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Ralph P. Ergas DMD / Casuing my child unessary pain.

1 700 Central AveDover, NH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 603-749-2900

When I first went this practice I was very impress with how kid friendly it was, my son who just turned 9 on Easter was also excited. There was a plasma TV and video games, he went for his first cleaning and loved the place, this practice beleives that it is better that the parents stay in the waiting room while they do cleanings and procudurs because the child " usually behaves better with out the parents in the back" I now have my own opinions on why they want the parents to stay in the lobby. My son has anxity and I explained that until I feel he is comfortable to go out back by himself I am going with him he did very good at a few cleanings and even with having novicain and a loose baby tooth pulled, so at his cleaning in the begining of April he went out back by himself and was very proud of himself he had to return in a few weeks to have 1 tooth pulled due to an adult tooth coming up and the baby tooth being in the way, He also needed two fillings due to not flossing properly. The appointment was at 11:30 to prepare for this appointment I was to give Cyrus 2 teaspoons of tylynol w/ codeine. 45 min before the appointment, We showed up early and was told that the Doctor was in the OR and would not be back until 12:00 and that they could reschedule the appointment for 1:30, I was told not to give him any food or more medicine. I returned at 1:30 (it looked like almost everyone else that had appointments that morning where there with their children) My son went out back by himself maybe about an hour later I could hear him crying in PAIN (being a mother you know the difference between the cries) I went over to the front and ask them to tell me why my son was crying so bad, by the time she came back he stopped crying, she told me he that the children sometimes cry because the needle ### when they give them the novocain I told her that was NOT WHY he was crying he has had the shot before and he would not cry like that for a shot, she told me that they would come and get me if they needed me I told her I am not worried about them needing me but more worried about my son needing me, I told her if I hear him cry one more time I am going back there, Dr Ergas came out to get me with in 5 min of that conversation. He told me that we had an unexpected situation happen he said that the tooth that they went to pull broke so they had to pull the baby eye tooth then due to that they had to give him a stich, I said why was he crying so much and he said due to all of the presure I had to really dig in and try to get the root and when I couldn't do that I had to pull the tooth next to it. I told him I was not happy and his response was" I had to get him to calm down so I could put the stich in so that is probably why you heard me tell him to "STOP CRYING". I did not hear him at all which becasue of the response from him I started questioning what happened to my son. I just told him and the nurse I just want to take my son home .When my son came out he was so upset and cryed in agony all of the way home, I ask him that night what happened and he told me that they gave him the shot he says like an hour before the doctor came he was left in a chair while the girls where just sitting around talking among themselves he said by the time the dentist came in his numbness started to wear off and he could feel alot of the work they where doing and he was trying to tell them but they would not listen. He said that the dentist was so mean to him and he just kept yelling at him to stop crying. In my opionion the amount of parents that returned with there children, I honestly beleive that he did not take the time to make sure that this was done comfortly and done properly. Cauing extra pain, and a tooth being pulled that was not necessary. I will be bringing my son to another dentist to get more of an idea if any damage was done to my sons gums or permenant teeth, as the area around the teeth that where pulled look very sore, red, puffy. ( which is probably normal) but they will also let me know if the procedure was even necessary. I warn any parent to really think twice about using this practice, the look on the outside is much nicer then the people on the inside.

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  • Sh
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    Do yourself and your child a huge favor and NEVER GO TO RALPH ERGAS! he works with children and completely lost his patience that he screamed so loud people in the waitingroom could hear. he is unprofessional and a blowhard person who shouldnt be working with kids. with all the similar complaints on the internet about this guy i dont know how he is staying in business!!! he traumatized and frightened my 6 year old daughter on the visit. NEVER NEVER GO HERE!!! HE DOESNT LIKE PARENTS TO GO INTO THE ROOM WITH THEIR KIDS PROBABLY BECAUSE THAT WAY HE CAN VERBALLY ABUSE THEM LIKE HE DID WITH MY DAUGHTER.

  • Me
      9th of Feb, 2011
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  • Lo
      27th of Mar, 2014
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    1 Visit to this dentist was more than enough. The receptionist wasn t friendly at all when I arrived in their office but I overlooked it as she s not the one working on my daughter s teeth. My daughter is only 2 years old and this was her 2nd dentist visit and we were referred by another dentist. She has asthma and nebulizer use caused some issues with her front teeth. (Helpful hint that my doctor never told me, rinse a child s mouth out after using a nebulizer!) I brush my child s teeth daily and limit snacks and juices with sugar but he proceeded to speak to me as if her dental issues were my fault. I have 4 children who all have the same diet and habits 3 of them have perfect teeth, my youngest is the only one on breathing treatments. No matter what even if issues are related to a parent not knowing certain foods cause tooth decay I feel the dentist should educate, not beat up a parent who may not know all of the information.

    Most pediatric dentists I have seen talk to the child to make them feel at ease and show them the tools and such but not this one! This big man she s never seen before just starts poking around in her mouth and she was scared. He then told me the 4 teeth could not be saved which was really upsetting to me but he had no bedside manner whatsoever. Just they can t be saved period. I had a lot of questions after the exam and they didn t seem to want to take the time to talk with me about them. They just gave me the cost of the procedure and said she would need codeine prior and showed me what looks like a toddler straight jacket that she would be placed in on the day of the procedure. Overall he was very cold, impatient, and uncaring. The following day I called my regular dentist and got a referral to another dentist. When I called Dr Posada s office the receptionist s friendly tone put me immediately at ease and she told me that there are options and after the consult we could choose together a treatment plan. Needless to say Dr. Ergas won t come anywhere near my child s mouth again! A parent needs to feel comfortable with any provider that will be working on their child, don t ever go along with something that makes you feel uneasy get a second opinion and a dentist that won t scar your child for life.

  • Ch
      8th of Sep, 2015
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    On September 3, 2015, Dover Pediatrics contacted me that my son was scheduled for a physical to be cleared for anesthesia he would need for a dental procedure scheduled for Wed. September 16. I then returned a phone call to Seacoast Pediatric Dentistry, DMD Ergas, scheduling the September 16 procedure. I actually was not informed of the date yet and was calling to find out when the procedure could be done. We had to reschedule once already because my schedule as a counselor would not allow me to reschedule five clients on such short notice.
    I spoke with Carrie who asked if September 16, would be okay. I responded, “I don’t know let me check.” She quickly returned, “Well, if you can’t keep that day you will have to find someone else.” I responded, “Seriously?” What is the big deal about rescheduling? I expressed to her that I felt that was rude and unprofessional. She attempted to interrupt me and when I asked not to be interrupted, she hung up on me.
    I then spoke to the office, I believe a Cindy? I called to make sure that it was clear that I had not turned down the appointment on the 16. I merely was checking my calendar while expressing the disrespectful, unprofessional manner I felt I was treated. Again, I called and confirmed that I had not refused the appointment nor was I the one who hung up.
    Later in the day, Wentworth Hospital called to do a pre-registration for the procedure on Sept 16. I was assured that if someone changed that appointment on me I would be informed.
    On Tuesday September 8, 2015, I went to my scheduled appointment at Dover Pediatrics only to find that it had been cancelled, by the office of Ralph Ergas, DMD. I was not informed by anyone. My son had to miss almost an entire day and I had to cancel a paid appointment with one of my clients and miss time at my other job to make the trip to Dover.
    My son has a very serious tooth problem compounded by an extreme fear of dentist that has not allowed him to have any work done in 5 years. He has several cavities that cause him pain. Because of a traumatic episode in a dental office before he was two, the office in Hooksett recommended that the only way to get the work done would be to have my son under anesthesia, which is what he wanted.
    As a professional, I am disappointed in the lack of professional care that has been afforded my son and myself. He has a serious, dental problem that is deteriorating and causing pain and stress. In my practice, such treating of clients would be deemed unethical. This type of wanton disregard for a patient’s well-being would give rise to a claim of abandonment in my field according to a number of my colleges.

  • Lo
      8th of Sep, 2015
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    Chuck, I agree that their reception staff is unprofessional and rude. Honestly I think this was a blessing in disguise for you, I would not let this man touch my children with a 10 foot pole. He is TERRIBLE! He wanted to strap my 3 year old to a board and pull 4 teeth out. I went elsewhere and they put her under and saved them all. This office does not care! Please call Dr. Viena Posada in Portsmouth for your son. She is amazing and will do the procedure in addition to working with your schedule she cares deeply and will treat your son's mouth with the same care she would use on her own children. I can't say enough about her or about how awful Ergas is. Please reply if you would like more info and I can give you my E mail address. I have been through the same thing and know how stressful it is

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