/structurally defective, sales staff inc floor manager are rude post sale. Not interested once they have your money.

    Purchased a vanity that had a structural defect that wasn't evident until after installation i.e once taps were installed and water was running. The bench top cracked under heat stress from hot water upon test run. Clearly a structural issue where the undermount sink was attached to the bench. Upon ringing them to inform of the fault, we were met with accusations that we didnt inspect it correctly, and, we transported incorrectly, and, we installed it incorrectly. Amusing, since it was transported with mirrors and a glass shower screen, and they are ok! Installed by a HIA builder who is meticulous with detail. 4 people witnessed this ans still according to Renovation Boys, its our fault! They suggested we were lying, the tone of voice was condescending, they didn't even offer to send anyone out to view the problem, they just told us we didn't have a chance of a refund and to go ahead to fair trading because they couldn't care less.

    We would now avoid this business like the plague. If you have had bad business with them, don't hesitate to report them to fair trading. Lodge a CTTT action against them.

    The fact that they wouldnt even take the time to verify the problem, insisted we were lying and refused to even offer any suggestions (other than buying a new vanity from them) should be enough to convince you, that its a gamble, not a business transaction.

  • Ka
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    Below is a very lengthy email i sent to the owner and CC'd the sales staff on. This was sent early in the week and i am still yet to receive a response. DO NOT USE these guys. They are rude, unprofessional and useless!

    Dear Salvi,

    Unfortunately I have to begin my email by explaining how dissatisfied I have been with Renovation Boys’ service.

    On the 3rd of December I ordered several items from Michael, to the value of approximately $3, 500, I paid the 50% deposit as requested immediately and explained that because I was in the middle of building a house I would not require the items until a further date. Michael explained that this would not be a problem and that Renovation Boys will be able to hold my items in the warehouse until such time I requested them to be sent.

    I provided a postal address for the items and also the building site address as that is the address that I requested the invoice be made out to for taxation purposes. (email attached)

    On the 15th of January I received a phone call from Eli advising me that Renovation Boys will require the remaining 50% deposit for my purchased items, I said that this was no problem and confirmed with Eli that the items aren’t to be sent until advised by me as I am building a house and have no where for the items to go as yet or to be stored, he said that this was fine. I then sent payment through for the items on the 18th of January. When I spoke to Eli I also requested that once I sent payment if I could be provided with a receipt confirming that my payment had been received.

    I received no such receipt and on the 21st of January I sent an email requesting confirmation of my payment again.

    Instead that afternoon I received a reply from Ashley advising me that my items will be freighted out the following day. I didn’t see this email until the following morning as I had already left work for the afternoon.

    I called immediately in the morning and left a message at about 8 in the morning, I also sent an email back to Ashley advising that these items are not to be freighted as yet as I had previously discussed with Eli and Michael. I received a response 20 minutes later advising that my items will be held from being shipped. (email attached)

    That afternoon (Friday 22nd of January) I received a phone call at about 4pm from Eli advising me that there were a few things that weren’t shipped with my order but will be sent immediately. I stopped him and asked why the items had been shipped when I had specifically asked for them not to be and had confirmation that morning that they won’t be.

    He said he had no record of my request of the items not to be shipped.

    I advised that I had spoken to several people about it and had also spoken with him in the past with regards to the shipping.

    I explained to him again that we are building a house and I had no where to store these items, which is why I requested they not be sent until I advised when I would require them by. Eli rudely advised that the items had gone and that there was nothing he could do. I then asked where they had been sent to and he said they had been sent to Beaudesert, which was the building address and not the postal address that I advised earlier.

    I was rather upset at this point as there was nothing at that address and nobody there to pick up the items and Beaudesert is an hour’s drive away from my postal address.

    Eli advised me that the items can be stored at the freighting company’s depot for free but after a few days I would be required to pay a daily $5 fee for storage of the items until such time I required them, he proceeded to advise me of the tracking number and advised me to ‘sort it out’.

    This mistake was not my fault, so I found Eli’s way of passing the problem over to me very rude. I asked him to track the item and to ‘sort it out’ himself as I had done everything in my power to ensure that these items would not be sent. He advised that he would get back to me with the outcome.

    I still hadn’t heard anything by Monday or Tuesday so I rang again and requested to speak to Eli. Eli answered and I asked what the situation was with my items. I gave him my name and explained that my items were shipped when they shouldn’t have been. He blankly waited on the phone and said nothing, I said that I spoke to him on Friday about this and he rudely said “I speak to hundreds of people everyday”. So I AGAIN explained the whole story at which point he pretty much said, too bad the items had gone and there was nothing he could do. I told him that Ashley sent me confirmation that they would not be sent and that this was not my fault, he asked me to hold on a minute and after waiting for 5 minutes on hold I got put through to Ashley who remembered the situation.

    Ashley was very apologetic and advised that the error was made on his behalf and said that he will organise for the items to be stored and shipped when I would require them as originally requested. Ashley was very helpful and friendly and probably the politest person that I had actually dealt with at Renovation Boys. I advised him that I understand that people make mistakes and that my main frustration was with the lack of help to resolve the situation, but I felt much better about it after talking with him.

    I contacted Renovation Boys a week later on the 5th of February and advised that the items are all ok to be sent and that I will require them by the 17th of February.

    I received the items on the date requested but almost $1, 000 worth of items that I ordered were missing and I also received 2 bathtubs instead of 1. I rang Eli that afternoon and advised him of the error and advised him about the extra bathtub, he apologised for the stuff up and said he will organise for the missing items to be sent and for the extra bath tub to get picked up. I sent an email that evening to confirm the missing items and also that the incorrect kitchen mixer was sent and requested these items to be sent urgently.

    I received a reply from Stephanie advising that the correct kitchen mixer will not be sent until I returned the incorrect goods sent. I explained that I needed the items urgently so as they can be installed and that my question regarding my remaining items had still not been answered.

    Stephanie replied and asked me to give Renovation Boys a call to sort out the problem. I tried to get a hold of Eli but he was unavailable so I left a message leaving my work phone and my mobile. I didn’t receive a return phone call. I called several times again throughout the day and he was busy with a customer or on the phone every time, I left messages and still received no response. I was starting to get very fed up at this point as I required these items and no one could advise me when this would happen or even return my phone call.

    On the following Monday (22nd February) I came into work and had a message on my work phone from Eli which was left on Friday afternoon. He explained that the extra bathtub was coming to get picked up on Monday (that day) and that my items had already been shipped on the 16th of Feb and quoted me the same tracking number for the incorrect items I had already received.

    I tried to call again and he wasn’t in so I left another message. I was amazed that my missing items still hadn’t been sorted but the extra bathtub was already organised to be picked up.

    I rang the freight company and advised them that they are unable to pick up the bathtub as it wasn’t at the pick up address and that I will advise them at a later date when it is fit to do so.

    I still didn’t receive a return phone call from Eli so I sent an email requesting what was going on (attached) and requested I be contacted urgently on my mobile.

    Instead I came in the following morning to a message left on my work phone from the previous afternoon from Eli saying he will contact me on my mobile, this did not happen.

    After seeing no progress I rang and asked to speak with the owner at which point I was told that they were buand that I should call back. I called back and Stephanie answered and I asked for the owner again, Stephanie was aware of the circumstances and said she will follow up my order immediately. She advised me that the missing bath spout, kitchen mixer and shower head were sent the day before and provided me with a tracking number, I was upset as I wasn’t advised that this had happened, I then asked her where they were sent and they were once again sent to the incorrect address in Beaudesert.

    Stephanie advised that the remaining 2 basins will be sent that day and she confirmed the correct address to send these to.

    I finally received all the missing items by yesterday (after having to organise with Australian Post for an hour for the items to be redirected from the incorrect address) almost 2 weeks after I required them and after a lot of following up from my end.

    I opened the box for the basins to ensure that they were the correct ones and to my dismay one was damaged.

    I am in utter disbelief that after all the hassle that I have had to go through to get Renovation Boys to get the order right and having my items delayed by almost 2 weeks for an order that I placed 3 months ago that the Renovation Boys ended up sending me damaged goods.

    I am so upset and disappointed with the service that I have been provided with and the stress and frustration that has accompanied it and then also having to deal with being treated in a rude manner by Eli, is completely unacceptable by my standards of service.

    When I went to the Renovation Boys website and saw all the great testimonials I did not once think that this is what would happen, and I solely relied on the testimonials that Renovation Boys is a great professional company but I was sorely disappointed, this was clearly demonstrated by the ignorance and lack of communication provided by your staff. It made me wonder whether those testimonials are actually real and has definitely encouraged me not to forward the name ‘Renovation Boys’ onto anyone, in fact I would completely advise anyone against it.

    I have attached pictures of the damaged basin I received and also included a picture of the other which is in good condition so as you can see the comparison.

    I would like an un-damaged replacement basin to be sent immediately and until such time that I receive it I will not be returning the extra bathtub.

    If this is not done so I will be placing a complaint with the NSW Ombudsman.

    This is a very lengthy email which has taken me a lot of time to write and it is something that I prefer not to have written but I have been left with no other option. I did try to call you and speak to you earlier but I was told that you were busy, I was not offered the option of leaving a message with my details to receive a return phone call.

  • Iv
      19th of May, 2010
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    Hi there,
    I do agree that Renovation boys offer poor quality products. I have purchased from them a vanity and when I have opened the box in my house there was a chip on one of the drawers. It took me 6 weeks to ring them so many times to replace the vanity. On the replaced vanity one of the hinges on the door was defective, the fact I have find out when I installed it. Now more than 5 weeks I am ringing and asking the hinge to be replaced. So far nothing is happening. I am personally very disappointed with their Customer service.

  • Re
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    Prices may be cheap but service is terrible. Each time I have bought something there has been a problem (damaged goods, missing items from the order, missing parts for products, etc) and have had to call back multiple times to try and get it resolved (and then they charge me extra postage to send me items that were missing due to their error!).

  • Pr
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    We were a bit reluctant to go to Renovation Boys to begin with because we saw the negative comments on here - and yet Renovation Boys had been the most reliable and helpful of the companies we asked to provide us with a quote. In the end we decided that we had to go with what felt right rather than react to a few people's negative experiences. And we are so very glad we ignored the negative advice here! Renovation Boys was incredibly helpful, efficient and friendly. They took on board all of our needs and offered us sensible advice to make our ideas more realistic. Everything arrived in good condition and the workmanship was excellent. My advice is to consider all the comments and advice online but then to make your own assessment based on your own experience of the company. Also, I think it's very important to have your own ideas worked out beforehand so that you have a vision of what you'd like your bathroom to look like at the end - that way the designers and tradesmen can help you to realise your goals. But, in the end, for us, Renovation Boys was a very, very positive experience from beginning to end. And on top of all that, they were among the least expensive of the quotes and the final cost was very close to what they quoted! No complaints here at all.

  • Su
      28th of Apr, 2012
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    Prices Cheap - service TERRIBLE ! Renovation Boys have consistently advertised items which are never in stock. Some items take weeks to arrive. In my experience there are are often just as good prices and better quality products available - all with much, much better service offered. If you have to involve this firm in your renovation I would merely ask them to quote, then take that quote to more reputable competitors and ask them to price match. One last piece of advice I would offer is to never call these guys - their telephone service is appalling. Often those who answer the phone have limited product knowledge and they don't seem to be able to answer the simplest of queries with out placing you on hold for lengthy periods whilst they clumsily attempt to deal with your query.

  • Ha
      1st of Aug, 2012
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    PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favour and don't deal with this company.

    I live in a remote area (700km west of Brisbane) and was doing up my bathroom. Rang Renovation Boys to order vanity. Due to location (and installer only being available for 1 week) I checked if vanity was in stock prior to placing order so it could be dispatched straight away. I was told it was so placed and paid for the order. This was Tuesday. Due to freight charges direct to my place from Renovation boys bing excessive I arranged for them to deliver to Brisbane and I would organise transport from there. I recieved a phone call on Friday (after enquiring how the order was going) saying the shipment was on its way.

    Sydney is 8 hours from Brisbane but 4 business days later the vanity still hadn't arrived. Rang renovation boys on the Thursday and after being hung up on twice (left on hold then the phone would simply disconnect) and repeated promises that I would be rung back in 5 minutes (the quickest was 2 hours) I was finally told that the order had not been shipped. In fact the vanity wasn't in stock and I would not recieve it till the middle of the following week. As my installer was leaving on the Friday I cancelled the order over the phone late Thursday afternoon and asked for my money to be refunded. BIG MISTAKE. Make sure everything you do with them is in writing!!.

    Thought nothing of it untill the Freight company (in Brisbane) rang me the following Tuesday to say that my vanity had arrived!!! After cancelling the order on Thursday Reno Boys then shipped it the following Monday. Rang them immediately and started dealing with a bloke called 'ELI'. Was told the order had never been cancelled on their system and as I had already paid they considered that it was a delivered order and were not interested in taking it back.

    Now that annoyed me and after some strong words they decided to take it back however if there was any damage I would pay for it. I replied that I would have photos taken as it was loaded onto their transport to ensure it was ok. Recieved email that they would arrange pickup and refund money once vanity arrived back. However they refused to say if I would get back whay I had paid.

    1 week later I recieved a phonecall from the transport company (in Brisbane) saying that vanity was still waiting to be picked up. Rang Reno Boys again and was promised it would be picked up in the next 'day or 2'. I told them if not picked up in 24 hours would arrange transport back to Reno Boys myself at their expense. Vanity was picked up that day.

    Some bloke from despatch rang me the next day saying that vanity had arrived ok back to Reno Boys (once again should have got that in writing). Heard nothing for a few days so rang them back up to organise refund. Eli THEN informed that vanity top had been returned with a crack in it and I would not be refunded full amount.

    Had another argument. I believe that as the vanity was returned in unopened packaging IF there was a crack (was never shown any proof) it was because they did not pack it properly to start with. Furthermore they had organised transport both ways so if it was transport's fault it was their issue. Was told it would need to go to higher management to sort out what refund would be given and when.

    Heard nothing for 1 week so rang and had another discussion with ELI. Was told my refund had been approved (still wouldn't say if I was getting total amt back) and a bloke called Martin would DEFINATELY ring me that afternoon. Threatened to consider legal action if this did not occur.

    But wait... it gets better.

    No phone call from 'Martin' so rang back the next day. After being hung up on 3 times (phone mysteriously disconnects...) got Martin (who knew nothing about refund) but promised he would sort it out. Gave Martin my bank account details(he read them back so they were definately correct) and was told money would be refunded the next day (Thursday). Also told Martin I was seeking legal advice / debt collector should money not be returned.

    Got a phonecall that night (6:30) from Martin saying money would definately be refunded next day.

    Next day (Friday @ 4:30pm) got a phonecall from 'Luke' who said he was managing director. Profusely apologised for the entire situation, guaranteed that my money was being returned and then offered me a cheap vanity 'to make ammends'. Now I'm not sure about everyone else but most bathrooms I've seen only ever have one vanity in them. Told Luke I accepted that the call was made in good faith but I would enact legal action if the matter continued. Was assured the matter would be resolved immediately.

    THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY!!! still no refund so rang up. Was told money had been paid but had bounced due to incorrect bank account details (remember they had read them back to me and they were ok then!!!) Anyway after stating that I had contacted debt collector recieved remittance advice that night via email and money was in account the following morning.

    Took a total of 5 weeks to get a refund for a vanity which should have never been sent because they lied to me at the very start about having it in stock.

    If the staff I had to deal with were my employees (right up to the managing director) I would fire them all immediately. Staff are helpful (but surprisingly uninformed) untill there is a problem. Will put you on hold, hang up on you and not return phonecalls.

    I repeat DO NOT DO NOT deal with them.

    Oh - And after I cancelled the order on the Thursday I rang Bunnings in Toowoomba. They found me the vanity I wanted and delivered it out of one of their Brisbane stores to the Freight Company who ran it out overnight. Installer picked it up and installed it at 8am the following morning. No hassle whatsoever.

  • Ma
      21st of Nov, 2012
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    We were advised that a vanity we had ordered could take 10 weeks. W also ordered $3, 500 in total. 13 weeks later the vanity had not even been ordered, no-one returns phone calls, including the general manager, 2 delivery dates organised where no one showed up despite phone calls from us and being assured they would be there, an hour into the city to organise our own delivery only to find 4 items missing. My advice, do not ever deal with this company. After sales service is non existing. As I write this I am still waiting for that phone call back in 10 mins even out that was 5 days ago now!!!

  • Hj
      17th of Dec, 2012
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    This company has no organisation.
    They cannot give any sensible answer regarding the status of an order.
    We got a delivery on a Thursday, after we ere told on Wednesday night, that "we have no idea what you are getting tomorrow".
    Luckily I got 90% of my item, however what was missing, was integral to the build.
    I sourced those item elsewhere after Renovation Boys could give no indication when my order would be filled. So I asked for a refund...This request n has been totally ignore, time to file a dispute with the bank and fair trading

  • El
      20th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    If you want Drama in your life, then visiting the reno boys will garuantee to you get it.
    They never ring you, you have to constantly ring them, mistakes are not rectified quickly enough in my opinion, ordered bathroon suite 5 weeks ago, still waiting on several items, the staff leave you on hold and dont appear to comunicate with each other in regards to customers complaints so you end up telling each new staff member your problems. They seem not be be able to deliver your paid for goods on time, your left hanging around all day wondering whether they are indeed coming or not...Its been the biggest headache I could of asked for...The builder starts work shortly on our reno and we cannot go ahead without the missing items...very stressful time...If you want to take a chance then its up to you as an individual to make that choice, we took the chance that it would come good for us, and we are still waiting to see the outcome...personally I would not buy anything from them again.

  • He
      27th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    If you need further reasons to avoid this company, look at the reviews here
    29 pages of bad comments, interestingly for every negative comment that gets posted a glowing review follows...I suspect these are fake reviews being posted by Renovation Boys. Far better, more honest and trustworthy places to buy are Bunnings, Masters, Reece, Tradelink. I even bought a Brewers product online that was delivered within a week from Also, with these places you are dealing with knowledgeable staff unlike Renovations Boys that are full of transient UK workers with zero trade knowledge.

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