RaceTracunethical behavior

Je Dec 10, 2018 Dallas, TX

I have been going to the racetrac by my house for almost 10 years. I can not believe how aweful the cashiers have gotton . Tonight I drive up there for a pack of cigarettes the cashier turned around to get them i dont know what happened at that point. He ended up not charging me for them nor giving them to me. I had spent $30. On other stuff so i didn't notice until i got home. I had to drive back up there i call him out on his mistake. This is just the type of behavior u receive from the cashiers. He raised his voice calling me a rude [censored] and an [censored] telling me APOLOGIZE!APOLOGIZE! Right in front of his manager. His manager said to me I am being rude instead of reprimanding his employee for yelling these profanities at me. The employee refused to give me his name. Unbelievable . This is the same employee who refused to take $6 in quarters as payment when i took an uber up there one morning to get cigarettes. He told me he already had to many quarters. Maybe he just didnt know how to count quarters. He is obviously extremely uneducated by his behavior and vocabulary. I am completely shocked that this is acceptable behavior to racetrac. This happened in Dallas at the racetrac on marsh and timberglen. I will be calling corporate first thing in the morning.

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