RaceTraccustomer service by store manager corey was terrible

Lu Dec 25, 2018 Douglasville, GA Review updated:

I went to the Douglasville GA RaceTrac on Hwy 92/Fairburn Rd on Christmas night at about 8:15 pm. The lines for the register were very long. I waited in line to purchase a Powerade Zero and a pack of Camel Crush Silver Cigarettes for a friend in the car. When I got to the counter they were out of Camel Crush Silver Cigarettes so I had to go and ask my friend, in the closest spot to the front door what other type they would like. I was gone for maybe 20-30 seconds. When I returned I was informed by "Corey the Retail Manager, " that I would have to go to the back of the line.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Douglasville, GA I went to the back of the line where there were at least 15 people in front of me again. The longer I waited the angrier I became at the situation.

If I had forgotten my wallet or money or ID in the car and the problem had been my fault I would have understood the need for me to go to the back of the line; however, RaceTrac being out of the brand Cigarette my friend wanted was not my fault.

"Corey the Retail Manager" was not helpful and I am tempted to never go to RaceTrac again.

Very Disappointed at the service I received at a nearly new Racetrac on Christmas Night!!

Luke Pollock, M.Div.
Kindred Hospice

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  •   Dec 27, 2018

    Tell your fat FVK of a friend to get off his ass to buy his own cancer sticks.

    Everyone has to get back in line. Elitist fvk.

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  •   Dec 27, 2018

    Chaplain?? Were the cancer sticks a gift? Is that what our "poor money" pays for?

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