Real Success InstituteScam

On January the 8th I signed up to receive a CD from this outfit. I was charged $1.95 for the shipping. I received the CD on January 16th. When I watched the material I decided this was not for me. I called Real Success Institute to tell them I was not interested in their product and was told I will be charged $39.95 because I signed up on the 8th of January. When I explained that I didn't get the CD until the 16th I was told I should have gone to the website and checked it out and found out about the charge. He said that I should have received e-mails and phone calls warning me about this. I received e-mails, but I was getting so much of this stuff that I thought it was more junk mail from the same outfit telling me what a good decision I'd made! I did receive phone calls from a guy named Curtis, but I told him I wanted to wait until I got the CD as the original advertizement suggested so I could look it over without any high pressure! He never, never warned me that I would be charged $39.95!!

This is a hard lesson learned! Never, ever give your credit card out to these people, even if you think it's only for shipping! I'm out $1.95 for the shipping and $39.95.


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