Real Canadian Superstore / the butcher counter at the leamington superstore

Leamington, ON, CA Review updated:

To whom this may concern, my Wife was shopping at the Leamington Real Canadian Superstore on Nov. 20th at 7:30 pm, she had approached the butcher counter with an ad from Sobeys unaware that she was not able to price match. She asked a female employee named Felicia if she was able to price match and she said yes. As she was working on the order an older gentleman employee approached immediately and rudely told my wife that she was unable to price match, and told the older employee to remove everything from the table. He continued and began to yell at my wife grabbing her phone to look at the ad and also explained how she was a cheater, trying to cheat superstore. I do not believe that this is appropriate behavior for an employee. As business owners ourselves, we discourage this approach to customer service. An explanation on the inability to price match would have been effective enough, but to further belittle a customer is not acceptable.

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