Rally Burgerclerck rudness

Sa Jan 16, 2015 Dayton

01/15/2015 at 22.40 i went to the drive thru, and i ordered 4big chicken andi payed for it, the clerck told me to pul up in the other side. I went to the other side, i waited about 10min and the order is not ready and i see a car from the other side and i behi d me order is done and im still waiting, at this point at least let me know the order will take more 5min. I was upset and i left at 22.50 i got to be at work 23.00. Nowi called at 23.50 to ask why the order toke more than it used to b. The clerck who toke the order from me answered, u told her that i left cause it toke to long and i see the customer who came after me she start yelling on the at me even she dont let me finish my talk and said ill give u the manager, while waiting i hear her voice and no one talked to me and they hang off on me. Im upset that this is the way u handle a customer?ill never go again and ill get the clerck name tomorrow

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