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Reliance Money / Worst customer support, issue not yet resolved for more than 2 months!

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I applied for a depository account with RelianceMoney on 12th of July 2007 and so for I have not got a luck to look at my own application (forget about getting the account number application has been rejected as per the records and the info which I got after bugging the customer support for hours and days).

Customer support takes around 30 mins to put me on to a representative to answer my queries and I have already called 4 or 5 times this week and get the following message no matter what you do.

"We will get back to you at the earliest. It may take max 24 hours"

The supervisor who spoke to me (couple of times) assured me that he will call me back in 1 hour. I did wait for many 1 hours but no luck.

Here are few queries posted via email :

QRC Number - 171976
QRC Number: 194802
QRC Number - 195055
QRC Number - 215525
reference number - 215526
QRC Number - 221350

Main branch of Bangalore:

Cunningham Road 201, West Minister, Cunningham Road, Bangalore - [protected]-[protected] / 6 / 7 / 8.

Waste to call any of the numbers which they have mentioned on the website, they don't have my application details and no one knows who is responsible for my application. And they promise to get back to you in an hour again no idea where they go, (Please call them back if you have free calls ) I even refused to take the complaint numbers for the calls which I made to customer care ([protected]) as they didn't care for any of my complaints so far.

The person who collected my application at Rajajinagar webworld, Bangalore claims that it is not her responsibility to follow up on the application.

And lastly, there is no response for any mails sent to

One of the worst customer support ever seen in my life so far.

If any of you have a slightest idea who is responsible for resolving my account creation issue with reliance money, please do update me. Or tell me how I should be approaching consumer court for getting my money back.

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  • Mu
      21st of Sep, 2007
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  • Ka
      4th of Oct, 2007
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    There are a lot of issues I am facing in reliance money since last two weak. The market orders take one hour to confirm. If I place a market order at 2:15m then it gets confirmed at 3:15 and then finally gets executed at 3:25pm prices. It is simply stupid. It is terribe cheap service.

  • Su
      9th of Oct, 2007
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    I have opeden account in reliance money. But I haven't received welcome kit. I have applied for account from last one month. Please give me feedback on my email.

  • Om
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    They are still dragging my application. Its has taken 3 months till date but no luck.

  • Vi
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    Yes they are true, I too suffered a lot with them and they are not changing my bank account which I had used earlier as applied a month ago. Pls inform your friends who are willing to start an account in this, go for other best broking companies...

  • Mu
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    Yes I do agree Reliance Money Customer Support is worst. I got the kit but no use as I am unable to do Fund Transfer for Trading. None of the mails sent to will be replied. So far I have transfered four times.

    First - Rs.1000/- (An error page is shown but money has gone out from my account)

    Thought there is some setting problem with my browser, changed some setting and retried.
    Second - Rs.50/- (Same case)

    Used a different browser.
    Third Time - Rs.5/- (Same case)

    Tried in a different machine
    Fourth Time - Rs. 5/- (Same case)

    Tried reaching customer care, after lot of try, I was fortunate enough to catch the rep. he was telling me that in case of fund transfer error the amount will be available after 2 working days. As they said all the amount (1st + 2nd + 3rd) Rs.1055/- appeared as balance in Fund Withdraw. But after 2 days it disappeared.

    You are lucky that your application is not processed and you didn't loose money like me.

  • Vr
      23rd of Dec, 2007
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    The service of Reliance Money is worst. I am working in BSNL at Belgaum in Karnataka State. I am already having an online trading account in ICICI Bank, where I was very happy with my trading account account in ICICI Bank.

    But due to my bad time, One of my friend whose son is working in Reliance Money, called me One day and requested me to get some new accounts in BSNL. Because of her request, I made a propoganda of opening an account in Reliance Money in my office and some accounts were processed ( which were supposed to be activated within 20 days but have not been activated till date even after One and half month but their cheques have been encashed).

    After that, I myself was about to open an account with Reliance Money, where I had to contact to their concerned represantative for some silly reasons for many times. This was repeated for One week continuously. Everytime I had to contact on the next day, and his reply was "I will come today" & I was waiting for that day till night. again I will contact on the next day. Neither my problem was solved nor the said representative had the courtesy to call me back for have not done my work for whatever reasons. He never use to contact me from his side. Can you imagine how disgusting it was ?

    At last my petiance was over and I told him that, I was to close my account with 'Reliance Money' & his reply was 'Okay come to the office and fill up a form for that". I don't understand if they really dont need the new accounts, then why initially wandered from door to door for that ? I am really thankful to God that, I have come to know about such a worst Customer Care Department of this company at an early stage.

    After that, I saw this website and the problems faced by others with the Customer care department of 'Reliance Money'. Now I am also worried about the account opening amount spent by my colleagues in BSNL who have spent that by believeing in my word. They may blame me for recommending an account with 'Reliance Money' without any experience about them and especially when I was happy with my account in ICICI Bank. I am now thinking of spenging Rs.500/- for each of them (which they have spent because of me) and closing the entire materr.


  • Sa
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    Same Problem dudes. 2 months no luck. Called representative around 10 times and customer care once. No Luck. I guess the process may go for another 2 months.

    Reliance Money is Bull ###. Go for Share Khan.They promised for my colleagues(Around 5 friends opened at the same time) with in 7 days they will complete the entire process and make you trading online. And the best thing is they kept there promise and did it in 5 days ONLY.

    But the only difference is they are charging around Rs. 2000/- p.a as fee

  • Ya
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    I am vinay . I had received password with capital letters , Small letter & Numerics but i had used as small letters so that my password had locked . Please give me the either new password or Unlock the old password .

    Customer care people were not lifted my phone esterday

    Thanking You sir ,

    Yours Truly

    Yaram Vinay Kumar

  • Ni
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    Reliance Money - Demat no. not provided yet


  • An
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    The most worst customer service comes from RelianceMoney. I'm from bangalore and not able to access both my trade in account and e-mail account for the last 3 days. Tried calling reliance money office at 080-32979985/86/87/88 . Finally able to talk to them, but of no use. They asked me to call the customer care. I've been trying to reach help desk at 080-39886000 for the last 2 days. Tried more than 200 times so far. Some times I don't get the connection, when I get the connection nobody picks up the phone even after 20-30 rings. Very unfortunate to be a reliancemoney customer.

  • Ma
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    My password has got locked.
    For this I have been trying to contact the helpdesk for the last 2 hours but in vain as nobody responds there after keep me on hold for a long time.

    Please send me a new password as I have to do apply for Reliance Power IPO today & will miss the opportunity if I dont receive a new password.

  • Ve
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    My password has got locked.

    For this I have been trying to contact the helpdesk for the last 3 days. I even called the reliance money office in Guntur (AP) & told my problem, upon which he said by by 15th Jan evening it will be activated, but now as of 18-01-2008 nobody responded. What a pity...if a Reputed organization is acting in such a way ..then whom shall we trust ? . They boasted fantastic service & when it comes real time nothing works. Recruit some cream staff in call centers & restore faith in your customer.

  • Aj
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    I forgot my password for online trading through reliance money and no body is there to help out. When call up the customer care no, made to call 50times to go through that no as it is always engage and twice went through but no castomer care exe picked up the call.On line request put twice but answer yet.
    I donot know now how to unlock my password.

  • Am
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    i recived my welcome kit after 20days of applied , when i to login
    it says insta trade not activated , in easy trade i found limit card showing 48 days only instaid of one year (At the time of opeing this guy at reliance money office told me now they thave offer if you pay Rs 750 , we will get 6 lakhs tradinglimit and one yera validity so chose this type ) bank linkup not made , i submited my bank change form at the time of openning account ( i give payment RS 750 , check of bank of india,cuttack , one cancel chek of ICICIbank , bajrakabati ,Cuttack. but the brance did not send my bank change form to their Mumbai office .

    3. there is a wrong in my master report i recived , my distict in wrong , my corect distich is JAJPUR but they maintion JAIPUR.

    4.on 7th december (after 4days of reciving welcome kit) , i could not make login , when i try to login it says "please enter your token number again " then i wrote emill due to their number is 9working 9.00am to 4Pm only woking days ) is always busy ,because 90% costomer who open a/c have same type problem, and costomercare representive are unskeel , dont know ABCD of trading and computer knldge.i you get the line at leat you will be on hold at least 30 minutes or more .remmber this is not a toll free number , if have free money stay on hold , if you are luky you will get connected to useless repressentive , he did not know any thing and will ask to stay in line i'm checking , after 10 to 20minutes on hold they will disconect the line with out inform you , this Reliance money Customer care phone line (022398860000)

    So i call my branch at cuttack ,orissa Reliance money office Mr Hota +919337001303), but this guy disconnect my phone repitadilly (because regarding delay in my welcame kit i cal him before two time , and he got keep my mobile number) , After 6times i call him from another mobile number , now this guy immidiate pick the phone , when i ask him , this guy telling me, there are twoin brother, so our voice is same and mr. hota keep his mobile in home . i understand this guy laying , so i ask i dont need him , only i need his office number , i mmidiate he give his number , i got coform this is MR. Hota , he did not have any twoin brother .only he want to avoid .
    i visit two time tom their office , they say it will get update withb in week , then after dthat i make many phone calls , email to thei office at cuttack , Reliance money custome care office , i already sent more than Rs 2000.00 for phone call (06713260712 )to their office and custome care 022398860000 , and paying internet charges . but there is no result .
    they all are bloody dumb, their aim only rub people with out providing sevice , once they got a/c opponning money , every thing finish .

    till date i am waiting , let see
    when my bank link up will update.and
    when they will give my limit card .and
    when they will change my correct distict name .

    now i'm dicided not call this bloody niu,numbers again .
    and decide to open a new account i ICICI direct .

    SO , ALL YOU AVOID THIS RELIANCE MONEY COMPANY , if you dont want face same problem .


  • As
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    I too had bad experince with Reliance Money.
    Following are the negative points with Reliance Money:
    1. Extremely poor customer service with unreachable support executives and rude & untrained sales agents
    2. Highly user unfriendly website with no option to see what shares you have
    3. Getting account open with all correct details is a challenge
    4. Misrepresentation of charges by sales agents

    I have expereince all four points in person. I was unfortunate that I didnt see this page before signing for the account.

  • Va
      24th of Jan, 2008
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  • Sa
      27th of Jan, 2008
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    A very bad service towords the reliance demat account. Since from last 15 days i am not able to trade in equity of delivery option, there we feed all options and after pressing transact button its shows the confirmation window, then it start proccesing and after some time it displays the cannot display webpage message in Internet explorer, where as it was working earliar. About the same problem i sent mails to customer service but, no responce from them. This shows the bad service of online reliance trading account, so i thought of closing this Demat account.

    Sanjay patil

  • Im
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    I opened dmat account with reliance money for reliance ipo and they have done mistake in filling my form they have entered my name wrong sayyed to satyed green gate to greem gate & sv road to su road can any body tell me where does this su road comes in andheri west and now when i re applied for correction they are telling me to reopen a new account which will again cost me rupees 1200 so what should i do.......................................

  • An
      23rd of Mar, 2008
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    I have not received my complaint no. as yet. Please let me know about my complaint.

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