I see that yall have to tooking 49.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Campbellsville, KY60 off my Visa card without Permission on Monday Nov 18 2018 and this is not right I don't even know nothing about y'all website And don't wanna know I got kids and I would gladly appreciate if y'all would give me back my money I dont understand how y'all doing people like this and getting by with this and I have talk to my bank and this anit this first time y'all done this and the lady said this was like the third time so I don't get my money back on my Visa Card I will presuit with whatever I will have to do to get this money back to my card now my kids would love to get are rent payment made and with out this been put back on my card then we won't have no place so please do right and give us are money back because I woud really hate getting my laywer in this bit he said he would if I had anymore promblems and so did the bank and I would hate to do this So I'm begging for me and my kids do right so we can keep are home ... Thank you!

Nov 21, 2018

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