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I was unknowingly billed for a product I was unaware I was being charged for. This recurring charge happened over several months

It is made so confusing (purposely in my opinion) that a buyer is unsure of what you are buying. I bought a trial to 'unlimited movies' and when I went to cancel, I found I was also being billed (recurring also) for 'super pass'.

These people are making a fortune out of swindling people $10 here, $50 there.

It would be easy to spell this out clearly but this is the most confusing company/sales process I have ever come across.

I will NEVER buy another product from them again.

(my proof is on my Real Player account and my CC statements)

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  • Fr
      Aug 15, 2012

    The phone number supplied on the site doesn't work. Cancellation seems impossible.
    If you change your account settings to:
    Language: English (Canada)
    Zip/Postal Code: 243-8511
    Country Region: Japan

    It works! It will let you cancel the subscriptions online. Make sure you cancell all subscriptions separately.

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