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Quiznos / Rudeness caught me off guard

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On May 10, 2008 my husband purchased a sandwich for me at around 11:30 am. We drove to another location in the same mall, when I opened my sandwich and noticed a big gob of liquid stuff on the outside of my sandwich. I decided to take the sandwich back to Quiznos while my husband went into the Home Depot. From the moment the store manager saw me I believe he decided he would not be cooperative. He took the sandwich to another counter and did something with it, then brought it back and said he couldn't find anything wrong. By this time, he and another employee was breathing all over it, so I didn't want that one back and asked him to make another one as a replacement. (The sandwich was uneaten and given to them just as it was purchased.) He repeated that there was nothing wrong with this one and wouldn't make another one. He then said a very rude remark to the effect that he didn't believe that the customer was always right and instructed the cashier to refund my money. I then asked for his name and was handed a business card. I suppose my problem is that the rudeness caught me off guard and I never experienced anything like it before.

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  • Da
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    Quiznos - Will not accept Quiznos Coupons
    578 Market Street
    San Francisco
    United States
    Phone: 415-956-3887

    I got an online coupon for a free small signature or every day value sub and they would not honor it, even though the site made me give up personal information to register. I think it's a big scam to get your email address so they can spam you.

  • Jm
      26th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Again, this is why subway is still successful...

  • Ap
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    The liquid stuff you saw is the sauce from the sandwich you ordered that came on the sandwich, genius. Oh, why would another individually owned store give you a refund or make you a new sandwich from a transaction that occurred at another store? No wonder the employee treated you like a ###. What is your level of education?

  • Sm
      16th of May, 2009
    0 Votes
    Quiznos - Gross Commercial
    Fast Food
    United States

    Quiznos commercial is gross and the marketing firm that created it should be fired and sued. I will never eat there again nor will my family. I estimate the chain will be bankrupt in the next two years. Yuk!

  • Sh
      12th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    i love quiznos subs. i live in gainesville florida and the owner of that franchise always is very nasty. he stands over his employees like he has never saw a sub befoere. but he need to try praying thats if he beleave in god. and ask him to change his additude. because he is very mean. and i dont undrestand why someone would treat his customers the way he does. i think that i may be to observant for him and somewhat cautious. true... he become really nasty when i see one of his workers touching other instruments in the store. and i politely ask them to change their gloves. listen dennis i will not spend another dime in your store. you should start being concerned about the customers health. i dont think that one pair of petty ### gloves will put you out of business. i think that you are so greedy, selffish, money hungry. and to let you know you have a really bad reputation. people are talking about how nasty you are. you should think about getting rich soon . and give the store to someone else. yes give it away. not sale.l.o.l. take it from me start treating your customers better. and you will see more money and more blessings money is all you care about right. dennis on 34th street. gainesville florida i hope that this message will get through your brain somehow.

  • Ro
      29th of Aug, 2010
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    Quiznos - Advertisment
    1739 E. Lake Parker Dr.
    United States

    You advertisement with cats to sell your product is a very poor attempt to show quality and tie your company to a food product. Did the advertisment dept. get paid for this??????????? If so make them pay it back and call me...

  • Am
      27th of Jan, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I stopped eating at Quiznos many years ago when they came out with that dead animal commercial. Disgusting for any type of business, but horrifying for a business that sells food. I will never again eat at this establishment and will do what I can to stop friends, family and strangers from patronizing Quiznos.

  • Ro
      29th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    The rudeness caught me off guard is exactly how I felt last night. I walked in tired of hearing my boyfriend and daughter argue over where they both wanted to eat. I was so happy when they both agreed on Quizno's. We have always had great service and good food at the Neosho, MO location. We live about 12 miles out of town, and have always took our order to go. Well last night I was taken off guard by the rude girl behind the counter. I actually had to take a double this girl for real...anyway I was tired and just ordered our sandwiches, and as usual to go. When I got home I couldn't believe that I just paid for two chucks of sub bread with barley anything on them. Literally, the sandwiches looked like a 6in piece of french bread cut in half. I wish I would have taken a picture of them. I called the store last night to talk to the manager, but was informed she/he would not be there until today at 10:00. When I got off of work I picked up the phone to call, but me boyfriend didn't want to get anyone fired, and said I should just forget about it. I can't! The rude service, awful sub, and waste of my money makes me mad. I think I will call the manager tomorrow just to get peace of mind.

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